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#FREEBRITNEY | Britney’s Gram Received Worrying Voicemail Regarding Britney

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21 hours ago, Fenixxx123 said:

is it really confirmed that she was forced to enter to the mental facility?

Not just the facility, remember the paralegal claimed they did since January (in other words since we never had to see her again until #freebritney started) claimed she was not allowed to drive, to use a phone and didn't want to take her med and start to fight against her father .

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On 6/26/2019 at 4:12 AM, Fenixxx123 said:

is it really confirmed that she was forced to enter to the mental facility?

Who do you want a confirmation by ?

Jamie ? Like, as if he would confirm he forced his daughter into a mental facility ?

Britney ? Like as if she would do an interview and say "I was forced into a mental facility" ?

If you are waiting for any official confirmation regarding the abuse in this conservatorship you'll have to wait untill it's dissolved

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TMZ is contradicting themselves, i don't understand ****

In the recent article where they report Jamie is suing Absolute Britney, they said:

Our sources say reports of Britney being prohibited from driving or using a personal cellphone are simply untrue ... and backed up by photos of her out in her car and using a phone. <-- that's funny, we all suspected the photos were orchestrated

BUUUUUUT wasn't TMZ the one saying through their "sources" (A.K.A. Jamie)  Britney does not own a mobile and she CAN'T drive? let me show it to ya:

Britney doesn't have a smartphone -- only a flip phone -- because of what she might do if she has access to the internet. <--- HELLO?????? what she might do? post a video of her dancing or swimming? lol  I mean the fact TMZ said this and we know their source is Jamie. I'm :wtfdidusay:

She's not allowed to drive with her phone 

source: https://www.tmz.com/2019/05/07/britney-spears-using-mother-lynne-mental-health-dark-period/

I can't find the article where I believe they say she was not allowed to drive back in january because she was not doing OK because of her meds.

They've been feeding us that Britney is not doing OK and is literally manipulating her mom:

Britney Spears is in bad shape -- her meds aren't working right and she's not nearly fully recovered from her relapse that landed her in a mental health facility -- and now to make matters worse, we're told she's "playing" her mom to give her more freedom to make decisions.

AAAAAAND this is the narrative, ladies and gentlemen:

TMZ broke the story ... Britney checked into a mental health facility in April. The singer became distraught over her dad's illness and needed some time on her own to heal. She was released a short time after and is back home, focusing on her family.




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This breaks my heart. She’s so sweet - Britney asked to hold a random stranger’s baby on the beach. Seriously, she made some mistakes (who doesn’t?) and had a breakdown (how many of us have been there before?), but if her children truly are being used as pawns against her, wow. I can’t even imagine how she feels: 

And no, it’s absolutely none of my business, but we’ve previously discussed smoking in her conservatorship. In the Behind the Dream book, the author says that smoking is one of the few freedoms she’s allowed to still indulge in, and I remember an article saying Jamie doesn’t mind the smoking because it “calms” her down. I’m not a fan of smoking, although I’ve certainly done my fair share of it in the past, but I do get why it’s one of her few acts of rebellion left. It’s a myth that smoking truly relaxes you once you’re hooked (it only soothes the feeling of withdrawal from addiction), but I’m sure I wouldn’t feel like quitting in the middle of conservatorship drama, either.

No judgment from me, Brit. I’m sorry life has been so stressful, but you inspire us to keep going in our own lives.


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19 hours ago, HarajukuGyal said:

Hey guys, just passing by to share this just in case it hadn't been posted yet but people from Lou's camp hired a private investigator and got a hold of @BKSTYL3's private information, including his telephone number, and had an email exchange with him impersonating Sam Lutfi. He further received a takedown order and cease and desist letter from Tri Star to remove his webpage and give the rights of the web adress to Lou herself, they also know about @Applejack's document. Please share and backup this in case it gets removed

I might not post here regularly anymore or update the FreeBritney subreddit but my heart still goes to this cause and to all of you who keep actively fighting for Britney's freedom, especially you @Meaner03, if it wasn't for you none of this would have been possible. Your Instagram page is truly a testament of what we're fighting for, I salute you my friend

With that being said, please and I can't stress this enough do not give up, this is bigger than all of us and than Britney herself. This is history. I love every single one of you dearly, take care

Do they not realize that they're dealing with fans who also double as lawyers, private investigators, medical experts, etc.? (You would think they would've caught on buy now given that they clearly monitor Britney fan sites and forums.)

We're not buying it.



Also, dox the fans all you want, but you're the ones directly involved with a conservatorship that's under legal investigation, not us. I'd rather be me. :well:

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