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  1. Britney and Sam is trending on twitter to pay their respects following their miscarriage. We feel your hearts Britney & Sam 💔 Rest well little angel 👼🙏 They’re both gonna make great parents one day. Please send love and light to them both.
  2. Britney’s Gram recieved a very worrying voicemail regarding her cship how it’s handled and regarding her mental facility stay Source and place to listen the podcast https://britneysgram.com/2019/04/16/free-britney-episode-75/
  3. Baby One More Time - 10,500,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 14,620,0000. Sometimes - 2,000,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 2,830,000 (You Drive Me) Crazy - 2,650,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 3,600,000 Born To Make You Happy - 1,700,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 2,100,000 From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart - 1,500,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 1,760,000 Oops!...I Did It Again - 6,000,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 9,730,000 Lucky - 1,800,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 2,640,000 Stronger - 2,500,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 3,400,000 Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know - 700,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 900,000 My Only Wish This Year -1,500,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 3,160,000 I'm A Slave 4 U - 2,670,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 3,700,000 Overprotected (Original & Remix) - 1,900,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 2,590,000 I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - 1,500,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 1,960,000 I Love Rock N' Roll - 600,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 1,000,000 Boys (Remix & Original) 700,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 1,080,000 Me Against The Music - 2,000,000 Physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 2,470,000 Toxic - 6,500,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 12,340,000 Everytime - 2,800,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 3,900,000 Outrageous- 500,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 763,000 My Prerogative - 1,500,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 1,830,000 Do Somethin' - 1,800,000 - physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 2,160,000 Someday (I Will Understand) - 350,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 400,000 And Then We Kiss - 200,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 217,000 Gimme More - 3,700,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 4,800,000 Piece Of Me - 3,900,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 4,960,000 Break The Ice - 2,000,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 2,470,000 Womanizer - 7,650,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 10,310,000 Circus - 6,550,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 7,980,000 If U Seek Amy - 2,200,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 3,030,000 Radar - 1,500,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 1,980,000 3 - 4,600,000 physically/digitally copies WW. With (SPS) 5,350,000 Hold It Against Me - 3,650,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 4,420,000 Till The World Ends (+ Remix) - 5,700,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 7,480,000 I Wanna Go - 3,200,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 4,310,000 S&M - 1,500,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 1,845,000 Criminal - 900,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 1,800,000 Scream & Shout (+ Remix) 9,300,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 14,500,000 Ooh La La - 1,470,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 1,700,000 Work ***** - 2,200,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 4,900,000 Perfume - 750,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 1,250,000 Pretty Girls - 850,000 Digital copies WW. With (SPS) 1,796,000 Make Me... - 1,450,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 3,370,000 Slumber Party (& Remix) - 450,000 Digital Copies WW. With (SPS) 1,436,000 Private Show - Has sold over 330,000 units WW with 100,000 being from Digital sales. Do You Wanna Come Over? - Has sold over 450,000 units WW. Total Physical/Digital Single Sales Worldwide - 105 Million Singles With (SPS) 170 Million Units. Baby One More Time is her best selling single, and her best selling single of the 90s. Toxic is her best selling single included with streams of the 00s. But Womanizer is her best selling song Physically/digitally wise (also 00s) Scream & Shput is her best selling single of this decade. Till The World Ends is her best selling single as a lead/solo artist. Britney has over 4 songs with over 10M Units WW, and over 7 songs selling over 5M units. Britney also has 39 songs sold over 1M units WW including the (SPS) Method. 33 being from pure. She has way more sales but I can't be asked to count non-singles so here you go
  4. So According to 2 tabloid articles this like this one from Heat world are stating that Britney wants twins with her fiancé Sam, a boy and a girl and is setting up the baby nursery and is crib shopping. The source says “She’s given herself a deadline of summer to get pregnant before she tries IVF or hires a surrogate, but she’s not waiting. She’s already started crib shopping and setting up a nursery in her home, plus she’s interviewing nannies. “. “https://heatworld.com/amp/celebrity/news/britney-spears-pregnant-sam-asghari/
  5. https://celebrityinsider.org/britney-spears-was-out-of-it-just-days-before-checking-in-to-a-mental-health-facility-267908/ someone find that dudes twitter asap
  6. I'm so excited she better drop it soon so i can order asap
  7. https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2019/01/jamie-lynn-spears-thanks-fans-for-praying-for-fathers-recovery/ Apparently Britney is 'leaning on' Sam and is going back and forth to Louisiana. Damage control after the candids or accurate? Similar stories can be found here: https://www.eonline.com/news/1003129/stronger-than-yesterday-inside-britney-spears-tight-bond-with-father-jamie-spears-after-years-of-turmoil https://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/britney-spears-not-doing-well-amid-fathers-health-problems/
  8. Oops...she did it? Britney Spears was booed onstage in England after mixing up the names of two cities. While performing in Blackpool, the pop star said, "How you feeling Birmingham?" After a moment she corrected herself: "I mean Blackpool!" The crowd then burst into a mix of laughter, claps and boos. "I'm gonna get emotional with you guys," she told the crowd. "This is my last show of 'Piece of Me.'" Spears was, incidentally, performing on the Blackpool promenade next to the city's landmark, the Blackpool Tower. According to Google Maps, the two cities are about 125 miles away from each other. Earlier on in her tour while in London, the "Toxic" singer spoke in a British accent while riling up the crowd trying to see which side the arena could cheer the loudest. Spears hit the road on a world tour after ending a four year residency in Las Vegas, also called Britney Spears: A Piece of Me. Spears has been documenting her travels across the world when she isn't singing on stage in front of thousands of fans. In one sweet video, the singer and her boyfriend Sam Asghari danced when he came and surprised her in Belgium. Another set of photos showed Paris at night, calling the City of Love "magical." Spears has been a pop music figurehead for nearly two decades. One of her earliest hit songs "...Baby One More Time" turns the big 2-0 in October. She told The Guardian what the song meant to her. "The whole song is about that stress that we all go through as teens," she said. Her Piece of Me tour may be over, but we won't hold it against her. https://www.eonline.com/au/news/965138/britney-spears-booed-after-mixing-up-two-cities-in-england Similar Stories: YAHOO - Britney Spears booed after mistaking Blackpool for Birmingham: https://www.yahoo.com/news/britney-spears-booed-mistaking-blackpool-birmingham-130433146.html DAILYMAIL - Awkward moment Britney Spears calls Blackpool 'Birmingham': https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/tvshowbiz/video-1755794/Video-Awkward-moment-Britney-Spears-calls-Blackpool-Birmingham.html METRO NEWS - Britney Spears forgets where she is during Blackpool gig: https://metro.co.uk/2018/09/02/oops-britney-spears-does-it-again-and-forgets-exactly-where-she-is-during-blackpool-concert-7905698/ FOX NEWS - Britney Spears booed during final 'Piece of Me' tour show: https://video.foxnews.com/v/5830601014001/?#sp=show-clips YIKES!
  9. This Day In Pop: Britney Spears injured her knee while filming the video for “Outrageous” on June 8, 2004. Some consider it the beginning of the end, but however you decide to interpret it, Britney Spears’ knee injury on-set of her music video for “Outrageous” 15-years ago changed the trajectory of the pop titan’s performance offerings for good. It’s a sore subject for all of the B Army, but an important component in understanding one of the many reasons why she does not perform as she did in the past. For our latest installment of This Day In Pop, BreatheHeavy is revisiting the summer night when the singer took to the streets of Queens, New York to film the clip to the hip-hop-charged track and seemingly put a nail in the coffin to the promotional trail for 2003’s In The Zone. Read the full story here:
  10. Jayden James has recently joined Instagram (@jayden_federline) and since then, he’s posting some crazy and cool vids on his feed and stories. Today, he did a shoutout to some profiles, so people would follow his YT Channel. One of these profiles he shouted out was actually part of the #FREEBRITNEY movement! In addition to that, he’s also replying and liking comments regarding the love everyone feels for Britney. He seems to be a cool and nice kid and I hope these boys save her from those leaches! He also did a 20-minute live stream with fans. Here are the highlights: Someone says "kill your grandfather," and he responds, "Bro, I was thinking the same thing." Also called Jamie "a big ****, he can go die." Says he doesn't know how he feels about the Free Britney movement Favorite songs are Toxic and BOMT Saw britney two days ago, won't see her again for ~two weeks Calls Sam Asghari a good guy Says his mom is legendary Says K-Fed is the "Best dad ever. My dad is literally Jesus." Also praises Lynne. "My grandma is literally the best grandma in the universe." Someone wrote: "Help your mom break free." He responds: "That's what I'm trying to do..." Then goes on to talk about something else. On Britney and music: "I haven't seen her doing a lot of music at all." One time he asked her about her music and he said Britney said: "I might just quit it." His account has since been set to private. Mommy’s proud of you baby!
  11. Beyoncé writes, directs, and executive produces the new work created by Parkwood Entertainment, in association with Disney+. Based on the music of “The Lion King: The Gift,” and starring the album’s featured artists and some special guest appearances, BLACK IS KINGis a celebratory memoir for the world on the Black experience. Videos for “My Power,” “Mood 4 Eva,” and “Brown Skin Girl” are extravagances of elegance and soul. The film is a story for the ages that informs and rebuilds the present. A reunion of cultures and shared generational beliefs. A story of how the people left most broken have an extraordinary gift and a purposeful future. This visual album from Beyoncé reimagines the lessons of “The Lion King” for today’s young kings and queens in search of their own crowns. The film was in production for one year with a cast and crew that represent diversity and connectivity. The voyages of Black families, throughout time, are honored in a tale about a young king’s transcendent journey through betrayal, love and self-identity. His ancestors help guide him toward his destiny, and with his father’s teachings and guidance from his childhood love, he earns the virtues needed to reclaim his home and throne. These timeless lessons are revealed and reflected through Black voices of today, now sitting in their own power. BLACK IS KING is an affirmation of a grand purpose, with lush visuals that celebrate Black resilience and culture. The film highlights the beauty of tradition and Black excellence.
  12. British pop group Steps dropped the MV for their second single “Something in Your Eyes” taken from their upcoming album “What the Future Holds” this morning. The song is classic pop that will transport you back to 1998 when times were simpler and cheesy pop music was everywhere. It’s fun, it’s camp, it’s colourful and it’s just what the world needs some of right now. Watch the clip below and stream the song everywhere now and let me know what y’all think. Related:
  13. https://milfs.thedopple.com/2019/03/12/****-jamie-lynn-spears-on-losing-her-s-and-motherhood-before-amazon-dopple/ It's interesting that she said 'a few' but I might be reading too much into it. Thoughts? Is she just echoing Britney's own statement or is something else going on as well?
  14. Initially slated for release back in March but delayed due to the pandemic, British pop band Steps dropped their new single “What the Future Holds” last Monday. It’s the lead single from their upcoming sixth studio album of the same name. The music video for the track dropped on Friday and has been receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The song, penned by none other than Sia, topped the UK iTunes chart within an hour of its release, with the album pre-order following suit by the following day. Best known for their fan-friendly dance routines (hence the name Steps) and hits such as “Tragedy,” “One For Sorrow,” “Deeper Shade of Blue,” and the line-dancing classic “5, 6, 7, 8,” the band, who were a huge staple in European pop music back in the late 90’s and early 00’s (and even toured with Britney) made a huge comeback in 2017 for their 20th anniversary, with a sell-out UK tour and comeback album “Tears on the Dancefloor.” “What the Future Holds” has been three years in the making and is set to be a continuation of their last album, utilising their established sound and bringing it into 2020. It sees them reunite with writers such as Fiona Bevan (One Direction, Lewis Capaldi), Ina Wroldsen (Shakira, Britney Spears) and Karl Twigg (who worked on their first three albums) plus experiment with songs written by the likes of Greg Kurstin (Adele, Beyonce), Hannah Robinson (Kylie) and new pop shape-shifters such as Gracey and MNEK. The album drops November 27th and you can pre-order it here via their official store. There are various bundles across a variety of formats including signed CDs, pink vinyl and cassette tape (how very 90's). Watch the video for “What the Future Holds” below and stream on Spotify! I've also posted "The Best of Steps" playlist for anyone who maybe isn't familiar with their back catalogue of bops.
  15. Katy Perry's sophomore album, Teenage Dream, has set another record breaking achievements after 10 years of it's release. Her label, Capitol Records, just recently updated the certifications of the said era in preparation of the album's anniversary this August 24th, four days before the release of her fifth record, Smile. Here are the details: Teenage Dream (album) - 8x Platinum Teenage Dream (single) - 8x Platinum Firework - 12x Diamond With these, Katy Perry has now surpassed Michael Jackson's record of the highest certified music package (album + singles) with staggering 64.5 million units sold. Notably that these two artists have the same feat of having five No.1 singles in one album (doing so with Teenage Dream and Bad). And with Firework's hitting a new mark, it also became the most consumed single for a female lead, alongside with another achievement of being the only artist to have 7 songs to sold more than 8 million units in RIAA history. Congratulations, Katy Perry!
  16. Shania Twain teamed up with Orville Peck on "Legends Never Die" from the masked singer's latest EP "Show Pony." “I cannot thank Shania enough for being part of this; she has always been a hero of mine and her music made me feel so empowered growing up,” commented Peck in a statement. “As cliché as it sounds, recording with her and getting to get up on stage and sing with her in Nashville is a dream come true. No words really.” Shania looks incredible in the music video, dressed from the neck down in leopard print, reminiscent of her look in 1998's "That Don't Impress Me Much," as the duo perform to an enthusiastic drive-in crowd. Watch the clip below. What do y'all think? Related:
  17. Britney takes a leap of faith on unreleased track, "Let Go." I've cried more than once listening to "Let Go." OK, I've cried a lot. The 2007 ballad is Britney's most revealing, tender track we've ever witnessed from the typically guarded pop star. It describes a heartbreaking scenario where two people fall out of love, but stay together because fear of the unknown is paralyzing. The devil you know... Would love for you to check out the full article on the main page It's one of my favorite Britney songs ever. https://www.breatheheavy.com/britney-spears-let-go/
  18. MTV is really desperate... every year it's about Britney.
  19. Apparently Megan Thee Stallion was attacked and shot Sunday morning. Her latest Instagram post says: Who do you think would want to harm her? I’m hoping for the best for her, honestly.
  20. These days I feel so old even though I’m 18 because I don’t use all these new fangeled apps like TikTok but my little sister does and she came into my room the other day to show me a dance she learned on there that everyone’s been doing. She pulls this up: There’s a couple more compilations on youtube if you want to see them, but I think it’s cool that Britney is going viral!! Also screaming at the fact that they think this is a new remix and how I have a strong urge to do the original dance (you know the one) but anyways... Even the most popular TikTok girl right now (Charli Dameliano or whatever tf her name is idk who these people are ) did the dance. Our girl is becoming well known with the youngins...end the conservatorship and free her so that she can have an emancipation of mimi moment...pls thx.
  21. Hey Exhalers, I found a german Youtube video today where a nail artist from Düsseldorf Germany talks about her experience with Britney in 2018 when she was on tour in Germany. For those who are not able to understand german I'll translate the main points: - She was working for as a nail artist for a hotel where she was booked last minute to do Britney's nails - She was a fan back then & it was always her dream to do Britney's nails - She said Britney was checking closely how her nails were done by the artist and when the nail artist was done with her nails she was grateful and did small talk with her - Britney complimented the girl on her natural her and her short cut & told the girl that she always wears extensions - Britney said "thank you" several times - Nail artist says that Britneys nails were done very basic and "cheap" before she did her nails & Britney needed a refill - Nail artists says that she looks and talks just like on TV/Instagram - Britney was very small, very friendly, came in with headphones - it was a nice experience - The guy says that Britney is one of his biggest idols but he is scared to meet her cause he doesn't want his expecations to be destroyed by meeting her cause he knows Brit has issues - When the guy talks about Britney having mental issues the nail artist says that she signed a contract and she can't talk about this topic and that being with a person while doing their nails is of course more intimate than going to a meet & greet to see her. And that you witness more private moments of the artists you work with. - Nail artists also says something like "I don't want to destroy your illusions" - and "As you said she got some issues" STARTS 6:30
  22. Christina Aguilera will embark on a Las Vegas residency this year! Read the full story on the main page: https://www.breatheheavy.com/christina-aguilera-las-vegas-residency/
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