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  1. Group 4 TIMCAST.COM Disney is on track to lose millions from The Little Mermaid, despite a strong turnout in the US for Memorial Day weekend. Disney spent roughly $390 million on producing and promoting the film. Theaters take approximately half the ticket sales, meaning the film must hit nearly $800 million to break even. “If the film manages to gross only $600 million globally, it will result in a loss of $200 million, and even achieving this level of domestic earnings still needs to be determined,” the report explained. “Therefore, domestically, the likelihood that it could gross $300 to $350 million seems overly optimistic.” Another failure for Disney. Next up “Elemental” and the horrible “Indiana Jones Movie”
  2. Billion versions of the same album with the same boring stuff I-
  3. Lance Bass claims Britney’s team contacted him so she could meet his twins, only to never hear from them again. “She has reached out through her people, wanting to meet the kids and all that,” “You have to talk through people,” he shared of communicating with Spears. “It’s very strange.” “I don’t know what to believe because I don’t know how she is,” he said. “I mean, maybe she is completely over performing, but I just know how much she loves it, and I know she’s a competitive person also, so I can’t imagine her never performing again.” Lance Bass claims Britney Spears flaked on meeting his kids: 'It's... TRIB.AL The *NSYNC alum and his husband, Michael Turchin, welcomed twins Alexander and Violet via surrogate...
  4. I absolutely love that she loves this song…she clearly knows Blackout is a mutheffin BOP!
  5. Tayloose and Matt have broken up after their 1-2 month romance. She definitely lives up to her “Tayloose” reputation. She must be an exhausting person to be around. Taylor Swift and The 1975's Matty Healy Break Up: 'It Was Always Casual' Says Source PEOPLE.COM Taylor Swift and Matty Healy had been linked since early May and were spotted in public together several...
  6. Jewel did what?? THAT! The year is 2003 and a Folk singer-songwriter dared to go against the grain and work with producers who had previously found success with the Spice Girls. The media backlash was REAL. So many people were calling her a sellout. There was also a TRL moment that had the media talking. Unfortunately it's hard to find all of the gossip and drama surrounding her at that moment. The story was that she flashed the camera. She was really causing the drama in Summer 2003. Other hits from the album "Stand" "2 Become 1" And HIGHLIGHTS include "Sweet Temptation" "2 Find U" "Haunted" I'm not gonna lie - this album is in my top 20 of all time. Do you have memories of 0304??? What are your fav tracks???
  7. So I took screenshots but I can’t upload for some reason but in her last video when she’s spinning around the back of her head looked shaved down. Anyone else see this?
  8. Navigating the screen with a perfect nuance of ingenue and femme fatale, offering some modern-day homages to screen legends such as Brigitte Bardot & Mireille Darc, Lily-Rose Depp is perfectly cast as pop princess du jour Jocelyn in HBO’s new show ‘The Idol’, referencing iconic pop royalty Britney Spears. After quite an interesting start at the Cannes Film Festival and following mixed reviews, A24’s latest hot drop finally premiered, and it’s a ****, stylized take on the music industry through the eyes of a troubled pop star and America’s obsession with s** yet current disdain for nudity, even if it is at the expense of the agency of those who choose to offer it while reclaiming body autonomy. The show’s production had already been plagued with some problems, from clashes with Rolling Stone to reports of some s**-related film choices to original series director Amy Seimetz being relieved of her position by HBO in favor of studio’s favorite Sam Levinson. However, this was not HBO’s first time doing that: remember when Andrea Arnold was replaced with another studio favorite, the late Jean-Marc Vallée on season 2 of Big Little Lies to keep the original feel of season 1? ‘The Idol’ season 1 episode 1 is now streaming on max. https://www.instagram.com/p/CtHbtD3rnUf/
  9. Cardi's Playlist was revealed on Stationhead Tonight. Radar by Britney was on there Our fave, multi album track remains iconic Full list in spoiler:
  10. Let me preface by saying this is my opinion. This is all alleged and my conclusion is based on the purported FACTS of the past 15 years. First, hi Team Con How does it feel to NO LONGER OWN BRITNEY SPEARS as if she's your property? How does it feel that she has completely put walls around her so you don't have access to her in real-time anymore? You have NO IDEA what she's up to!!! How does it feel you didn't succeed in destroying her for rebelling against your control? How does it feel that she is DELIBERATELY demeaning her brand on Instagram and REFUSING to work despite your endless smear campaigns to force her back to work? "She loves the Free Britney movement. The support from the fans lifts her up. And makes [Britney] feel stronger." - Maxi, 2020 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Let's get to talking about the facts NO ONE LIKES TO TALK ABOUT now shall we? Lou M. Taylor has publicly stated on record that Irving Azoff is her mentor. Irving Azoff was the CEO of the monopoly that is TicketMaster. Irving Azoff was ALSO a MAJOR investor in the creation of our favorite & most reputable news source: TMZ !!!!!! (according to Courtney Love) Larry Rudolph works for Live Nation (Maverick) which later merged with TicketMaster (TSwift fans are suing them). TicketMaster has a contract with venues. So TicketMaster/LiveNation are going to benefit from artists' tours. So if all these people are in bed with one another, well then that explains the TMZ narrative post conservatorship! "Britney, if you get back to work, then we will stop our 2007-reminiscient smear campaigns of you" (That was the thesis of the latest TMZ documentary. "Get back to work Britney and you'll be golden!!!!") I believe that the people who have bullied the entire entertainment industry into silence to not defend Britney are not Jamie Spears & Lou Taylor. The people with the MOST power are the people in the background that CONTROL the venues/the ability to book shows for entertainers. So let's say a guy named Irv tells a celebrity that wants to speak out against Britney's conservatorship: Irv could potentially say "Not gonna book those venues for you if you say anything about this." "I'm going to tank your tour." In turn, big "influencers" like the Kardashians are in bed with the human trafficker that is Lou Taylor because they love wealth and have all their businesses/money in her control. We are so heavily manipulated by "influencers" like the Kardashians because they believe the general public won't put all the pieces together. The Kardashians have MULTIPLE failed businesses because of low quality and uninspired ideas. They've been sued for stealing ideas off of others for years. KK Beauty anyone? That's out of business now. Before Britney, Lou Taylor had no A-list clients. Matthew Rosengart summed it up well stating that she build her client roster off the back of Britney Spears. All in all, many people PROFITTED OFF OF BRITNEY'S MISERY AND FANS MISERY. Fans fighting so hard to get tickets via TicketMaster shouldn't be the reality. Let's DEMAND JUSTICE. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE CRIMINAL BUSINESSES WITH YOUR MONEY. DO NOT GIVE CLICKS OR VIEWS TO TMZ. CALL OUT TMZ'S BS. CALL OUT TMZ'S CONNECTION TO IRVING AZOFF. CALL OUT the billionaires with the real power (Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Caesar's Entertainment) How coincidental was it that the January 2023 911 call for the "welfare check" on Britney came on the same day as the #BreakUpTicketmaster campaign TSwift fans started and the rally on the U.S. Capitol hearings. Let's not let Britney's suffering be in vain. Why do you think Matthew Rosengart is now working pro-bono? (short for the Latin phrase pro bono publico, which means "for the public good.") Britney in 2009: "It was all basically set up. There were no drugs in my system. No alcohol. No nothing. It was pure abuse" - Britney in 2022 Let's fully unite again BArmy. Britney deserves justice. The fans deserve justice. Free Britney was a success. Let's make Justice For Britney a success. @Jordan Miller@GlitterRain @Mx_Defying@JayTawndre@Flavor Of Love @dulcaewm @Ghoulia @Steel Magnolia @notedyourhonor @DiamondCircus @easy
  11. The Sun spoke with Wendy Williams’ son Kevin who has massive concerns regarding her guardianship and overall well being. “I know there are all sorts of things happening that I know in her right mind she would never agree to. As hard as it is seeing her being taken advantage of, I know that if I’m making sure she, as a person, is okay, that is the important thing because eventually, she’s going to realize the craziness that’s been going on.” “What’s been made more important by the people around her is that while her health may not be great, she needs to keep on earning income, and in my opinion that should not be a priority at all. And whoever has been hired – they are taking advantage of someone who needs to get better.” “They had her in a position where she was agreeing to a lot that she shouldn’t have. When I heard that, that turned me off,” he expressed. “In trying to attempt to know what everyone’s intention is around her, at first, I was like, okay this is the team she wants to have around. But once I heard that she was agreeing to stuff around her rehab, I thought, ‘Well okay—they are taking advantage.'” “I feel that when it comes to people wanting to ‘help’ her, a lot of it is coming from a stance of, okay, she’s alone now. Let’s try to see how we can make her act the way we want her to act, or if we can kind of control the rate at which she’s handling herself.” Kevin concludes, “I think that it’s best for her to have to prioritize her health first. Nobody around her will tell her this, but she doesn’t have to be working. She needs to take a break from trying to progress her career and just be proud of what she’s accomplished.” Wendy Williams’ Son Breaks Silence, Fears Mother Is Near Death T.CO Wendy Williams' son, Kevin Hunter Jr., is speaking out about her health and guardianship to prevent fatal...
  12. Britney's tell-all memoir sees more delays while attorneys behind-the-scenes hammer out the legalities. “Initial delays involved internal attorneys combing through everything and sending back edits, and another round of delays came from certain people she’s worked with and family. But publishers are working through it,” an insider tells OK! Magazine, adding that Britney is making it clear she wants certain things out in the world. “Britney’s already toned down the book a few times and isn’t willing to tone it down further,” the insider continued, adding that there are a slew of A-listers mentioned. “Britney’s annoyed by all the new delays and wants the book out ASAP.” “Britney is brutally honest in the book — there are a lot of nervous A-listers. Strongly worded legal letters have been sent to the publishers by people who know Britney and who fear what she has written. There is no movement at the moment and there are concerns over when it will eventually be able to come out.” “Britney wants this to be her moment she talks to the world, to tell her side of the story and set the record straight," the insider dished. “There’s a fair amount of throwing people under the bus, talking about past relationships, some of whom will be revealed for the first time ever." The insider added, “Britney lived her life in the public eye but there are relationships and people she had encounters with who she managed to keep under the radar, including some massive film star names and people from the music world. She has wanted to go all out with this book and tell her truth, and that’s what has people worried.”
  13. BRITNEY Spears' jaw-dropping car collection, including a luxury Mercedes SLR McLaren supercar, has been revealed. The American singer has amassed an impressive collection of luxury cars throughout her career using her astounding $70million fortune. The "Princess of the Pop" has made a pile of cash from her nine studio albums and numerous world tours. And Britney's collection is as diverse as her discography, from compact city cars to high-performance sports models. Here we look at her jaw-dropping car collection. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren - £420,000 approx The SLR McLaren is a road rocket - able to hit 60mph in just 3.1 seconds. It's thunderous V8 engine means you can hear it coming a mile away, so it certainly wouldn't be the best car for avoiding the paparazzi. It was also one of the few cars of its time that had a top speed north of 200mph. And, To scrub off all that speed, the SLR McLaren was fitted with special carbon ceramic brakes. Jaguar XK Coupe - £100,000 approx It's actually more of a luxury grand tourer that happens to also be exceptionally quick, while its rear-wheel drive setup means its still fun to drive. With a top speed of around 170mph it will keep up with most of the competition, and it's quick off the mark, too - with 0-62mph taking around 4.5 seconds. Smart Fortwo - £21,000 approx The Smart Fortwo does what it says on the tin - carrying just two passengers around in its tiny cockpit. It's great for scurrying round town or nipping to the shops, although you won't be able to carry much in it after a spending spree. Mercedes G-Class - £130,000 approx If you don't want a Land Rover Defender, then perhaps Mercedes' G-Class 4x4 will interest you. It's a must-have for any celeb that likes to be seen posing around town rather than off-roading in a muddy field. Seriously powerful petrol and diesel engines mean it's quick enough for most tastes, too. This comes after BBC's presenter James May's jaw-dropping collection, including a Rolls Royce, was revealed. Plus, former **** star Lana Rhoades boasted an impressive car collection - including a £200,000 Lamborghini Haracan. Inside Britney Spears’ jaw-dropping car collection, including luxury Mercedes SLR McLaren supercar | The Irish Sun WWW.THESUN.IE BRITNEY Spears' jaw-dropping car collection, including a luxury Mercedes SLR McLaren supercar, has been revealed.The American singer has amassed an im
  14. Imagine browsing Exhale on this Thoughts, Exhale?!
  15. @Jordan Miller @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @GlitterRain @Rik vs Exhale
  16. I don't know if you remembre when I told you my story about the feeling that I have for my brother and how I kept on picking fight with his girlfriend. It came to my attention today when I overheard him speaking about thinking of getting married. This can only mean that he is not into me. This feels painful because I though that he have a thing for especially after catching him gazing at my bam one time. I don't know what do to move that girl from his side, I think she is the problem to all of this. I know that she knows that I love him but she still wants stay despite that. Any advices?
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