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  1. All of Britney Jean and .... I legit forgot the name of... Glory! But I can’t stand to be played and neither of those sound authentically Britney. Myah ruins it for me.
  2. This was done really well.... I’m low-key terrified she will be too scared to ask for freedom and will placate her handlers and kill the movement... But I hope those fears are unfounded. I’m also scared for her after the dust settles. How could anyone not be in prison so long and not be bitter later in life about it? 12 years in jail for getting divorced and partying hard is a bit too much.
  3. "You get to play in this big playpen as freely as you want.... " We even have the mobile version: Just don't ever ask to grow up and step outside. Outside is for us adults and not for you. .... (Even though you're a mom of two adult children) You are still young and stupid. We've been in charge of you for more than 12 years. But we can confidently say we have taught you nothing about being independent, managing your finances, and sustaining yourself on your own. You will die without us. Therefore, we think you should stay in this playpen forevers." But hey, 99% freedom! That 1% is, you know, actual freedom and growing up. ... Oh yeah, but don't forget to do that adult thing and earn a living wage cause we got bills to pay. kthanxbai (you helpless ATM--, uh, I mean, thing, you.)
  4. We should thank them though for making Team Con's agenda crystal clear: Fraud and Greed. Fake Conservatorship centered around Brit's money. They couldn't have spelled it out any clearer to their mouthpiece
  5. Don't give them clicks. No page visits. Refuse anything related to them - videos etc. I read TMZ and PerezHilton as a guilty pleasure. But now I'm boycotting and blacklisting them. It's pure trash.
  6. I'm calling for a boycott on the grounds that the mass of misinformation that they put out is directly detrimental to Britney and her brand. Today they gave a reason for a conservatorship as managing overspending. Like Britney is not allowed to buy three cars at once if she's a multimillionaire and that is reason to have all her human rights taken away. I'm sorry, but this BS needs to stop and we need to actively call for a boycott of such media outlets. Conservatorships are not financial management tools. They are for incapacitated people not competent people.
  7. It isn’t conspiracy theories: the facts are 1) conservatorship, 2) no rights to phone, internet, car, or people. Sam snatched her the phone away before she went live. Her son was silenced. Messages to public are filtered as they are with the court. She has had no voice for more than a decade. This is her reality. It would make zero sense for her team to allow her to trash them. They have controlled her and her money for years. I don’t understand why you’d suddenly imagine she has rights.
  8. Serious question... if Britney has refused to perform for the foreseeable future, why are they maintaining her social media accounts? What purpose does it serve
  9. They’ve gotten bolder with their lies. I wonder how they will justify it to the court? Is this part of her lawyer’s and PR manager’s job to lie?
  10. Surprised they didn’t mention how he used to draw genitals and ***** on people’s pics
  11. Don’t trust him. I also don’t see two people in love. I see a bored girl with a hot meathead who probably settled because she’s not allowed to be with anyone else except this guy.
  12. One day, you will understand, in God’s whole plan and what he’s done to you...
  13. This. Was expecting more obscure song lyrics. Kinda disappointed actually.
  14. This. It’s her damn mom. No one is more on Britney’s side than her mother. I don’t know what this woman is smoking but she is definitely not doing herself any favours.
  15. Depends on how well I thought I could get away with it and how would they check. Might binge watch all the vids and music then go on the hiatus for the money... but ultimately I think I’d fail.
  16. I've been catfished before tho.. He's 21, not 31. He's only 3 years legal. Mentally, no offense, but he's still a child himself and has a lot of growing up to do. He seems slow to learn. He should have shut down his social media and stopped sending *** pics. I can't imagine being a celebrity or a notable figure and being chased for a quick buck. Since there's video where folks are recording their screen, it's clearly a setup tho. So, yes, he's dumb, stupid, and should stop, but he's also being baited and played. Not innocent, but also not an outright villain.
  17. Honestly I don’t even know what to say anymore. The corruption is real. A life has been stolen in the guise of continuing to save it. You can’t convince me that her father loves or respects her. No real father would want to cripple their own child from growing up and seeing independent. He can’t give her back the years he stole, the money he wasted, the career he’s tarnished, or the children she won’t be able to have. When Jamie meets his maker, he’ll have a lot do explaining to do.
  18. This doesn’t look like them at all... wtf? How does it look that bad?
  19. Don’t force the con ship to demand Britney make a statement. That’s like asking hostages at the bank to call and make a statement while being held up. What good is it? Only time she should talk is after she’s free.
  20. I hope so, but the fans can be moronic. Imagine Britney is a server at a restaurant, but behind the counter, the manager is actually her pimp. Even knowing this: knowing that Britney can’t escape and is being forced out in to the restaurant, or that body doubles are on hand to fake being her (or her voice), fans still go in to the shop and order the specials because ‘we’re starving and selfish and enjoy the food.’ Bet you they forget Britney the next time a new ‘single’ drops and start streaming like the hypocrites they are. Until the con ship is gone, being anywhere near the brand is promoting her enslavement. You support with your money.
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