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  1. This doesn’t look like them at all... wtf? How does it look that bad?
  2. Don’t force the con ship to demand Britney make a statement. That’s like asking hostages at the bank to call and make a statement while being held up. What good is it? Only time she should talk is after she’s free.
  3. I hope so, but the fans can be moronic. Imagine Britney is a server at a restaurant, but behind the counter, the manager is actually her pimp. Even knowing this: knowing that Britney can’t escape and is being forced out in to the restaurant, or that body doubles are on hand to fake being her (or her voice), fans still go in to the shop and order the specials because ‘we’re starving and selfish and enjoy the food.’ Bet you they forget Britney the next time a new ‘single’ drops and start streaming like the hypocrites they are. Until the con ship is gone, being anywhere near the brand is promoting her enslavement. You support with your money.
  4. Same. Until the con-ship dies, I won’t drop a single cent anywhere for Jamie and his goons to pick up. I’m here for Britney, not them. I haven’t streamed a damn thing, bought 0 merch, won’t ever again buy music, attend a concert, or even read her social media. I’m even boycotting gossip sites like TMZ and PerezHilton from this day forward so no on.. NO ONE.. involved in this morally defunct conship gets a dime of my money. This is the real Blackout: Fan Edition.
  5. Or you could stop buying the tickets so the conship starves and has no reason to leech off Britney anymore. Y’all really need to start understanding that the chains she wears are YOUR fault. You’re paying the con ship with every dime you spend on the Britney brand. This is not speculation: the court docs have shown you exactly who gets paid what amount. Jamie, Sam I, all the added lawyers, the media manager, Lou, etc... none of them would stay if Britney the brand stopped making them money. I’m sorry, but if you really, REALLY, want to free Britney, you have to boycott the brand.
  6. This. Until the conservatorship gun is off her forehead, I won’t believe anything 100%.
  7. If the CONSHIP continues to drain her money at the current rate, she will have to file bankruptcy in a few years or perform again. (I wouldn’t be surprised if that wasn’t the goal already.) 60m is not a lot of money when you take into account all the leeches... bill payments (mortgages, housing insurance, car insurance, utilities, maintenance...), groceries, clothing, child support payments, lawyer fees, Daddy-is-a-**** fees, her ‘team’ of other hangers on (aka social media manager, etc), vet bills, pet accessories, travel, accommodations, Sam-the-walking-***** fees, doctor visits and medication... Even without Lou skimming from the top, she’s hemorrhaging money right now and will be broke in 6-7 years tops unless she works. It will probably be a short, quick, money grab and her ‘team’ knows this will undoubtedly be necessary so they refuse to let her go until the well is completely dry... which is likely never. We know the fanatics who pay for Meet and Greets keep the chains on her right and would shell out 5 grand for the opportunity to stand beside her for 15 seconds. So, no, she will do something in the future. She can’t keep up this lifestyle without working.
  8. Ok... I have to say this after TrashMZ and their “it was 100% Britney’s own words freely expressed” post... IF Britney is free to post all her own social media content, IF she is coherent, thoughtful, and intelligent, IF it wasn’t vetted or filtered and her team insists that she can express herself without help or guidance... THEN WHY DOES SHE NEED A CONSERVATORSHIP???????? Either she is INCAPACITATED, or she is CAPABLE AND FREE. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! Since the CONSHIP insists she is free and independent, DISSOLVE AND LET HER GO. By your own admission SHE DOESN’T NEED YOU! FFS!!!!
  9. Folks over here scrambling for rent money, to pay their bills, living off credit, trying to eat... and Team Con burning money like it’s water. Girl isn’t working, but still needs to pay millions to others... She will be bankrupt eventually and Jamie will have successfully killed his own child’s success like his many failed businesses.
  10. Watching her so-called BF Sam tell her what to say on video has left a bad taste in my mouth... Until the conservatorship gun is lifted from her head, I won’t believe a word coming out of anyone’s mouth. No one should believe an emotional and financial hostage. Britney is legally incapable of speaking for herself. This isn’t conspiracy this is the damn law. So, how can we be asked to believe a totally different narrative about total freedom? What kind of crack is Team con smoking and just how stupid do they think people are?
  11. Personally, when I saw the image I thought she was pretty much saying her Dad had stolen motherhood from her. Either she wanted to have another child or was forced not to have one. Her baby is dead.
  12. This. I can’t tell you how disgusting this whole situation is. Makes me question humanity... How people can legally rob a supposedly severely disabled woman blind in the light of day and nobody does anything ... I just can’t. If that was my father, I wouldn’t want to live knowing I had no real family.
  13. Is it the truth tho? If Britney had all of the control, why is her dad still in the picture against her wishes? Why don’t we hear Britney’s own voice and only see her through a filtered lense? We saw what happened when she tried to go live with Sam. We even saw how she begged her team to release Alien and they made sure not to let it happen her way. Tomorrow, you could turn on your camera and talk freely... No one would stop you. So, why can’t she? I’m sorry but it’s incredibly gullible to believe someone’s word when the actions are loud and clear. Just like the team of unnecessary lawyers, Britney is suffocating in leeches and anyone with eyeballs can see that.
  14. Except Britney has said herself she hates crying and would never say something like that which would scream pity-me. She can’t even do a live feed without Sam taking the phone away. This is bull****. The person spinning around is not the person typing. Oh and of course she didn’t see the documentary.. like her conservators would let her freely watch, comment, or entertain anything in her life.
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