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  1. Creepiest mother****er on the doc, even more so than Lutfi and Adnan. It looked like he was on trial trying not to lie under oath. Had guilty written all over his ugly face.
  2. Edan is such a boring pawn, though. Loucifer, Ingham, Goetz and Colon are so much more personally involved. It would be such a major buzzkill if only paid the price. Ideally they all will, but it’s a scary thought no one (or someone mostly irrelevant) will.
  3. You mean choose ONE that will go to jail, but the rest die. Right? Ingham. Just his ugly mug and smug mannerisms makes me wanna punch him in the face. A ruthless POS that got rich for no reason. But Loucifer and Colon… can they at least go bankrupt, lose all their money and suffer for life?
  4. Britney isn’t the best judge of character to be honest. They took advantage of her when she was isolated. It’s not like they’re doing it for selfless reasons, they can only gain things by being close with Britney ******* Spears. Adnan is a creep and for him to say he was criticised cause he isn’t white and pretty and rich like her? What the actual ****. And Mark Kaplan saying K Fed was such a victim cause the public didn’t think he was good enough to be with America’s sweetheart? HUH?! K Fed is a total d-bag and no ones here for his sob story. Seriously cringe-y to victimise either of them. As for Lutfi , he’s a psychopath with multiple restraining orders, leeching off troubled celebrities.
  5. Some good stuff but I didn’t like that it gave horrible people like Adnan, Sam and Mark ****lan a chance to act cute and likeable. **** them. Also a shame Fe literally refused to speak about Colon and Loucifer, did they threaten her just before the interview or what? Her part on the NYT doc was way better, shame this will be the more popular one.
  6. Mark Kaplan is EVIL and always has been. If he’s saying this then his hands are dirty and he’s scared. Hope he goes down too.
  7. No one under a conservatorship can form a normal, healthy, EQUAL relationship with someone who isn’t. Stockholm Syndrome, much? That would be true for literally any partner she would date, let alone someone who clearly went along with her team several times. “Me time” says hi.
  8. Hopefully screenshots of when he WENT ALONG WITH THE CON that she checked herself into a mental facility. No undoing that one!
  9. Age gap is the least of her concerns with Sam. I don’t think ANY relationship with ANYONE can be healthy when one of the partners has literally had no legal rights throughout the relationship. It’s just obviously unhealthy to jump straight to marriage from that.
  10. I’d rather have Jamie in charge than have Sam Lutfi scheme his way back into Britney’s life. He’s a creep and it’s scary to think people like him and Jason Alexander will try their moves once she’s free.
  11. I think her testimony was badass and very articulate BUT it did bother me that she said that. Almost giving them an easy way out. “If I have to be evaluated then I want a different conservator”... NO! That shouldn’t be an option as well. I know everyone’s saying Rosengart is being smart about it by switching a conservator first, but I wish we had actual confirmation about that. He hasn’t said anything about actual freedom, has he?
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