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  1. Just because she’s lazy when it comes to doing her makeup and hair professionally and doesn’t have a fashion style you approve of doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her looks. If she didn’t care about her looks she wouldn’t have gone through all those cosmetic procedures. Public scrutiny HAS f**ked with her esteem, not sure how you can’t see it. She also cares about looking ****, there’s no other way to explain those weird IG videos in front of the mirror, skinny as a needle video, weight loss obsession etc.
  2. Hmm there was literally a side by side photo comparison showing how she’s aged. You don’t see anything wrong with that? How would Britney feel seeing something like that?
  3. The fact she even brought up her mental illness, right after that unflattering “present day” picture of Britney just seemed bad to me. I stopped watching there. She tried to make it sound nicer with the whole “red carpet is stressful for anybody” but from what I saw it seemed disrespectful to even bring it up. She also talked about “who lets her” wear those things etc like she’s a puppet. Regardless of how bad things have become, I still can’t get used to nobodies talking about Britney Spears like she’s a lost (and aged) little girl.
  4. I don’t like Sam, but what’s up with the digs at Britney’s looks and how much she’s aged with the side by side photo comparison? That’s just plain nasty. Also that condescending tone about Britney’s mental illness. The ***** is disgusting.
  5. Sounds like Loucifer laying the groundwork with a believable “Britney” post before posting something that benefits the Cship.
  6. I hope she doesn’t release anything under the cship but unfortunately she’s probably gonna have to because of her contract. The only thing we can do is not support it.
  7. Nothing would surprise me at this point. I’m just blown away by how obviously corrupt even the judge is. There’s no excuse to keep Jamie as her conservator unless the judge is corrupt. We should definitely keep spreading the word and boycott all Britney products, I’m just not optimistic about the trial dates anymore. It’s like it’s all a part of something bigger - the Illuminati or some kind of other twisted crap.
  8. YES PLEASE. We need to spread this beyond the forum somehow.
  9. I think that alone is solid proof that the system is corrupt from within. Sadly it’s starting to seem naive to believe future hearings will change anything. Hell she complained about cship ABUSE and he wasn’t even temporarily replaced until the end of the so called “investigation”...
  10. How the **** can someone with a restraining order and a history of alcohol abuse be given the power to control another persons life? Especially when they are estranged. How would that make anyone who’s unwell feel any better? As for the red carpet thing, that’s just pathetic. She seemed tired, but she did not look weird or crazy. They’re trying so hard. She walked away like a boss cause she had no interest in the event, nothing wrong with that.
  11. She looked confident and well to me. **** them and all this silly press about looking uncomfortable - they’re trying to make her look crazy. On the contrary, she looked like a boss. Jamie and Loucifer can go **** themselves.
  12. What the **** is up with some of the comments here? Do you remember her team has already managed to turn her against her fans for calling her far? Stop giving them ammunition. She looks good in the videos. Probably looked gorgeous in person. Photos can be harsh when someone is stressed and/or sleep deprived. I would take that over more Botox. With a good nights rest and maybe better makeup she could look way better, but that should be the least of her concerns now. Give it a rest.
  13. You have a career, I can tell I trained you man, so well No more boosting your ego, come on
  14. Well she did go to one of the previous hearings this year and did claim her dad was abusing his power. I find it sad she didn’t attend the past two hearings, almost as if they managed to break her spirit for good. P.S Go Bryan Kuchar!
  15. Her anger seems understandable, but the part that’s weird is “I don’t know who you think I am but I am not that person”. I don’t want to speculate on her mental health because I know nothing and it’s none of our business, but I always thought maybe she had some kind of multiple personality disorder. That would also explain the British accent. But I still don’t think she needs to be under a cship.
  16. It’s really weird to me that people became fans AFTER her peak. I kind of lost interest musically speaking after Blackout, she’s just seemed like a controlled puppet since then. She was definitely better during Circus when she thought the cship was just temporary, but ever since FF the cship seemed to have crushed her. Hope she’s free to do whatever she wants soon and we can have that passion back.
  17. By the way she looks straight out of 2007, hope she’s making a statement with the dark hair and hat. Please Brenda Joan Penny stop being a corrupt POS like the rest of them.
  18. “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself” I wanna say that’s a **** you to Loucifer, Jodshit and Jamie, but then I remember Loucifer controls her social media too. Almost fooled for a second there, damn Lou is getting good.
  19. Cute. If she chooses to stay there, is she free from the Cship? It seems too easy. Clearly she can’t gain access to her finances, but the personal cship has no power at all there?
  20. I never took the Illuminati talk that seriously, but I’m really starting to question what the hell is going on. Whatever it is that’s going on, it’s very powerful. Someone very high up seems to be pulling the strings as there isn’t an ounce of justice in the story. First there’s the justice system that is clearly corrupt and biased - an investigation was launched due to Britney’s claims of abuse, but apparently that wasn’t enough to at least temporarily remove the abusers power during the investigation. Child abuse claims weren’t enough too! Then there’s the media that’s been twisting the meaning of #freebritney from the start, choosing to ignore highly controversial reports that reflect badly on the cship, jumping at the first chance to sell more of Jamie and Loucifer’s lies. Jamie and Loucifer and greedy bastards for sure, but they’re getting WAY too much help and it’s making me wonder if there’s something more here after all. Who is backing all of this up? Of course, let’s not forget about Rebellion...
  21. The fact someone accused of abuse was even allowed to choose his TEMPORARY a replacement says everything. Penny is a corrupt POS too. This “investigation” at this point is obviously an attempt to save face, but has no value.
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