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  1. For me it started showing the B Gram girls (and FBLA) started to get bothered, announcing publicly they had a beef with LFB because they couldn't deal with things privately disguising it as a poorly told story??? Y'all started bullying and stalking the LFB girls (who did overreact in a way they shouldn't, they should've kept low profile) then. It's fine, it happened, it's over, but the BGram girls successfully incited the riot against LFB, and that's not right. The balance we had was ideal. SurpriseWitness is investigating mainly Stonebridge, BGram girls are mostly dealing with the court dates, LFB/Meaner were digging older stuff that helps us get an idea of now. And please, I also agree with the ~~~~narrative~~~~ LFB has. Britney wishes are the master, Jamie out. I don't see why it's even a thing to oust people for holding different opinions, especially on a lawyer weaving a court strategy. Britney's case is not your common case, Britney's conservatorship is complex, Jamie has a very expensive legal team that constantly drains Britney's estate of any objection she may raise, we don't even know if there's an underlying web of mysterious things for the structure the cship had built (as per SurpriseWitness' investigations). It's perfectly understandable to hold their narrative, especially because conservatorships aren't gonna change overnight, and that "termination" ain't gonna happen like magic even if she asked for it (Britney has been asking for Jamie out since February 2008 and that hasn't happened yet! She has asked through Ingham since 2020 and nothing has happened!). It's my dream and pretty valid to ask for termination right now, for the case to be investigated, but the little steps of taking Jamie down first is being grounded with what we have at the moment. What the "many lawyers" are saying is true, but they're not into the know of what is happening with Britney's conservatorship. Jamie is an abuser, Britney is isolated. That's what your random conservator does already - add to that a millionaire estate funding the stalling for every objection she raises.
  2. Yes, so? It's the contract. You can still copy and paste. Now who's gonna feed us content like the contract and the dementia claim?
  3. Please, that is Meaner. Don't you remember our Meaner? From Exhale. He has 3045493594305 court documents highlights... Please... He helps out buying documents too SINCE THE BEGINNING. Stop bullying our sources. You can literally copy and paste the sole document. The BBC doc literally uses documents Meaner has found and highlighted please
  4. can we please stop bullying people with different opinions? What y'all doing ain't as deep as y'all think it is Now we lost a valuable source that posted info without watermarks constantly.
  5. You know Britney has a social media company working on her social media. Per court documents she's not allowed to have an email address, do you really think she's the one 100% behind her Instagram account? She does provide content, but the caption reeks of social media damage control
  6. But there's a limit, I reckon. Lance Bass also knew her but it seemed like he didn't know anything about Britney post-conservatorship (and mostly importantly, Britney post-2005). I doubt Brian knows it either. On how isolated she is, they're very good sources. For anything else, they're probably not.
  7. I am not so sure. The cship does take care of Serenity, but... Remember the narrative that was going around by TMZ that Britney and Lynne were estranged when Lynne's lawyers first showed up to the cship case?
  8. except this is a limited conservatorship. ain't gonna be easy for a non-limited one. but there's hoping.
  9. so what? you wish britney would be a high fashion gal instead of who she is? because y'all talk about britney as if she's irrelevant and gaga is the model to follow stan gaga instead like, the jeans dress... ain't that high fashion enough for y'all like the meat dress...
  10. i dont think the guy knows much, he was saying bryan was britney's conservator in 2016 anyways, she has a social media team curating her social media but britney does film herself and provide some content
  11. people pay their dues to blackout, but people forget to pay their dues for ITZ!
  12. the whole documentary she was taking about " february 2008 and onwards" and people deduced it was about "2007"
  13. posting painfully fake court documents and disguising as real docs? idk about the long run, but it never looks good remember that both Lou Taylor, CrowdSurf, the NYT, Netflix and BBC documentaries people are here, among us.
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