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  1. You all can follow Twitter user/lawyer "That Surprise Witness" twitter thread on this topic here:
  2. To me, ultimately this is the biggest problem with her career: there is a disconnect between her fans and her celebrity. If you were to look at message boards by 2002 from adults, they pointed out many of the warning signs almost none of her fans would have picked up then. Yes tmz etc.. didn't exist yet and while the media had always terrible, it is a tall task to put global scrutiny on a 17 year old.
  3. Nice post. It should also be pointed out that Justice also did a remix of Me Against the Music for the B in the Mix vol 1 album as well...
  4. True. I will just add that I don't believe that Toxic was ever going to be the lead single, based on what was written at the time. (Maybe it was considered, but it wasn't the front-runner.) "Ms. Spears fought Jive Records over the R. Kelly song, which the label had hoped would be the first single. Instead, she successfully lobbied for her collaboration with Madonna, ''Me Against the Music.'' https://www.nytimes.com/2003/11/02/arts/music-growing-up-britney-did-it-again.html You can't really forget that during this period hip hop was dominating the music scene, so Outrageous did make sense to be the first single (even though we all know it should have been 'Toxic'.)
  5. I'm sure at least one of the higher ups wanted Toxic to be the lead single, and it was probably considered; but was it ever the lead??? "Ms. Spears fought Jive Records over the R. Kelly song, which the label had hoped would be the first single. Instead, she successfully lobbied for her collaboration with Madonna, ''Me Against the Music.'' "It is a pure pop CD, which is not a formula for success in a time when the top-10 singles charts are dominated almost entirely by rap and R & B" https://www.nytimes.com/2003/11/02/arts/music-growing-up-britney-did-it-again.html
  6. There's no doubt in retrospect, Toxic simply should have been the lead single. Yet, Jive didn't even want Toxic as the lead single. They wanted Outrageous. So Toxic was never going to be the lead single. And Britney of course got injured on the Outrageous video (her second knee injury that same year) At the end of the day, Britney was still signed to a controlling record label despite the many great songs and promotion. At least a song she composed became a single.
  7. True. I'm just pointing out that the best confirmation is from Britney herself demonstrating that she can write more than one melody on a musical instrument ON HER OWN... (1:50)
  8. And she actually composed one of the singles on her own. (And for anyone doubting this, no offense to Annet Artani but the burden of proof is on her, and NOT Britney.) No badmouthing any of the albums, but today, In The Zone is pretty much artistically as good as most of these now.
  9. A lot has changed since 2014, just like a lot changed from the beginning of 2008 to the end of 2009 for her to continue to have a conservatorship. I'm not sure why they're upset with all this scrutiny when they've kept her in the public eye all this time. I have no doubt about Britney's love for performing but the conservatorship was handled wrong, especially when you look at cases such as the behavior of Justin Bieber and/or Demi Lovato, and no conservatorship for either.
  10. Those plus Why Should I Be Sad, the Blackout closing song.
  11. This is why I always, if anything, her contracts are what hurt her career more than anything else. If she (Larry Rudolph) really signed a lifetime 'slave' contract back in 1997/1998 that she couldn't get out of, then her career was always doomed, despite her talent. Just look her knee injury situation; people forget she got injured TWICE in 2004. During her tour in March and later in June 2004 for Outrageous, a song she didn't even want as a single. I appreciate her work ethic, but she was totally overworked.
  12. People forget, you also get royalties for songs just from your vocals, as Femme Fatale songwriter Heather Bright pointed out last month; its not just songwriting royalties. So because of the many hit songs Britney has put out that continue to be popular- it obviously accumulates; she continues to make great money when she's not working, mathematically speaking.
  13. That's true, her post would still be consistent with posting infrequently about political or social issues. And as a commenter pointed out, the term 'generational wealth' doesn't necessarily have to be attributed to a monetary sum. Unrelated, but in light of all the support she has gotten in the last couple of months, if/when Britney were to come back to performing, she certainly wouldn't have trouble selling. (And this could extend to music) I just hope that if/when she does, its with a team that she wants/approves.
  14. The timing of her post is very off, unless it was posted to coincide with the verdict in the George Floyd case. But-whether people agree with her post or not-the timing is suspect given how intentionally her Instagram avoided political or social issues for years... I still think people should be able to think for themselves and not be influenced by celebrities on social discourse.
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