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  1. She had worse performances than VMA 07. Worst ever was Big fat bass GMA 11
  2. I love this performance! It’s so different to her others. It’s also full of Energy and attitude
  3. I'm pretty sure her first contract was ****ty (for the first 4 albums) :( Those probably are the most precious ones in terms of royalties. When she re-signed I hope she got better Terms as she was a household name. I highly doubt she owns her master's at all. Team Con must have also effed her over regarding that.
  4. especially if she doesn't know she could petition to end. I'm 200% sure she doesn't know that the cship is only valid in the state of California...
  5. their overwhelmingly pro Ingham stance. "kingham" in their words is super weird and sketchy. and they're still keeping that stance even though he didn't petition the end of the cship and his resignation/ throwing Britney under the bus means a lot of delays for her case. this is a stalling tactic, pretty sure from Jamie and Team Cship. he's more loyal to them than to Britney
  6. And let’s not forget. Drawing attention to the abuse of thousands in her Situation and forcing the government to have a closer look on legislation. She already was the reason the paparazzi law was created. i really hope she sues the state and all her family and WINS. I would love for American crime story too have a Season similar to the O.J. Simpson and Versace one. They did such a good job!
  7. It is absolutely Bizarre… i can’t believe we are experiencing this! it’s going to go down in history as a huge story like Diana, Michael Jackson and the likes. There is nobody like her.. unprecedented. I actually really already had given up and thought she’s done and given up herself. The public support and reporting is so soothing to watch. I am checking YouTube and exhale every free minute. Almost the levels of 07‘… #freebritney
  8. I found it randomly on podcasts. Was wondering why there are no posts but found this. Spotify: Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/de/podcast/episode-1-quiet-plans/id1573783805?i=1000527471747
  9. did you even watch the video?! she is super PRO free Britney. the horse was an analogy… I think you didn’t understand her point. She even days that even if she was mentally Ill she deserves to feel free and safe. And the conservatorship is wrong and should be dissolved…
  10. I hope the judge doesn’t let him go right away and At least makes him stay till end of July. 1. for transition 2. for the 14 July hearing to not be postponed. This **** will only delay everything by months there’s more than 3000 documents since 2008.
  11. I’m 50 min in and she’s still pro free Britney. she is furious that Ingham bailed and the mess that will conclude from it and the new one will have to get appointed and get up to speed. The July 14 date would be moved etc. She wants someone to look into the books for fraud etc. She wants her to be able to have her own attorney And she was pro free Britney in her past videos. so I can’t see her going anti…. Let’s see if that changes, but I highly doubt it.
  12. I was thinking Bessemer was going to blow things up.. but they resigned.. leaving Jamie in 100% control again. I can't.. were they scared off?
  13. it's either from that point she actually got more control over her Instagram or that is the moment the team started to paint the narrative. I'm not sure which is the correct order.
  14. Okay... so what’s the reason this took them two years to do?! After all the speculation and media exposure
  15. here we go.. Britney Spears sparks concerns after she dances to ex Justin Timberlake's song in bizarre video https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/britney-spears-concerns-dances-justin-timberlake-song-video?cmpid=prn_newsstand
  16. to be honest that is one of the less things I can actually imagine looking good from that era. Either HIAM beginning scene outfit or the scene with the microphones and the red nails. OR IWG outfit white outfit with a microphone dangling and red eye shadow. They would actually look good!
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