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  1. you have awful music taste


    1. Puppy

      I rather have awful music taste than an awful attitude 

  2. It’s not that bad of an album, there are hidden gems like Alien ( one of my top favorites of all time from her), Til it’s gone, Dont Cry, Hold On Tight and Work *****. I am on the fence with Perfume...the dreaming mix is so much better and was the original version anyways until they thought it’s not poppy enough. you can tell she really wanted a somber indie vibe but her team was like it’s not on brand and brought in that dictator Will.I.Am. It’s no wonder she didn’t do much promo or cared about recording additional vocals like she did with Glory and probably why Myah came in. She had a vision for it and they just ignored it because they wanted classic pop s** Britney. plus I think the photography is amazing, wished she didn’t do that duck face for the album cover but I’m glad Randee wasn’t picked yet again for the artwork.
  3. You make it seem like Britney is a loose cannon and making snarky attacks at Katy. what a cheap shot. Stay pressed.
  4. Their idol literally brings up the point that they haven’t shaved their heads yet
  5. Coffee peanut butter sandwiches salad and homemade dressing Popcorn, it’s filling and super cheap
  6. It’s true, they said at the time her voice wasn’t that great and basically just like an average teen doing karaoke, she was pretty but pretty girls were a dime a dozen, they really painted her as an average girl that was plucked from school and thrown into this popstar life when they forgot she had intensive showbiz training. She literally said that working on the mmc was how she developed her skills as a performer. I don’t think she gets credit for being so self aware, watching her raw footages of her music videos she knows when to put it on when needed. Not to mention she just oozes charisma even at a young age, you just know she will be a star. To me it’s just the perfect recipe that can’t be replicated no matter how hard people try.
  7. The Gaga fans were mocking Britney for having a residency as it meant it sealed Britney status as a has been then karma hit them. That’s why the Britney fans shove it back in their faces, I love both idols but the Gaga fans were at one time insufferable with their pretentious attitude. Maybe they were mad that Britney encouraged Gaga to have one instead of touring as it was easier and takes less of a toll on you and provides better stability which was probably appealing to Gaga as she was going through a lot so having shows spread out than doing an intensive tour is better for her health now everyone is hoping on this.
  8. I really don’t get this unscripted thing like are they even playing their characters or is this all just them talking about their times together because there’s hundreds of times they did that. Like we wanted the characters not the actors just being there because of the paycheck. Like we want to see Monica and Chandler’s boring suburban life and Joey crying about his failed acting career. Like I want Reese to come on the show as Jill not Reese
  9. Very true since the following line was “shes sooo pretty but that just ain’t meee” I feel like she had more beef with Xtina than Britney and they did that tacky Pepsi commercial together and whether she had ill feelings before or not, it looked like they got along.
  10. Turn your pretension down as there many people in this world that have many hobbies, likes and interests that form communities of like minded individuals. Like the Star Wars fans, try applying what you said to them and see how they would respond. Baby One More Time was released 20 years ago yet is still remembered and considered a classic despite pretentious critics thinking it was a one hit wonder. So what if the gays like that type of music? Even then you’re wrong as straight people even like pop music just as I found many gays that are into sports, what planet are you from?
  11. It’s not catchy but slay for keeping this in the light, they can’t keep ignoring this and pushing it off to the side. If I hear another fandom crying about how their idol has been through hell I will cut a *****
  12. She really is eating her own words like all that smack talk about Britney yet she’s going down Britney’s path.
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