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  1. She got the boot but damn she made exhale into exHELL with her minions. Why would you miss that?
  2. Let’s not forget, even she didn’t know she could file for termination. They kept everyone in control. Like she said she was afraid of being sued by her management so she caved in and did the tour despite not being well or wanting to do it. its the same with him, the fact that Larry just shoved the contract in front of her literally as she got off stage just shows they will out of their way with manipulating people to do what they want. His job is an agent and just like the rest of us trying to make a living which he said so himself so why attack him for his honesty? For him to be threatened means he too lived under stress.
  3. I don’t think it’s worth the trouble, once she’s free she can do all the suing, we on the other hand will just look like annoying “Karens”. Sure it worked for Michael but he’s dead and they release it after he died.
  4. So can we safely assume when she said there’s photographers waiting for her after her therapy sessions work for this company and probably why they aren’t afraid to snicker at her and was probably encouraged to.
  5. I mean it just doesn’t make the fanbase look good by pulling these stunts. It’s about Britney and her freedom, better energy should be spent elsewhere like bugging politicians to actually do what they say cuz it seems all the shady people are jumping on the freebritney wagon to distract from their own scandals. That’s why she’s in this mess because the whole system is broken yet we are gonna let the laws remain that way? It’s petty and stupid and at the end of the day JL would not care and she’ll just shrug it off.
  6. That’s my point, who cares, I don’t even watch that show or care to bother to and Netflix cancels their shows all the time. People here are making a big deal about it so at the end of the day, you’re still giving Jamie Lynne attention.
  7. Reporters have asked her what her sons think about her s** image and she’s said they are aware it’s part of the job. She also said they are at that phase where mommy isn’t cool and so either way they would be embarrassed by her even if she put on a jumpsuit and sing Disney songs. Come on, we were all their age and would find every reason to be embarrassed by our parents. Her son went online to do a Q&A so why are you making a big thing? Let her have her freedom to express herself. She loves and cares for her kids, so why are you judging her? This sounds like what her team would say yet they think sending someone to a mental ward is okay.
  8. Well obviously and she already said how traumatized she is yet you are gonna say why she isn’t on camera speaking to the fans? Yeah and that’s all you can say? The logic.
  9. What is this whole discussion about then? Why the need to go live? You want her to just sit there and talk to her fans like Banana Alice? Everyone saying she should do what she wants but this thread is basically asking her to go on live for what? To dance? Chat? Just like this?
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