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  1. Yeah I thought long and hard about it cuz it did bewildered me that she would only request that and not say “I want all of this to end.” Everyone acts like they know her, we all don’t, it’s not Stockholm syndrome like some people think it is. Before this she requested Jodi to be her conservator. My guess is Britney wants a normal life where she doesn’t have to worry about paying the bills or going to court for custody of her kids. She wants to just do what she wants and have people tend to her, she’s always the type of person that meets halfway. She needs lots of healing and setting her completely free would just mess that up as she would have to be adult Britney and think about responsibilities like day to day business of her empire so she can hire the right people then deal with her custody battle as I’m sure she would want to fight in court to gain full custody of her kids, like there’s so much **** her father caused that she has to deal with and the fans think it’s that easy as “well she can find other alternatives” yeah who’s gonna tell her? The fans? Then she would have to worry about finances so she would have to go back to work and it would be the Circus era and FF all over again where she’s doing it because she has too anyways so fans will be disappointed seeing a glassed eye looking Britney trying to put on a fake smile even though she’s stressed out inside. She was stressed out even during her prime and yet everyone ignored that literally on the set of crazy she says on camera she’s stressed cuz she was doing so many performances on top of shooting a music video. The key is TRANSITION, ease her out of it. Get rid of the wicked witch so they can better see a better perspective rather than have annoying Jamie being the road block. Vivian walked out on him before but returned because he offered more money, she basically would say anything for a paycheck like a true lawyer. Everyone is trying to end the war but even in politics it’s not that black or white, Britney is well aware (and even the documentaries noted that it’s not that easy to end a conservatorship, it rarely happens) so can they get off their heroic high horse and think rationally as she does have that in the back of her head but it’s not possible when you have an annoying father that practically road blocks everything. Hence why she wants him out. Geeze deal with one evil at a time folks. Winning small battles help ending the war a lot easier
  2. Thank god Britney never participated in photo shoots like these even if it is Steven Klein.
  3. I agree, she’s been living in a fish bowl her whole life, she’s been trying to live like a normal person but it’s not really a true normal life. She doesn’t really know how despite her attempts, it’s not her fault and it’s not like I’m encouraging her to stay in the cship but you can’t just end this all and set her free and assume it’s all gonna work out and she’s happy. She would have to face so many problems and have to make so many decisions that will overwhelm her, aside from just her personal life, she would have to worry about business decisions, custody of her kids ( raising them as well) etc, it would overwhelm her and she would be burnt out. It’s why the judge isn’t in a rush to end the cship but more like easing the transition (me hopefully thinks) it sounds like a better move as she can focus on her mental health and other things without having to work so she can pay a bunch of bills she doesn’t understand or even have the time to. They made her busy under this whole thing imagine her having to deal with it on her own, she would be lost and not know where to start or turn to. That’s why even I didn’t bat an eye when she only requested her father be removed from this whole thing as everything is all over the place and disbanding it bit by bit is a lot more helpful than just saying “okay Britney, you’re free and go live your life.” Like how? Where would she start? It’s like casting her out and leaving her to figure it out on her own, at least she would have a sense of security blanket. She’s a celebrity after all they all have a village that tends to them, I’m sure when she’s ready she would seek termination of the thing but hopefully by then her father is out, she can finally live reasonably and think straight without her father breathing down her neck. It’s not that easy as snapping your fingers which everyone thinks.
  4. Yeah I always thought that too as Britney only started hanging with Paris due to Larry Rudolph and it was just to get publicity since Paris was the “it” girl. I feel Larry wanted her to have that party girl image to get her in the limelight again since her fame around ITZ was dwindling , it’s sad since that’s what she wanted was her career to just fade and she can start a family but obviously people still wanted to make money off of her.
  5. I think just like Adam Streisand said in the documentary that she was “fine” with it. Obviously she wouldn’t want to be in it in the first place but again like he said she had a feeling that was going to happen hence why her only demand at the time was just to not have her father in the picture, so much for that hence why she looked miserable these past years, he doesn’t know what he’s doing and doesn’t even know the biz yet he’s gonna make all the calls hence why it messes everything up coming from a guy who can’t even get his life together. I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t object to dissolving the cship as it would be overwhelming for her to have to deal with so many fires personal and professional. I’m thinking she wants her father out so he can stop being a hawk and she can finally breathe and like wear her slutty outfits without daddy making a comment on her ******* shoes. Look how he did such a great job at having her sons visit her. Probably with him out the lawyers can actually go to work and fix stuff like that and I’m sure she doesn’t mind working and paying for them as she genuinely loves her job and wants to keep busy. I’m sure it’s killing her not being a busy body and just sitting at home doing nothing. she lives like a pauper buying clothes from AliExpress like even if she goes on a shopping spree, it’s barely the amount other celebrities spend. it’s a slow process and it’s easier to handle things in bits so yeah eventually she would want to fight to get out of the cship but like she can’t do that when she’s fighting with her crazy father and his stooge Viv.
  6. Britney can definitely relate to this
  7. I always find it funny that fashion snobs shunned her yet everything she wore at the time was copied and designers were fighting to get her to wear their clothes. And her need to take scissors to everything
  8. This makes me worried if she’s gonna get burnt out faster. I mean we all saw Britney overworked herself to the point where she looks at this as a day job. Britney was just like Dua Lipa serving us year after year of flawlessness...
  9. Exactly, I lost hope of him ever trying anything challenging with her and that’s what she craves and why she’s so sick of being a popstar. There are tons of producers out there, she doesn’t need Max or anyone in his posse. Thank god not all the fanbase wants them to get together again as I keep seeing fans bring up how the are magic together, like in the 90s but that ship has sailed and it’s obvious with Circus and FF that it just paint by the numbers with them.
  10. I like your avi tbh

    It's so cute :)

  11. Well max Martin and Larry Rudolph is back so that explains that. That’s why I hate when she works with Max as he ALWAYS makes her voice like that and he consistently has her do that voice just like in 3.
  12. It’s a bop why just a snippet?
  13. Could be but she did collect dolls growing up and she does collect weird things, I’m sure she gets a kick out of it as the article says, there’s tiny rugs when she could’ve gotten a larger one to cover that whole space rather than three tiny rugs.
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