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  1. After talking about her intimate life and ****** relations and on radio, after giving an interview, insulting her, disrespecting her, humiliating and selling her ... he has little ashamed to say that?.What a disrespectful, hypocritical , and arrogant person is. How unkind he was with Britney and how little he loved her ... when she could have ended with his career and she never said anything about his infidelities and behavior.He didn't deserve her as a girlfriend or as a friend or as anything. I hope Britney will one day honestly tell the truth of this story.
  2. Positive bodies, real bodies but not medicated bodies against wills. You will never understand why she is not wearing simple pants and a simple cotton t-shirt.
  3. We already knew this. Pablo in his private sphere had relationships with boys, had a relationship with a university student for 3 years. All the hookups @NobodyKnowsPete has said are true. I'm glad this news is a good guy and a good artist.
  4. 1.Britney loves to drive and that is why her father does not want her to drive. 2.Britney takes very dangerous medications at least in 2008.It would be great irresponsibility if they let her drive.
  5. Sorry, I had surgery and I'm recovering and that's why I haven't answered you. Perfect, you believe in a ********* because you are his fan, nothing happens, how many people have defended and continue to consume their material and continue to admire for example Woody Allen, Marlo Brando, Roman Polanski, Kirk Douglas and thousands of famous people, It is a subject hard, difficult and complicated as is violence and ****** abuse. I am not going to change your opinion nor do I intend to, but please be a little more responsible on these issues, there are many people who have suffered abuse and cannot demonstrate it, for thousands of reasons such as abuse of power, economic, blockade mental, the fears of society, your own fears, etc. Brandi seems to be a great girl, a super pretty girl and she did not deserve what happened to her but that does not mean anything or that Wade's testimony is not true. You talk about video and I'm going to put you on another video. It is from 2017/18. She talks about her story and it seems perfect to me, she had and has the right to tell it and to let off steam but since she decides to open up, she should be honest in her interview and with herself, and nothing happens because everyone would understand her and would be empathetic with her.She has told a half-truth / half-lie.(Saying this is dangerous because, in the end, the person who tells half-truths/half lies always gets hurt and sometimes it is worse than the lie.). -She says that he asked her to move in together and she refused and he breaks the relationship with her for that reason. - Her friend says that love has to be reciprocal for it to work (I suppose she was not in love enough with him since she says that she did not want to go live with him, so I partly do not understand the reproach, also, her face when her friend says this, says it all and I feel sorry because she is sad and her friend does not realize it.). -She says he was searching and wanted to find what they had with other girls, he realizes he can't find it ,he came back to her, but there was a lot of water on the bridge, they just argued and it didn't work. - She says that the girl (she refers to Britney but she doesn't name her) told her what happened, apologized, she did not believe her apologies but later she did, and Britney didn't know they were back or that they were together again.She confronts him, says that at first he denies it and then he affirms it and the boy cried . - She also talks about Mandy Moore without naming her and says that it bothered her because she is a bad person and treated people badly.(This is supposed to have happened shortly after the first breakup with Brandi and Britney also tells her). And I put the video on because I find it ugly and disgusting that they keep saying that Wade lied, exaggerated and manipulated to have something with Britney or to break her relationship with Justin. When the man never said anything and never hurt her(it was probably Britney/Justin who hurt him), he left and made his life. In this video, it is shown that it was Britney who told his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend and she also told her story with Mandy Moore. And I close the topic, everyone has the right to tell their truth or their prospective and everyone has the right to believe or not even an abuser but please be responsible with your opinions on abuse ,verbal ,physical ,psychological and ****** violence.
  6. When Wade has said horrible things around the Circus Tour(If it was practically his idea and was on the day of the premiere)? He was the only person who said something about her team and "mother". He defended himself,I suppose he didn't want another episode like 2002 to happen.When Andrew Wallet published a drug test, he tested positive for Andre Fuentes. Wallet said that he did not want to do it, we do not know if it is a lie or true. Wade said that her father was not a person capable of leading an empire and criticized her team and "mother". When has Wade publicly said anything intimate about Britney? He rarely talks about her even in professional terms.The rumor is that he left a letter on the SNL set, he was not there that night.Worry about Justin insulting, humiliating, invading her privacy, etc. What do you think about all this @Meaner03 ?.
  7. Britney has never hurt anyone, perhaps herself. By the way, Jaime attorneys are the same as the estate of Michael for example Geraldine Wyle. Stop the excuse with something so serious and a little more responsibility. Stop justifying this man for his talent and his childhood(His father verbally, physically, and ******** abused him and turned him into that and his victims are not to blame for that). Do you agree with his behavior, that an adult man has such a close relationship with children and sleeps with them? Does Michael's relationship with Omer (which made him a mini Wade) seem normal to you? The verdict was innocent thanks to the defense of his team of lawyers and the mismanagement of the famous script of the mother of one of his victims. Wade's story specifically we all know, we all know since always this story and that they called him "Jacko Boy" and we all know that he has always denied this story and has always defended him. What does being abused as a child and isolated abuse have to do with having a relationship with Brandi? And what does it have to do with the fact that he had an intimate relationship with Britney with his testimony?. It never fails no matter if it is an incredibly famous person or a 16-year-old girl, victims are always questioned with nonsense. Regarding the story of Brandi and Wade and to finish the theme, she was his ex-girlfriend at the time. Britney meets Wade in one of his classes (through TJ), they become friends and start working together. Britney has a crush with Wade but has a girlfriend ( People always said that he was in love with Britney, at the time they were just good friends). Britney begins a relationship with Justin and she is in love. Wade and Justin become friends and work together. Wade wants to move in with Brandi, but she refuses and they break the relationship. Justin is cheated on Britney, she catches him. Due to constant infidelities, neglect, not listening to her, etc, she decides to make her life and has something with Wade. Wade comes back with Brandi because he is in love with her, this is simultaneous with the end of what he has with Britney. Britney is suspicious and decides to tell Brandi and apologizes to her too (rumored to be Brandi's birthday that day). Days before, the famously SNL incident occurred. Brandi confronts him and he denies it, she breaks the relationship and he cries ... It is rumored, supposedly Justin physically attacks Britney and Wade supposedly physically attacks Justin ... and the rest is history (well, the story they wanted to sell). Wade has always been respectful to Michael, Britney, and Justin, and if he has decided to speak and tell his story, he will have his reasons and will stop provoking his story with Britney / Justin because he can tell the story and I'm sure you won't like it.
  8. Alottawarmhart _ I have read it to many people thinking it was Britney or someone close to her.
  9. Here people who are already a certain age know it, everyone knew it and allowed his behavior ... you don't need a recent documentary to know it. Regarding Wade, does this fan base know he's full of ****? What are you talking about? How ungrateful you are to him on a professional level, this guy is one of the few people who has respected Britney and on a personal level, he has never spoken about her, when he has every right and should have done so thanks to comments like this. Everything is so predictable and so disgusting.
  10. On Valentine's day and on different days but Valentine's Day was too cynical.
  11. A little more responsibility. Child abuse is one of the most complicated to demonstrate and I repeat that we all knew these stories and I repeat that this man had a toy boy for years and everyone normalized it.
  12. I agree but I also believe that each story is different and each individual reacts differently. Wade's father committed suicide on the day of the famous Britney concert in Mexico. Wade's father reported these abuses in the press in his time, I think to a journalist from Vanity Fair (When Wade was a child). Wade's father suffered bipolarity and depression for other reasons, of course, this situation multiplied his problems. The story of Michael, Wade, and families is more complex than we all think.
  13. I don't think the reason is that he canceled as an artist, just that people assume he was a *********, that many people knew these stories, that many people allowed this because he was Michael Jackson and he had boys toys.
  14. You don't need a documentary because we all knew this story. People normalized and continue to normalize these behaviors.
  15. All my love and my strength for people who suffer ****** abuse. All my love and my strength for people who have the courage to report ****** abuse and all that that entails.
  16. Because a person is a guardianship, she is incapacitated and cannot have ****** relations consented to by law, she cannot marry by law, cannot have relations by law,and of course, you cannot have children and if you have children while you are in a guardianship you will not have right over them. Why are you so permissive with Sam, because he is young and very vulgar physically (and those make you *****)? You don't mind his lying when she was locked in a psychiatric? Does he look derogatory with her vulgar and ****** ex-girlfriend? Who lied with his studies? He lied saying that he was the fitness trainer of Manchester City? That he is an accomplice to all this plot? To be an actor, you must first have talent, second studies, and third, find your own opportunities.
  17. Yes, an actress can probably act like Britney from 25 to 35 as the right effect.
  18. I would love to see a good and real movie about her. 4 girls to play Britney: -A girl who interprets her story as a child, working to lift her family out of poverty, the MMC, its beginnings in New York and the beginnings on its record label. -Chloe Grace Moretz golden stage from, stage Wade affair/Justin breakup,Madonna's Kiss , post-break Justin and the story with Kevin. -A 25-year-old brown girl in the 2005/06 stage and conservatorship stage. -Natasha Wightman is her current stage(Honestly, I would like the current Britney to be herself.) The story begins with Britney fighting and reporting abuse of conservatorship/ guardianships.At a key moment in the fight to change the guardianship law, she finally gives an interview and makes a documentary talking about her case to a journalist, in that documentary she talks about the whole real story of her life( (in that documentary and interview, it is where the film and its history are centered where it appears in flashback mode).
  19. Theresa is irrelevant it always has been and she is only in Britney's life 2 minutes where Larry hires her so that Britney can be distracted and meet guys.
  20. Britney is now in conservatorship is different. But I did not see her happy either, there is an image that stayed with me when they are in the pool, she is wearing a green bikini, she was pregnant with Preston's first months and Kevin sees the photographers and begins to caress her looking at the photographers and in Chaotic she was lost.
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