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  1. here are some episodes where Britney appears Actually this account has a lot of season 7 episodes
  2. yeah, hopefully we'll get them soon. I've only seen other videos of hers where she's like, introducing other singers or a sketch or like at the end of the episode when all sung the goodbye song
  3. here I come again with my Latin contributions lol Kalimba and Elisama - Exclusivos David Bisbal and Danna Paola - Vuelve, Vuelve
  4. it doesn't stop being weird. I know some people say the Queen has watched it and likes it, but is still strange and kind of disrespectful if they didn't even try to seek her approval first (I ignore if they did or not, because I've heard it's also based in a previous movie or something like that). And also, some people have also pointed out at some historical inaccuracies despite the overall praise. I think it's just beyond whether the show is good or not, it's like, you're talking about someone's life, you're portraying a real person, that hasn't died, and you don't even reach out to them to have their input and approval? Even when someone is dead, you would still want to talk to their relatives. Well, I think that's what I would do anyways.
  5. I think it's always weird to do biopics/biographical movies that include people that are still alive, and not have their consent or involvement (see Britney ever after). Here in Latin America it's become a trend as well, and now everyone and their grandma have a biopic series, and there's always all sorts of dramas because of the inaccurate portrayal of people or events that involve people that are still alive.
  6. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8481607/britney-spears-singing-voice-baby-one-more-time-vocals
  7. months as in a couple of months, or months like the moms that have babies and are like "my son is 458 and a half months old" ?
  8. it's funny 'cause I always think about how I don't know any unreleased tracks of any artist other than Britney lol I guess the only one I can remember is this
  9. that's what I think. She had to know the storyline beforehand, she had to rehearse, she had to pick the outfits, she always watches the scenes after they're shot, we've seen it on every behind the scenes clip, even Till the World Ends, as pissed as she was, so I don't think this would be the exception. They did two days of shooting if I'm not mistaken, only to say, nah, I don't like it? It just didn't work? lol I mean, it's a possibility that maybe she had something in mind while she was filming it, and then when she saw the final thing, it just wasn't what she imagined (despite seeing every single scene after it was done). In the interview she gave for E! News on the set, she seemed very happy and excited about the project, she didn't seem pissed as in TTWE. Or maybe she just changed her mind, maybe when she was shooting it she felt very empowered and confident, and then by the time the video was edited, she was feeling uncomfortable, insecure, and had a "what the hell was I thinking?" moment. David said this is not his edit, however it seems kinda funny because the cheap video we got, the Randee St. Nicholas one, actually bears some resemblance to the footage from the original that we got. In the original they start at some sort of videoshoot, they're filming something and she takes one of the models home. In the official they're auditioning for a video, and ultimately takes a guy too. Less symbolism and deaths, but there's still half-naked guys and Britney making out with a stranger. So I feel like she really liked that concept there, but then she just didn't like how it looked like in the final edit. Now, I don't know why they couldn't just use the scenes from what they got, like just the dancing scenes, or something, do some sort of Frankenstein as they did with Perfume. Joseph Kahn says the Perfume video we got wasn't his cut, but implied that he was forced to do as they asked him to. So he did edit that against his will, because he was obligated to comply. Why would David be any different, in the sense of "or you use my version, or you don't use any footage", because they did use the G-Eazy parts. You may think they would've forced him to do a cheap cut taking out everything they didn't like. Also, didn't he say too that Larry was like telling him this had to be super controversial?
  10. I think social media is fine in theory. What is trash is most of the people that uses it
  11. in any case, that looks like an old picture, could it be from last year? She doesn't have the bangs and the platinum color from the vaccine video
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