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  1. It's not that they're not allowed to be concerned, is that, in general, not just for Britney, you can't be just irrationally concerned about something just because. Like, ok, let's entertain the idea, let's not just say "it rubs me the wrong way" "it feels off" "it's not the time to post this". Let's think, why would that be not ok in a realistic scenario? Let's rationally think about it, and analyze, what could be the worst possible scenario or the worst possible consequence of it. "It could be used against her or her case" Why, how, in what way? What part of the conservatorship law says long Instagram captions or topless pictures will be used as proof to keep someone under a conservatorship? Or what kind of psychiatric test includes checking someone's professional Instagram account with no evidence of who actually posted that? I'm tired of reading those half-finished theories of how they could use them against her, I want detailed scenarios, from beginning to end, backed up with proof of what they could realistically do with a social media account in a conservatorship case. Public opinion couldn't matter less in her case, the judge is not gonna look at that (she's not even looking at that right now with everyone supporting Jamie being removed or the conservatorship ended). What would be the events? Britney's lawyer files for termination of the conservatorship, and Vivian files an objection "no, look at THIS" and a bunch of IG posts from Britney's account as Exhibit A, and the judge sees them, and goes "Yes Viv, she'll remain under conservatorship forever " ? Like EVEN if they tried to use something as absurd as evidence of whatever their evil plan supposedly is, I find it extremely unlikely that the judge would take them into consideration.
  2. It's more cringy to come here and try to teach us about what Mandela Effect is and be so defensive about it, when we all know what that is: a false memory shared by a lot of people, there's nothing mysterious about it, there's no explanation waiting to be found. That is the truth, a phenomenon that happens a lot, there's been scientific studies about it. Go and google it. Besides the fact that we've had countless threads about Mandela Effect examples about Britney's career in this forum, where everyone understands and accepts that they had a false a memory about something that is proven to be actually different. I've even had my own episodes at some point, that I eventually checked and realized that what I remembered was just wrong. No alternative realities involved. In any Mandela Effect example there's a collective false memory, or multiple variations of it, all false, and a reality backed up by recorded evidence: archives, pictures, videos, texts, etc. In this case, in this particular case it's harder to understand the confusion, because it's such a popular video, seen by so many people, and there's so many pictures and gifs of it, that's easier to guess that those that swear she had it, aren't really that into Britney in the first place, or particularly haven't been very attentive when watching the Oops video. Heck, I myself don't even remember seeing the headset in the barbie doll, but I never owned the barbie and only saw pictures of it a few times over the years. Even the guy at the Tik Tok from the OP, doesn't seem to be such a stan, or you'll tell me he comes from a reality where she's actually called Brittany Spears (or where affect is synonym of effect) ? I ask you, do you remember seeing the headset in the Making the video? Or in pictures, or multiple times besides that one time you think you remember? When did YOU find out the headset never existed? Memory is very malleable, and in fact most of what we remember isn't very accurate, but that's why recorded evidence helps us to keep track of what's true. The Mandela Effect is very common, like those that swear that there was a recorded audio of Britney talking about the conservatorship at the Jonathan Ross show in 2016, when in reality there were only written testimonies of it. But that for example is easier to understand, because it's harder to prove that something didn't exist when there's the possibility that it was deleted from the internet, as opposed to a video that was watched millions of times by millions of people on TV, DVDs and YouTube. To have a whole different dimension just to remove Britney's headset in a music video sounds very absurd and useless.
  3. They can shut down all Britney's social media, and Vivian will always find something to fight about, that's her job. I stand by my belief, that no social media post can be used to determine someone's mental health, it's just absurd. And in the worst case it could be argued that since it's her professional profile, all the posts and all the content in her account are just an artistic thing, part of her job, because Britney Spears is a brand at the end of the day. When it comes to communication I think it would have more weight the personal calls she does, or personal text messages she sends, than what she or whoever else posts on the public account of her brand. And if it's really Team Con's plan to post stuff to make her look bad, then it's as easy as for Britney to say "look at my phone, I have no access to my accounts, that's not me". So whichever way I look at it, I really don't understand people's fear or worry or discomfort with Britney's Instagram , besides the fact that I REALLY don't think there's anything wrong with it, like even if she wasn't under a conservatorship, I honestly don't see what's wrong.
  4. One of my favorite album tracks of the album
  5. I mean, obviously the conservatorship has affected her confidence and such, but her personality has been ever changing since the beginning, from one year to another. Look at 1999ney vs 2000ney, then 2001ney, ITZney, then when she was with Kevin, then after the divorce, then Circusney, she always changes, based on whatever she's living or has lived, or maybe the people that surrounds her, and these past 13 years have been no exception
  6. I mean, she's been more than patiently waiting for the past 13 years. I've read people saying things like lawyers often advice their client to refrain from posting on social media during legal processes, but that's usually for criminal trials where everything can be used against them. Britney is not facing any trial, there isn't even a petition to terminate the conservatorship yet, and when that happens, the judge will have to evaluate what experts say, or what the lawyers argue, and I seriously doubt that among the things she's gonna check is her social media. Even less, the opinion the public may have of Britney because of her Instagram, because if she ruled by the public opinion, with the freebritney movement the conservatorship should've been dissolved months ago. And btw, Paris posted this two days after the documentary premiered, and I don't think that had any impact on the message of her documentary
  7. No, because if they ban her Instagram, then how are they gonna keep making up "unhinged, manic" posts to use them in court to extend the conservatorship? Besides, maybe they're too old for you, but there's some ancient forms of social media called Facebook and Twitter that would still be active
  8. she probably got "too attached" to them and Jamie was like
  9. really? I thought they just said it wasn't part of the setlist, in fact they made it sound like they didn't even know which song was it lol but I don't remember if that was via a Tweet or something
  10. yeah, the one from which she was released less than 24hrs later because nothing wrong was found with her?
  11. And that's the saddest part, because if at the end it's proved that they actually came from Britney, what are all those people gonna think about all the videos and pictures and captions, they would still call her unhinged, manic, and all the other things they say her team is trying to make her look like? EVEN if that was her team's (stupid, but evil) plan, not only would it be a very weak argument for any court proceedings, but even if it was real, then why don't we sabotage "their plan" by having a very positive and supportive attitude towards all of those posts, fake or not? If everyone was like "go Britney " in every post, that would be exactly the opposite reaction the alleged plan wants to spark in the public
  12. he by himself is nothing that special, but he has control of Britney's money, and with money even someone like him can achieve a lot of things, that's what people may fear. It's really difficult to understand what it's like to be in the situation of Cade or anyone that has been somewhat involved with Britney these past 13 years. For us it's pretty easy to say, that at the first suspicious thing we noticed we would've done something and screw all the NDA's, and denounce Jamie, but again, we don't know how all these people even get close to Britney in the first place, what are they told, what other relationships in their work, etc are at risk, or how many of the stuff they've seen or heard they can actually prove, or they know it's for sure. Maybe they've only heard a lot of rumors, and it wasn't until Britney finally spoke up that they're confirming all they knew, thus, why it took them so long. I mean, we know they've let Britney hang out with him for years now, and we know they never leave her alone, so probably Britney doesn't even talk to him about the most serious stuff, as Paris said that she never asks her about the conservatorship. If they knew he knows a lot of stuff, they would've cut him off her life years ago, so probably he has even played "both sides" to earn Team Con's trust, we really don't know.
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