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  1. I agree she was given something, obviously, but not lithium. She wouldn't have been able to function, not even what she showed during FF era.
  2. I'm not really sure Completely different case, but a few weeks ago I was watching an interview with a Mexican actress Nailea Norvind. She was in an abusive relationship, she suffered physical violence and other things, many years ago. She had actually retired from acting for a while to be a "wife and mom" until she just couldn't take it anymore. At first when she first opened up about her experiences, she started to be invited to conferences, and seminars, and to share her story and be an advocate and all this, and it just got to a point where she was like, she understood she could help people by sharing her story but at the same time she didn't want to keep reliving those moments over and over, and carry with that responsibility on her shoulders of being a "role model" for the victims of abuse. She wanted to go back to acting, to move on with her life and her daughters, and just be happy again. So she simply just stopped going to all these places, and now she rarely speaks about it anymore unless she's asked, but she said it was necessary for her to let that go in order to heal. So I kinda see that happening with Britney. Maybe she'll speak up once, when she's ready, but that's it. Even as an artist she always talked about not considering herself a role model of anything. So who knows, maybe she'll keep doing some stuff behind the scenes, but I don't really see her dedicating her life to fight against the system, in a public manner, but who knows.
  3. no, it was never intended to be a musical project, at least they always talked about it like "audio pieces"
  4. actually it was kinda scary, no one knew exactly what happened. There was a thread in 2019, apparently he was on a trip with his boyfriend, and that's where he died, but then a friend of Ignacio came up and they were kind of implying the boyfriend had something to do with it, or they've had gotten in a fight, and I might be making up things at this point, but I kinda remember like the boyfriend didn't notify the relatives right away, I don't know, the more we found out, the creepier the story got, but I don't remember who were the moderators back then, and they ended up deleting the thread, or maybe it was Jordan lol So no one found out what happened in the end, because the boyfriend made his social media accounts private after the attacks, and yeah. Actually I remember that was the only thread where Lilith behave like a normal human being This was just right before the MM original video leaked, and then the whole voicemail and #freebritney movement happened. 2019 was pretty wild, even though the Domination was cancelled in early January, and we knew nothing from Britney, we kept having all these shocking news every week.
  5. it makes sense I skipped that video because the outfit from the thumbnail it's not the same, but yeah it's that one
  6. if it's not too heavy you can add it as an attachment, or if you can get the URL of the image, just paste it here
  7. I don't think it's exactly the same footage though, but it is the same date I didn't find any other videos from that date, only some shorter ones in low quality, but it's hard to find them because some use Feb or February or 02 or 2 or don't even add a date, or they were uploaded days later, etc Edit: no, I think it is, just zoomed in
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