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  1. "it’s extremely clear” that she has “only loved, adored and supported” her sister"... .................. by supporting her abuser
  2. They did ECT on her in her 5150 according to MoonwalkMars which caused her such bewilderment that she couldn't remember certain things and they wrote down she had "early onset dementia"... Important to Note: Moonwalk Mars has been MIA ever since releasing this information
  3. Please share! Or PM if you're more comfortable. I'm so fascinated by her I'd love to hear some more recordings.
  4. Goodbye Exhale, this is my final post. Before I leave I have some things to get off my chest. First, what happened to the B army? We were once united to Free Britney. That should be the main goal. Did most of you forget how dark the situation she is trapped in actually is??? We also know they don't give her full access to her Instagram, otherwise, we would get more interaction/comments to fans/stories/live streams like all the other celebs. Lest we forget they gave her a flip phone last year to prevent her from seeing Free Britney stuff. Or back in 2016 where she was overseas and they censored her talking about the conservatorship even though she's only a conservatee in the U.S. CRAZY stuff like that SHOULD NOT be swept under the bridge. And to the few on here who are wondering I am not saying she should ignore BLM. I'm saying she's been unusually and suspiciously quiet. Rex Weiner was right. What other celebrity of her power and status is kept under lock+key and not given the opportunity to do an interview with a serious journalist in over a decade????????? We should demand answers. We should demand justice. We should be Britney's voice, since she does not have one. #FreeBritney P.S. @JordanMiller Real fans such as myself would appreciate you putting in more of an effort to further the Free Britney movement, you know, because Britney the person is what's important. Perhaps report on the many questionable things her team does or use your platform for other things that might help her case for freedom. Instead we seem to be getting these "exclusive" Q+As that no one really asked for which I assume you got by staying under her team's good graces. Because of all these disappointments, I bid Exhale a farewell. Stay well my friends, and #FreeBritney
  5. Her silence is deafening. We have not heard anything from Britney herself about Mood Ring like we did with Glory going #1 on iTunes. That article that recently came out about her being in a mental health facility again also adds fuel to the fire. Where is Britney?
  6. This is the most Britney she's looked in forever and I don't see anyone say anything about it....
  7. Not judging. I love her either way. To the people that took offense to what I said, I never called her childish. I called her child-like. There's a stark difference.
  8. this reaction video from today says otherwise
  9. GP did not appreciate Slumber Party not only for the song but her looks...
  10. Does anyone else think Britney started to act more child-like in recent years (starting around 2015/6-now)? On X-Factor for example she seemed a lot more mature. Nowadays, she seems happier in a way but also more child-like if that makes any sense.... What I think of Britney before 2016 What I think of Britney nowadays... Anyone else agree? Am I delusional?
  11. y'know I could be wrong but please God see her through this. I hope 2020 is the year Britney gets her freedom and happiness back
  12. Coming up on 1 year since the #FreeBritney movement began and I gotta say things will never be the way they used to be. So much is out in the open that I see no way for Team Britney to keep the conservatorship or Britney's super-controlled lifestyle going... everyone in Britney's family/close circle of friends seems to want her out of this thing (with the exception of Jamie) Lou and Jamie need to call it quits already....the free gravy train has come to a stop! Any further illegal mishandling of Britney's money will come to bite them so Team B, if you're reading this, y'all better watch out! Y'all have become so jaded and desensitized that you don't comprehend the magnitude of the basic civil rights violations you've caused her for 12 years. But now that Britney's in the right place (away from Lou), with the right people (her mom and boys), she will have the right plan to eliminate the conservatorship once and for all!
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