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  1. I can't believe Edan used to have fans on here who liked him and 'trusted' him. Like wtf? I'm glad he got exposed but really, hasn't it occurred to people that he never actually worked for Britney? She wasn't his client, Jamie was. Right from the start and till the end. He's just as complicit. He worked as a spy, a 'prison guard' (as they referred to Britney's security in the documentary). Despicable. How can he sleep at night? He should honestly be in jail with the rest of the team. Hopefully soon.
  2. I was shaking my head the entire time watching this documentary. I legit feel sick after watching it... I've always known it could be this bad but hearing the insiders confirming everything was really something else. This is literally slavery, human trafficking, you name it. How Britney had managed to survive all of this is beyond me. I know I wouldn't... Exposing her security was the smartest move and the key to understanding how this conservatorship works. I'm glad the NYT did this. They really nailed it. Alex, the insider guy, is a hero and I hope nothing bad happens to him now that he shared what he shared.
  3. I feel like this will be much more interesting and insightful than Netflix's documentary. Can't wait.
  4. I only recently found out Danja produced this low quality track. Shocking.
  5. I had a feeling they would eventually change this caption and here we are...
  6. This is such a mess... First of all, I hope the dogs are fine. Secondly, anything bad that happens at Britney's house is Jodi's and Jamie's responsibility. They're the ones controlling every aspect (both personal and financial) of Britney's life. The narrative they're painting with this dog neglect/battery story is that it's entirely on Britney. See, this is what pisses me off. If Britney's thriving under a conservatorship, they'll say it's a testament to how great things work for her in this arrangement. But when she reportedly displays questionable behavior or goes off the rails, all of a sudden it's exclusively her fault. She really can't win, can she? Also, nothing they say she did justifies the conservatorship in the first place...
  7. It upsets me so much how this fake news of Jamie stepping down spread around the world... It's literally everywhere and it's simply not true. I hate that.
  8. Yeah, I especially hated the Pigrez episode. I skipped the whole segment with him. It was completely useless and unnecessary. This episode, however, was great. Straight to the point and very informative.
  9. I really don't like Perfume on POM. Useless performance if you're not going to sing live.
  10. I remember the court hearing in 2019 when Britney showed up and we were all wondering if she saw the #FreeBritney protesters outside from her car. We've gone from that to her acknowledging the movement on her freaking IG. I have to admit, I never thought this could be possible. This is amazing.
  11. Maybe I'm being dumb but I honestly think Rosengart should move in with her while this ****show is happening. She needs him at all times right now in case team con tries something shady.
  12. Jamie Lynn aside, I just hope Britney is fine and that this IG story is not related to her at all.
  13. https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1388857207828135938/pu/vid/720x960/jw-Lu5cIz6lyA0x1.mp4?tag=12
  14. Unless someone saved it, I'm afraid there's no way to access it anymore... It was on Instagram and Twitter, and both these sources are now dead.
  15. Omg were they really considering another 5150 for Britney just because she spoke out about her situation publicly? Because I see no other valid reason why they would need it for Britney. 5150 psychiatric holds are a last resort and spontaneous operations when something really bad and unexpected is happening to a person. How can you think of considering it or plan it in advance? It doesn't make sense. Also, it's ******* scary. Rosengart needs to hurry up and file the petition to dissolve that conservatorship altogether. Jamie, Jodi, Britney's medical team... They all need to go asap. Who do they think they are?
  16. No one asked her these lame questions but we love Britney saying the word 'conservatorship' on video for the first time ever.
  17. BBMAney 2016 $h*ts on any performance post 2008. Facts.
  18. This is a cursed thread. The AI has gone too far. I love it tho.
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