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  1. It's cool that she is sassy and has an attitude but I hate that she never gives us the CONTEXT. It's always soo cryptic with her. She never actually says anything.
  2. The fact that he still hasn't moved on after so many years of being out of the picture is creepy to say the least. Yeah, he's probably got a lot of tea but it's cold at this point and his involvement in the whole situation could potentially harm Britney and give her team of leeches all the more reasons to keep her in the conservatorship forever, even though I absolutely don't think "susceptibility to undue influence" should ever be considered a valid and fair reason to even think of placing and keeping someone in a c-ship... But it is what it is so he needs to GTFO.
  3. Of course those cameras are not there only for security reasons. She's in a conservatorship, they're also there to spy on her.
  4. I'm so tired of this $hitshow... It certainly feels like they are preparing to launch a new era with all these IG posts and TMZ articles clearly written just to clean up the mess surrounding #freebritney. I only hope fans aren't going to forget about Britney's freedom and won't buy into their bull**** once they get a hot new Britney single or an album.
  5. No, she didn't. She has no voice of her own in this conservatorship. It's always those stupid fake captions or 'sources close to the family', or some other bs. Britney has not said anything publicly about #freebritney or the documentary and I doubt she ever will.
  6. Whenever "Britney" refers to something specific on IG (which happens very rarely anyway), it screams damage control and a PR move. Is that you, Lou? Obviously multiple people have access to her account, so you can't just believe that all of the captions (or any, for that matter) are written by Britney herself. If she says these words on camera, then I'll believe. But this? Gtfo with this bull****...
  7. Ok but it was Jamie who asked the judge that Jodi replace him as a temporary conservator. So if he's the one who proposed her then it means he's still in the picture even though technically he's not Britney's personal conservator anymore. Also, Jodi Montgomery is no saint either... The Gram girls have exposed her in one of the podcasts as far as I remember. So yeah... How about no conservators or conservatorships for Britney altogether?
  8. Holy hell, that's cringe. WHY is he still trying?
  9. Only 1 of the 5 posted pictures is from that first appearance. The rest are from the second episode she did about a month later.
  10. Yes Britney, these are the questions everyone's been dying to get answers to. For sure.
  11. Now this ***** is gonna play that card in every ******* interview. But I'm sure there's a reason why Britney never filed such a petition... Also, Britney's legal team? What legal team? A court appointed lawyer who's been working for the conservatorship rather than his client for the past 13 years?
  12. There's a reason why I'm saying that. Look, she used to write elaborate letters to her fans years ago on her website in which she described her feelings on whatever was happening in her life at the time in so much detail... Now that she's in a conservatorship, she's clearly being silenced and the only topics she touches upon are trivial things such as diet, working out, dancing etc. Reminds me of corporate talk where you say things but you don't really say anything at all. The only time she addressed anything important was 2 years ago when Lutfi leaked those emails which exposed Lou. But that was obviously Lou trying to save her *** through Britney's instagram so...
  13. I don't believe she writes the captions herself. Also, her captions are the most generic walls of text I've ever seen. Nothing 'she' says has any substance to it whatsoever.
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