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  1. The title says it all Feel free to post in here your favourite bops AS LONG AS THEY'RE IN TURKISH I'll start
  2. I know we've all been through something, whether it's falling in front of a thousand people >me< or talking about someone in another language and then realizing they understood everything you just said >me< What's something that left you wanting to run for the hills and also how did you overcome it ?
  3. So yesterday I discovered Kacey Musgraves "Golden Hour" and I'm kinda shocked I liked it for context I can't stand country, mainly because of the cowboy, banjos, "my wife" stereotypes ingrained in EVERY LYRIC and because of this I just haven't ever delved deep into the genre (maybe I'm judging harshly) but this album & her voice are just so pretty, I was pleasantly surprised what albums/songs did you not expect to love as much as you did?
  4. As a recent college grad, I’d love to hear about what you guys do as a living, your career path, how you got where you’re at today, how you enjoy your career, where you hope to be in 5 years, etc.
  5. Let me know what artists you think could've A) Replace one but keep the other or B) Replace both with better singers.
  6. Hey girls - what’s your Lana album ranking from best to worst? And why is your #1 Lana album your #1? And why is your #7 your #7 (I am counting Paradise and BYD as separate albums in this scenario 💅) here’s mine 1 - Chemtrails Over The Country Club. (I can’t say or not say if this is even her best, but I feel like where I am in life I relate to it the most and white dress really hit me 😭 2 - Paradise 3 - Norman 4 - Honeymoon 5 - Ultra Violence 6 - Lust for Life 7 - Born to Die (this is a good album but I feel like I only like a handful of tracks. Carmen / Dark paradise are just way too OTT for me and I find the lyrics to be v immature. However BTD the song & Radio are some of my all time faves ever from her). Now spill Related:
  7. What's up, Exhale I was wondering if any of you has had the opportunity to see a celebrity out in the street, a restaurant or elsewhere living their lives. I live in a small city so the chances of this happening to me are lower than zero. However, during a trip to Toronto in summer 2016, I saw Drake rolling (with a chauffeur, of course). If it weren't for all the people that started screaming and losing their marbles, I wouldn't have noticed him. This happened when 'Hotline Bling' was the biggest thing on earth, so I got a little excited How about you?
  8. After discussing some of my work with fellow lyricists @dark_wolf and @DonoDotto, I thought it might be fun to create a thread where people can post their own work. Here you can share with us finished or unfinished lyrics, snippets of things you're writing, and song ideas. If you sell your lyrics, you can self advertise here, too. Your lyrics don't have to fit a certain theme, nor do they have to be censored. You can share anything from s.ex songs to h0e anthems to clichéd love ballads and anything in between. You can also give feedback and praise other people's submissions. You can give constructive criticism if you must, but please be gentle. I want people to feel comfortable enough to share their lyrics. Dragging or rude comments will not be tolerated. Also, I really shouldn't have to say this, but don't steal from anyone. The receipts as to who originally wrote them are here and you will be called out. To start things off, I figured I'd share something I wrote a few months ago. It's one of my favorite compositions. Anyways, I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts.
  9. What are some examples of BAD pop songs? So bad they are actually kinda good Bieber will claim it's R&B, but "Yummy." I legit hated that song in the beginning, but some times I randomly hear it on and I'm like yummy, yummy, yummy yum Your turn
  10. I think the lack of ”radio hits.” Music has flipped upside down for the last six years. Just defining the term "radio-friendly” - it follows a certain pattern in producing music. Producers and artists used to try to have those “hooks” and “catchy” lyricism sealed in songs. Some might sound redundant or generic but the idea of trying to appeal in general public secures the “single-worthy” dynamic of the songs. These days, the productions are becoming more complex, as the sense of “radio-friendly” dynamics are gradually being less to meet the criteria of streaming platforms. That’s why most songs are shorter, blander, trap-py and monotonous. They are no longer trying to appeal in general public thru a frequency broadcast, but to certain groups that follow the trends. What y’all think?
  11. So I’m enjoying my days off from work going through my playlists and wanted to share some of my favorite underrated Pop bops from some underrated women (or as @Roxxy likes calling them ‘bubbling under faves’ ) and am interested in being introduced to yours I may not have listened to GIMME - BANKS LOYAL TO ME - NINA NESBITT FEELING OF FALLING - KIM PETRAS HOURGLASS - ALICE CHARTER CRUEL - FOXES BIPOLAR - KIIARA YES & NO - KYLØ and finally SUPER underrated FROOT - MARINA So share yours
  12. “If Katy Perry doesn't exist, Avril Lavigne would be my main favorite artist.” Sometimes it pained me knowing there’s only one Avril album in my library. I know handful of her songs but my interest with her has no match with my obsession over Katy’s discography. So if hypothetically Katy doesn't grow as an artist, Avril is easily my perfect alternative. Plus, I liked her long before I became a KatyCat. Yours?
  13. Obviously these records are on repeat for hundred, perhaps thousand times to absentmindedly memorized the entire tracklist’s lyrics. Here's mine; 1. One Of The Boys (by Katy Perry) 2. Divide (by Ed Sheeran) 3. Handwritten (by Shawn Mendes) 4. Smile (by Katy Perry) 5. Modern Life Is Rubbish (by Blur) Yours?
  14. The snippet of the song sounds so fresh and new and more related to 2017 releases like Bad Liar by Selena, Nervous by Shawn and more. Moreover, the comeback of the Backstreet Boys was in 2019 so it's most likely a song recorded for the B10 Sessions. What do you think? It's a 2017-18 song? Leave your comments!
  15. It is very common to encounter a record that needs a few good listening-s and time before making your very last decision towards it. Here are the albums that thoroughly changed my opinions overtime: Teenage Dream by Katy Perry Out of Katy's discography, this is the very first record from her that I get tired of. I used to like it but after some time, I feel like it's more of a compilation album that an actual one because of how big the production of each tracks are. It also gave me the idea that LP is just an excuse to market the singles. Head Above Water by Avril Lavigne Just based off the lead single, I really had high hopes for Avril's comeback project. I regularly listened to it after the release but only within a month or so, I realized how underwhelming the rest of the tracks are. I still love some of them but Dumb Blonde, Goddess, Love Me Insane and Warrior are just terribly written. Labrinth, Sia, Diplo Present... LSD by LSD After hearing one of their single from a toothpaste commercial, I literally tracked that song down which brought me to this record. I immediately dismissed the album though after giving it a few listens, but my stupidity always surprised. I mean, it's one of the best records I've heard with a psychedelic aesthetic. They deserve more credits though! What about yours?
  16. "A less earworm but a great grower." (one minute read) The Manchester Arena Bombing has successfully shaken not just the public security against terrorism, but as well the artistic image of Ariana Grande. Ever since her musical debut back in 2013, Grande has been struggling to establish her figure as one of the new pop heirs. And in follow-up to her 2016's third full-length record, Dangerous Woman, Grande has distanced herself from the black & white persona, projecting a more uplifting side of her spectrum. While Sweetener favored by critics, earning a staggering 81/100 Metacritic score, most people shared different insights towards the album. Even some noted that the production is messy, muddled and too tentative. And despite the obvious influences of the mainstream producers, Martin and Williams to named a few, the album is surprisingly contained a throwback and distant productions. Sweetener is easily a less earworm but a great grower. The repetitive vocal backdrops instead of using the usual electro or instrumental synths are widely demonstrated in almost half of the record, take blazed, R.E.M, sweetener, successful and borderline as examples. This style is a smart tactic to keep the track sounds busy while retaining the intended impression. It is actually similar to the reggae and hip-hop structures that were widely used back in 2000's, and early 2010's. Even the redundancy of the light is coming and no tears left to cry's lyrical contents still managed to stand out. It isn't the tracks mentioned don't have the "catchiness", but hearing their lyrics in repeat makes the listeners unconsciously remembering the song itself. A very common pop trick, and Cry About It Later by Katy Perry is one of the great examples. While having a featured artist is most album's big gun, that isn't the case with Sweetener. blazed and borderline somewhat have their own potentials, but came off lesser and considerately like fillers. The chill and laid-back production don't help either to make these tracks prominent. Moreover, 2018 wasn't really a good year for pure pop so there is no established sound or bars for Grande to begin with. Conclusively, this is probably the album from Grande that I thoroughly enjoyed and genuinely listen regularly. And if I will rank each tracks, 1 being the song I enjoyed the most and 15 is the least. This will be the list: 1. no tears left to cry 2. everytime 3. R.E.M 4. successful 5. goodnight n' go 6. God is a woman 7. blazed 8. get well soon 9. pete davidson 10. the light is coming 11. sweetener 12. breathin' 13. raindrops (an angel cried) 14. borderline 15. better off Sweetener: 7/10 These are just my thoughts, what about yours?
  17. What song do you think has the hottest music video? I like Madonna's "Sorry." She looks so beautiful there (Y) That's Madonna just before her middle age (Y) I also like Madonna in Frozen she draws beautiful characters that insinuate Qaballistic facts about the truth of death and suffering
  18. After a lengthy hiatus, Shawn Mendes released a new song titled "Wonder." He low-key returned with cryptic teasers and clips promoting the song and video. Not long after, he premiered the wondrous visual. It definitely had a "cardigan" vibe, but tailor-made for him. Well, it didn't smash the charts like almost all of his other singles do. Why do we think that is? Is it the song itself? Did it not resonate with people? Was he not away for enough time, so there was less of a demand? Does his relationship with Camila Cabello have anything to do with it? I'm not a huge fan of charts in general, but I was surprised to see some of his recent stats. Maybe it's a slow burner and will climb the charts over the next few weeks. Curious... what do you guys think? Related:
  19. Hi guys, I think we have all at some point imagining our lives as a movie or relating to a song every time you play it on your phone on your morning walk to work or class . Here are some songs i would actually consider as the soundtrack of my life: Let me know what songs do you consider to be a part of the soundtrack of your life
  20. I was just scanning off my news feed on Facebook, when I suddenly bumped into this shared punned post of a guy for being the male version of Katy Perry. And boy, I must say I literally freaked out when I saw this: I thought, it was just a face filter that became a trend recently but it wasn't. I found out that he is actually an aspiring artist named Alexander 23, Alexander Glantz in his birth name and 25 years old. I might check his catalogue out some time but still, his resemblance to Katy Perry is remarkable. Edited: I just checked his YouTube channel, and this is the song from him that I liked so far. I think his music is okay, because it is not really the genre that I'm into.
  21. My library has a fair share of pop and soft rock genres, but I know we always have exceptions. This Empty Northern Hemisphere is by far the most distant album to pop that I usually listen to. It's a very calming country-folk record. Yours?
  22. When I watched movies, not only my eyes are open but also my ears for possible songs that I could save to my playlist. And here are the notable ones: Feel Something (from "Centre Of My World") Salvation (from "The Little Prince") I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major General (from "Those People") Someone To You (from "Love, Victor") What are yours?
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