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  1. Hi everyone! I recently made this new remix of Me Against the Music. Had so much fun making it! Let me know what you think
  2. I can't believe she has some MV with less than 10M Anyways, they are this: Someday (I Will Understand) - 9.89M DANCE Till The World Ends - 9.04M Kill The Lights - 8.26M Stream those MVs tho, not even 10M views for our princess, such a shame Anyways, I will later do a topic about the tracks that haven't reached 100K in spotify or youtube or whatever.
  3. Hi. When I was a child, I used to see a mv on tv and I remember that I really liked it and I've been trying to find it on the net but I can't.The singer was a blonde woman with wavy hair and a piercing in her nose I guess? As far as I can remember, she kinda looked like Kesha.She was singing the song at a window or on a rooftop at some point.Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  4. The girl finally released their new music video for Confetti youtube.com/watch?v=15-vLIZ_2mU
  5. Hey Exhale and pop lovers! I'd love to share this with you all, I think you might like it... I'm from Argentina, and even though we don't have big quality popstars here, lately our women are STEPPING UP! Our biggest popstar here down south in Latin America is, NO DOUBT, Natalia Oreiro, but she's from Uruguay, a neighbouring country (she lives in Argentina, though). My favorite from my country is Lali (I mean... This is perfect: Lali - LALIGERA (Official Video)), but today I'd love to show you the latest single from another artist: J Mena (that's her artistic name, but she's known as Jimena Barón). She is/was mainly an actress. She's cool, and a very smart feminist, but suuuuuper controversial, pretty exhausting if you ask me. ANYWAY, less than a month ago she released this song and video and omg I.LOVE.IT. It's in Spanish, and maybe many of you won't understand the lyrics (you can read them below) and all the story behind the song, but give it a try!! It's definitely disco inspired (it kinda gives me Dua Lipa's "Break My Heart" vibes at times, not sure why). I think it's a chill but fierce and very well produced song (I also loooooooove the video!): LYRICS (in Spanish): Also, the single art is phenomenal: Actually, she has some pretty awesome graphic design... This is from one of her previous singles, "La Cobra" (j mena - La Cobra (Official Video) (before you say it YES I KNOW, part of the video is a rip-off of Shakira's "Whenever, Wherever"... Not a bad reference, though). Look inside the cobra's mouth omg... I am dead: Anyway, I don't follow her career but "Flor de Involución" is AMAZING! Even though she says "mierda" (=sh/t) many times in the chorus (how very Ariana of her), it's a pretty sophisticated song considering her personality and her previous releases. I hope you enjoy it!! Please let me know what you think?
  6. The Princess of rap has just dropped the visual for ‘Brazil’ as well as a remix featuring Gloria Groove:
  7. Gimme More is now her 9th video (8th if we don't count Scream & Shout) to have over 1 million likes! Britney videos with over 1M likes: 1. Scream & Shout: 3,875,018 likes 2. ...Baby One More Time: 3,252,051 likes 3. Toxic: 3,048,028 likes 4. Criminal: 2,114,454 likes 5. Work *****: 1,679,440 likes 6. Oops!...I Did It Again: 1,647,303 likes 7. I Wanna Go: 1,262,074 likes 8. Womanizer: 1,192,638 likes 9. Gimme More 1,001,565 likes NOTE: numbers increase every second tho😉 Yaaay congrats Gimme More, welcome to the club🎉🎊🎆🔥❤️ you definitely deserved it! Also, Gimme More receives crazy views lately, yesterday it got 250k views, 2nd one only behind BOMT which got 374k. S&S is 3rd with 240k views yesterday➡️ https://kworb.net/youtube/artist/britneyspears.html It got really popular this month, I think the main reason is TikTok tho......💀 TT loves our Queen. But anyway, slay I guess
  8. Years & Years (formerly a trio, now Olly Alexander's solo project) has just released a music video to his brand new single "Starstruck". The song is great and Olly is cute as always. I hope he will get another hit like "King". He deserves it; his songs are phenomenal. If you don't know his music you should definitely check it!
  9. INNA comes back to her musical roots with a smasher ‘Flashbacks’, the second single from her newest album ‘Heartbreaker’. I personally love it! After many experimental failures she’s coming back to the genre that made her famous overseas. What do you guys think? Issa flop or bop?
  10. Update: The music video is out! Earlier: The song will be released on October 30, Friday with Dua sharing the link to pre-save the track now. Earlier this month, Dua filmed the video for this brand new single when she was falsely claimed by a tabloid to have breached the Government COVID-19 guidelines. She also released a brand new remix of Levitating with DaBaby at the beginning of this month, and it's climbing up the charts, so it's interesting to see her release another single so soon at the end of the month. Either way, she's clearly unstoppable.
  11. I’m still not over Billie Eilish’s music video for ”when the party’s over.” It’s a simple concept really. Billie takes a drink of an unknown black liquid that then comes pouring out of her eyes as tears. Yet watching the video proves to be a devastating, haunting, difficult watch. Billie’s performance in it is incredible, especially considering she actually had black liquid pouring into her eyes when it was being recorded. She also came up with the concept herself after being inspired by fan art. I can understand that Billie’s music might not be for everybody, but I don’t know someone can watch this and not respect her vocals, her emotion and talent, her creativity, her dedication to creating an aesthetic and bringing her ideas to life. When I see comments on here or other sites saying she’s talentless, overrated, just a fad, etc., I feel like people are being willfully ignorant to not only her talent, but to the space she has filled in pop music for a new generation of listeners. Yes, she’s a lot different from the pop acts you might’ve grown up with where performing, entertaining, and creating a spectacle on stage and in videos was what drew an audience in. But if you’re only looking for those aspects in a pop artist, you’ll miss out on Billie Eilish’s authenticity, emotion, vulnerability, and creativity. She’s a 19 year old who writes, produces, and sings her music at home with her brother, who has created a completely unique visual and auditory style, and who has ratcheted up a huge fanbase - and for good reason. That should be more than enough gain your respect.
  12. Maroon 5 Adam Levine and Megan Thee Stallion just dropped today the music video for their “Beautiful Mistakes” collab. I love how it is a colorful psychedelic visual. And Adam is looking hot again. It really makes me like the song even more. What do you guys think? Watch below: Related:
  13. Finally this song gets the treatment it deserves... the beat hits really hard, one of my favorite Doja songs... The music video is released on March 9.
  14. Only 4 acts has multiple videos from 3 different decades with videos above 200 million views on Youtube. Britney is the only female artist among them. Here is: Source:
  15. So Daddy Long Legs Charlie Puth dropped his new music video for "Girlfriend." He also did a live a stream. Check out both below:
  16. Hey guys! So today I had this huge urge to watch Britney videos, and so I did, and I had a blast! And I always end up watching "If U Seek Amy" because it's one of my favorite Britney videos ever. I LOVE the song, I love the grungy look with that filter, she looks amazing and super healthy, so full of energy and **** and naughty, I love her hair and make up, and also the outfits, especially the one in the dance scenes, but then I realized I don't think we've seen it enough... I love the editing of the video but at the same time we can't see the outfit clearly, and I noticed that in one scene it changes slightly with a skirt on top or something. Both variations look amazing to me, and so ****, and I'd love to see it in full and more clearly. So, does anyone else love this look and have a nice picture of it (a behind the scenes pic that I haven't seen or don't know of, maybe) to share, please?? This song and video are so underrated I swear... PS: Those red heels?
  17. I... I'm not feeling the song... The video is cool, though (I just hate that screaming guy in drag, though... Is that the "cry baby"?) Also, I feel like this is a DaBaby song feat. Megan: She should be more prominent, and he should rap in the middle/end, but we can't expect much to happen in a less than 3 minutes song... Dropping this the same week as Cardi's new single was a weird decision, but it already has lots of views so it's up to a good start. Megan is someone to watch, she's unique and talented.
  18. Director, producer, and iconic choreography KING @brian friedman just posted his original concept he created for Britney’s Toxic music video on Instagram, which was originally released almost exactly 17 years ago on MTV’s Making The Video on January 13, 2004, costing $1 million to make and being Britney’s most expensive video to date at the time. The video was directed by Joseph Kahn, who had just received his first Grammy in 2003 for directing Eminem’s “Without Me” video, and would go on to work with the likes of Janet Jackson, The Backstreet Boys, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and so many others. According to Friedman, there has been misinformation circling around the pop culture community about the music video’s origins, and he wants to set the record straight. Here’s what he has to say: He wrote this on his Facebook page: As a fellow Exhaler, I found this super entertaining to read, especially the parts that didn’t make the video - (i.e. - Ashton Kutcher & Brad Pitt... the early-aughts fantasy we weren’t prepared for!) Most of us stans are aware of the Toxic origin story, but regardless, I appreciate that our king of flawless choreography is taking the time to make sure we are all well-learned in the subject of Toxicology. For a more detailed account of his story, visit his FB page, and to start your 2021 off right - watch the Toxic video below! Related:
  19. From Wikipedia: In 2019 he released "Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels" and it went viral. Now it has almost 40 millions views! That's a lot. ( @Jordan Miller I......cannot......emmmmbedddd....vii.....dd.....eoooOOooOoosss.....) Then, at the beginning of this year, right after the pandemic was officially announced, he released another version of this song, changing the lyrics AND asking many famous friends to make cameos in the video from home!: ...and now THIS! Which I think is fantastic and HILARIOUS! And a S-E-R-V-E: The LYRICS are so funny haha!: What do you guys think? It doesn't get gayer than this.....
  20. I think Pabllo is s3xy AF! And I cannot believe his body. Also, his drag is fantastic. The song is twerktastic!
  21. It’s the mother ******* Queen of Rap’s season! More precisely Chun-Li the street fighter is in the building! The collaboration is straight fire and she has skated on this verse like never before! That’s why she’s the best ‘cause no one can top my bich!
  22. Hello everyone! I wanted to share my work on a single thread because some of my videos were shared somewhere on the forum. This thread will have all of my works/edits of Britney Spears music videos in high quality compared to YouTube/VEVO/TV Broadcasts ones. This thread will be updated everytime I release a new content. Obviously, Britney Spears Music Videos are not real 4K shots. They have been upscaled in 4K, and edited to look better than VEVO videos, so details might not be real (as a real 4K shot). They are available on YouTube, and they are complete! However, they are not the original ones from VEVO. They are edited to not let YouTube to block my videos and let them to be seen by everyone. So there will be new scenes/uncut/alternative scenes added on the music video. On my old videos, the edit could be not as good as my recent work. I'm a human too, it takes so much time to edit them. HD videos (Toxic and Gimme More) are planned to be in 4K too. They are in HD because they were the first videos I've ever done. 4/3 Videos had a dynamic 16/9 crop, which means I didn't did a simple crop in the middle to fit the 16:9 format. I paid so much attention to keep essential information and not lose any information by moving to the top or bottom or middle each scene. For example, if Britney is shown in the top of the screen only in a scene, I will move this scene to keep her and not crop it. Many of my videos are in 60FPS, it's not like a real 60FPS shot, but it makes the video smoother as many asked me to continue in 60FPS. In the website, they will be in original frame rate if by demand. Note: Baby One More Time has a little problem of lip-sync, it's due to YT-Copyrights, it don't let me to post with the correct lip-sync so there is a link in my comment pinned in the YouTube video for the fixed one. Stronger and Oops I Did It Again had a little saturation problem after the rendering, it's not so obvious on calibrated screens. I'm waiting for YouTube to add the tools to change colortion/saturation on an already uploaded video. I'm planning to do a new website with original videos with fixed saturation ones. Well, they are not perfect, and I'm so sorry, but still have better quality video than actual VEVO ones, I work had to make them. If you don't like my content, like Britney said on her Instagram, keep it for yourself and ignore. No seriously, suggestions, critics and any comments are welcome of course! No need to ask me to do a specific music video of Britney, I will try to do all of them (at least until the FF era as they're compressed and look like 720p) Please, don't reupload my work without my permission. You can use my videos only for edits/remix uses by asking for the permission and give credits. Hope you will like and enjoy!!! Thank you! Britney Spears - Gimme More (Director's Cut+Leaked Funeral Scenes): Britney Spears - Toxic (Original+Uncut): Britney Spears - Toxic (Uncut Without Lyrics) [Have a problem of saturation after rendering, the fixed version will be on the website in the future]: Britney Spears - Oops I Did It Again (Original+Director's Cut/Uncut): Britney Spears - Scream And Shout (MSTAR Edit: only Britney music video): Britney Spears - Lucky (fully edited due to copyrights): Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time (Remake of my first version, iconic intro beginning and ending added, better quality and correct lip sync): Britney Spears - Toxic (Remake of my old HD video, more original scenes + uncut/director's cut scenes): Britney Spears - Circus (Original scenes, not in the official order): Britney Spears - My Perogative (Original+Director's Cut/Uncut): Britney Spears - Piece Of Me (Censored, scenes are not in the official order): Britney Spears - Sometimes (Extended: Original+Director's Cut+Album Version): Britney Spears - Radar (Original scenes, not in the official order): Britney Spears - You Drive Me Crazy (Director's Cut/Alternative Scenes, The Stop! Remix): Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg - Outrageous (Original+Dance Part-Greatest Hits DVD): Britney Spears - Everytime (Censored+Director's Cut/Uncut): Britney Spears - Baby One More Time (Original+Director's Cut/Alternative Scenes+Uncut) [Lip Sync not correct on YouTube, check the new latest version above on the thread]: Britney Spears - Stronger (Original+Director's Cut): Britney Spears - Overprotected (Original+Scenes of the Dark Child Remix):
  23. Hi! I just released the reworked version of the remaster of Overprotected in 4K, the grains of the 35mm films were apparently restored on the upscale but the YouTube's compression removed them, still, the quality is far better than what we have on VEVO or the 1080p HD Remaster of TIDAL. I hope you will enjoy the video!
  24. Zara Larson dropped a new music video for "WOW." In it, she plays the role of a digital fantasy viewed through a pair of virtual reality glasses. She's low-key serving a mix of different Xtina eras here and I can't unsee it. Cute vid though. Thoughts?
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