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  1. We won. It’s Spears’ 26th and Tinashe’s second video to achieve this. Not bad for Britney’s last ever video 🙌🎉
  2. Hey guys, Was listening to radio and this song came on. Not super into kpop but pretty catchy. Enjoy for those who yet to hear it.
  3. Hello. As the title suggests, I was wondering if you guys could answer this question, as half the people I ask believe that it is Britney, and the other half do not. In the US version of the music video 'One for Sorrow' by STEPS, at around 1:42, there is a close up of one of the dancers that appears to be none other than Ms Britney Jean Spears herself. However, the video quality is rather poor, and the shots that this dancer is in only last for half a second. I've tried looking elsewhere to see if she did or didn't appear in the video but there are very little details. I know that STEPS did tour with Britney across the US and Canada back in 1999, and that one of the members of STEPS (Ian 'H' Watkins) apparently become good friends with Britney and Felicia during it, and flew with them on her private jet. I belieeeve this song also appears in that movie Drive Me Crazy, as we know had (You Drive Me) Crazy as part of it's soundtrack. So, it seems plausible that she would make an appearance in this music video too, but I wanted to know if anyone knew for sure? What are your thoughts on this guys?
  4. If a pregnant Britney were to film a music video for Instagram at home, between these two songs which would you prefer her & Vicky to do📱🤰🎥
  5. From her upcoming (second?) album "Motomami": (the song is... a grower)
  6. Okay so I can’t find any other thread this would fit in so I made a whole separate one https://youtu.be/-Edv8Onsrgg I love the HIAM MV because of very creative symbolism But I’m confused about some things Why and how does Britney do that face at 2:44? And why is there so much product placement? I’m wondering if it symbolizes anything because I know that in Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s Telephone MV the product placement is used for symbolism
  7. You may like him or not, but his songs and videos are top notch. If you're part of the LGBTQ+ community, you need to watch his videos! Also, Todrick is a musical theater kid (Gaga's lane), so there's always a lot of focus on lyrics, choreography, costumes, and cinematography. The whole package, basically! What do you guys think of this?
  8. i am really distubed by the electric shock scene. i know it goes down by the name of fun but i guess not everyone can just take it as light entertainment i don't even feel so much disturbance but there is so much wrong with this video
  9. Well what are you waiting for? See him make out with Chris Evans hot brother in the HOT music video here. Personally I love the 80s feel to it:
  10. Hey guys! I know nobody remembers me here but I'm a loyal exhaler since 2011 and I missed this place so much! I lost access to my old account so this is my not so new account. Fast forward today, I recently made a music video for Begin Again (Taylor's Version) starring me because my 2022 resolution is to romanticize my life and act, feel, and be the main character of my life. I just thought I could turn all my pain and experiences into art in a form of a music video. Begin Again could also be a great New Year's song for everybody so I thought of sharing this to you guys! Please leave your thoughts below, I'd love to hear comments and criticisms. Thank you! PLEASE WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO!
  11. The Israeli Queen is ON THE RISE, after signed in Atlantic Records another BOP
  12. Katy Perry has dropped her new music video for "When I'm Gone", and she is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. She is serving us all the vibes with gorgeous looks, choreography, and her beautiful dark hair. I have always been a Katy fan, but I have to say, she definitely 100% understood the assignment with this single, and video. The song is a full on BOP, and the video is one of my favorites from her ever.
  13. I can't believe this has been out more than an hour ago and I didn't find it here already. So has Exhale decided to sleep on Doja now?? From Genius: "True to its name, the opening track of Planet Her is an afrobeats ode to the divine feminine in which Doja discusses the different roles women and, in this case, Doja herself, inhabit within society, praising the way women are able to move in and out of each of them with ease. The lyrics go from a message to a male lover, reminding him of all of the great things Doja can offer him as a woman, to a broader appreciation of all that women are capable of and the struggles they have to endure because of their gender." The verses are fire:
  14. "Toxic" & "Womanizer" videographer Joseph Kahn recently shared on Twitter his interest of pulling out the original version of the Perfume video. I was looking back at the set photos and remembered Blackbox bodyguard Edan is in every behind the scenes shot of Britney holding a Hollister and pointing it at her on screen boyfriend in a car. It now occurs to me that this was Britney's idea of exposing how Blackbox operates. Care to share the cut scenes, Joseph? Comment below your thoughts, Are we onto something?
  15. The song is called "Srecan Put" ("Have a good trip" in English), sang by the serbian artist Breskvica. The song mixes pop, dance and traditional slavic harmonies. Definitely a gem that deserves to go to an international scale.
  16. Their new mini album "I Am Me." is out today.
  17. No particular reason but I’m te watching the Hold It Against Me music video, and the scenes where she’s in front of the TV’s playing her old music videos I find so captivating. But what I’ve always wondered is does anybody know all of the music videos that play? The more I pause and slow down the video the more I find, like Overprotected, and what seems to be a video of her live performance in Hawaii in 2000. But I can’t make out some of the other ones, one of the screens kind of looks like the Circus MV and one of them might even be the pool scene from My Prerogative but I can’t tel. Ik it’s kinda dumb lol but I hope I’m not the only one trying to find all of the MV’s on that scene. I also wish that the screens were bigger and that she was playing more of a mix of all her music videos throughout her career. But anyways I wanna see if others have found more of the music videos lol.
  18. 10 years ago I slayed Sabi's verse on Drop Dead Beautiful then did some Britney inspired armography This is legendary. Who else thinks JayTawndré slayed Sabi's verse in the crockpot? #JusticeforDropDeadBeautiful I see yew !!! @SlayOut
  19. I love her!! She has such a unique voice, and all the attitude in the world. I actually think there is a Lizzo because first there was a Kelis. This is her new single, with music video included! It premieres / premiered today, I can't wait!: She doesn't release a single since 2017's "Who's Lovin' You" Of course, she's the one behind this mega-bop. If you don't know this song, please go back to your mother's womb. RELATED:
  20. Honestly, Kiss Me More is such a funny video to me congrats to them on success tho
  21. I--- The song is actually good. The lyrics are hilarious, typically Todrick. LYRICS: The video is veeeeery well done. It features Lance Bass IN HEELS at the beginning (also, that beard suits him right!). THE NEKKID SCENE IN THE MIDDLE OHMAGAH. All the outfits are amazing. I LOVE the choreo. Everything gives me Gaga's "Rain On Me" vibes, and I'm not complaining, but it's obviously based on the song "It's Raining Men", by the American musical duo the Weather Girls, from 1982: There's a 2001 version by Geri Halliwell, from the Spice Girls:
  22. I love when artists play characters in music videos and they do a whole choreography that is somehow linked to that character, that place etc. Britney does it a lot, that's why I think her music videos are so iconic and memorable. In my opinion it's so fun to peak a location, for example kitchen, library, club, plane etc. and create a character, for example student, stripper, cook, lawyer, judge, superhero etc. that is good for that location + create an outfit and choreography that works well with a song and all of that. But still I feel that you have to have charisma and look good in it to make it enjoyable.
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