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  1. I never wore any Britney’s fragrance before, but I really decided to give it a try so which is the best smelling one in your opinion? The @MidnightFantasy bottle it’s really cute and provocative.
  2. Madonna opened the 40th anniversary 2021 VMA's and with an introduction that STOLE.THE.SHOW. The ceremony led with a historic intro laying out her career and it's alignment with MTV. Then surprised the entire venue with her presence. An immediate standing ovation and roaring applause ushered in the Queen of Pop! First appearing in a sophisticated trench coat, which soon led the controversial artist to strip out of her coat to reveal a se.xy leather outfit. After she opened the show, she turned around to reveal a plump apple bottom bum! The Queen of Pop always leaves an audience stunned! Madonna is just THAT B.ITCH! We Stan! Ageist to the left, to the left!
  3. BritneyLVR


    Hi everyone! some of you may have seen me on here posting somewhat iconic threads while other threads of mine flop harder than the album Lotus I have been using Exhale for sooo long and I’ve always had so much respect for this place. I love that it’s a community for all Britney fans and I love that we are all different. We all have our thoughts and opinions but in the end, our love and protection over Britney is as one. We literally started a movement that began the process to free her and regain control to her life! It’s so much fun coming on here and seeing the updates, the conversations and to be honest some of ya’ll are just too funny and post the funniest stuff! It makes my whole day some days. The mods are also doing a good job at keeping this place running smoothly and positively! Britney is so close to her next court date, it’s only natural to be nervous for her or to be suspicious of someone and want the best for her. Let’s just remember to think of Britney and know that she’s so smart and she’s not letting anyone take control of her life again. I think we all just need to trust the queen and remain positive I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night and just know to never take me or my comments too seriously and that I only want what’s best for Britney!
  4. Aaliyah’s self titled album is available to stream today for the first time EVER since it’s original release 20 years years ago!! Much of the recording for this album was spread out between 1998-2001, and would serve as Aaliyah’s final album. It was heavily written and produced by Static Major. timbaland would join on for the final tracks. A song produced by Missy Elliot, I Care 4 U, is also on the record and was originally recorded in 1996. Here are my favourite songs: About a month and a half after the original release in 2001, Aaliyah died on August 25th in a tragic plane crash. billboards around NYC, LA, and Detroit, and Tokyo have appeared promoting the album! I recently created an hour long documentary which took me about a year to make. It details the reasons for why you couldn’t stream aaliyahs music, and the impact this has had on her legacy for future generations of music listeners. It includes back to back interviews (with a cameo from various stars at the time including Britney), along with a backdrop detailing the political landscape/world and how music consumption has also changed. I’d really appreciate if you could check it out ✨🤍 @PokemonSpears @Midnight @Jordan Miller @SlayOut @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN @boyinthemirror
  5. Imagine when she’s free and she gets married? What if you could plan the wedding?! This picture is so pretty! Imagine getting married on the beach?! 😩
  6. Here you can find the other two posts regarding the previous albums. Voting will be closed when I finish all the albums
  7. In an era where Madonna, Janet, Paula Abdul, and Britney brought technical dance into the Pop Music world, I have a question. We have a current batch of Pop Girls: Miley, Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Doja Cat, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and so many more; do you think dance pop is dead? Most of these girls credit Britney as an influence. Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Doja Cat have tried to bring it back, but it never connected with the GP the way they wanted it to...and they all (MINUS Doja) abandoned choreo. Is this dead in the female pop world or are we just waiting for the new dance betch to make it relevant again? (Performances are time stamped for their most choreo bits)** Ladies and Gentlemen...The Queen
  8. I was watching a Little Mix interview about picking songs that heighten certain moods, and thought it would be interesting to hear what fellow Exhalers would pick. Here are the moods the radio station gave: Party Song Hangover Song Se.xy Song Hype Song Wedding First Dance Song Work Out Song Feel Good Song Road Trip Song Karaoke Song Breakup Song My Picks: Party Song: Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop Hangover Song: Britney - Blur Se.xy Song: Britney - Breathe On Me Hype Song: Missy Elliot - Lose Control feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop Wedding First Dance Song: Shania Twain - From This Moment Work Out Song: Britney: Work B.itch Feel Good Song: Kylie - Your Disco Needs You Road Trip Song - Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There Karaoke Song: Madonna - Hung Up Breakup Song: Mariah Carey - We Belong Together ***I'm too much of a Britney fan to pick other songs than hers!!!
  9. September 6, 2001
  10. REUPLOADED @Jordan Miller @Urbanney @SlayOut @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN @Blackout @princessmimi @Midnight Hi everyone! Rik here. Over the last year I have really developed a liking for YouTube videos and documentaries specifically. I used to really enjoy making videos and for the first time in ages, I’ve dedicated much of my time to creating a video on Free Britney, and more recently a video on Aaliyah and her legacy. Even if you aren’t familiar with her, this video will explain why it is and showcase various clips from her life. I also interviewed several fans that grew up listening to her music to truly tell her story as authentically as possible. I was initially in talks to include an author of a very popular Aaliyah novel that recently came out, however things fell through for that. i know you guys are used to me trolling on here but I’d sincerely appreciate if you could all check my documentary out. Due to copyright ive had to make some changes (particularly at the end with explaining the Drake album and Missy/Timbaland drama from back in 2012). I also explain who owns Aaliyah’s name, get into the dispute between her estate (CMG worldwide on behalf of her brother Rashad and mother Diane), and Blackground 2.0 run by her uncle. I also explore how music consumption has changed and how not having Aaliyah’s music on streaming platforms has impacted her legacy. There’s also references to current events that occurred around this time, and for that reason includes footage from 9/11, Total Request Live, Park 106, and the 2001 VMAs. Britney makes a few cameos herself in this! I’m very excited to share you my labour of love, AALIYAH IS COMING: A Legacy Revived, out on YouTube now. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Very special thank you to people who contributed their voices for the interviews! @Malibu.D.Luxx @ohoneey @PokemonSpears @I Always Sing Live @Isla @Urbanney @Lyndsay Luxury @SUCCESSICA IS A QUEEN @SlayOut @Midnight @Blackout2006 @JoJo Online@Jordan Miller @CrazyButItFeelsAllright@ohoney @Slayer @Prachi @princessmimi @dfffff @HardToForgetYa
  11. Hi, i don't know if anyone has already done this thread, but i wanted to choose the best performance for each Britney Tour. Let's start with the baby one more time tour For me, the roll call and Crazy are incredible
  12. Let's do a story time and share out first time having intercourse- NO JUDGEMENT. Was it scary, fun, intimidating? Your age, and your partner's age? Did you enjoy it or regret it? Any funny stories? Did you lose your V Card to your significant other or, a friend, or a one night stand? Whatever the anonymous details are, let's share them!
  13. On November 1, 2001, Britney Spears' Dream Within a Dream Tour kicked off at the Nationwide Arena in Ohio. It was launched to support her third studio album Britney and it lasted until July 2002, after 69 shows across the United States, Canada, Japan and Mexico. It was promoted by Concerts West, marking the first time a tour of hers was not promoted by Clear Channel Entertainment. It was directed and choreographed by Wade Robson, with Steve Cohen and Rob Brenner designing the stage. The setlist was composed by songs from her first three records, mainly from Britney. Oops!... I Did It Again (You Drive Me) Crazy Overprotected Born to Make You Happy Lucky Sometimes Boys Stronger I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman I Love Rock 'n' Roll What It's Like to Be Me Lonely Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know Anticipating I'm a Slave 4 U ...Baby One More Time Some unreleased songs were also performed at selected dates: Mystic Man, Weakness, You Were My Home and My Love Was Always There. Some of the October dates had to be pushed back to December due to Britney having the flu, and the last show of the tour at Foro Sol in Mexico, had to be cancelled mid-show because of a thunderstorm that was occurring. The November 18th show at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, was broadcasted by HBO and later released as a DVD titled Britney: Live from Las Vegas in January 2002. A book and DVD chronicling her stay in Mexico was also released in December 2002, titled Stages: Three Days in Mexico. With more than 1 million in attendance, the tour grossed a total of $56.8 million which would be equivalent to $83.4 million in 2020. Related:
  14. Brazilian stans have been fed by insiders for years, there's no doubt about that. Sometimes they proved themselves right, sometimes they didnt. Plans of a new special edition for Glory's 5 years birthday are echoing on Twitter as more and more people that have connections are sliping their tongs about it. This time, another insider that made himself known among brazilian stans for calling out Mood Ring's official release is speaking up. To summarize the more recent claims, this insider says it was Britney's idea due to her love for the album but RCA was being cautious to not release the material if things about her conservatorship were not doing so great. Additionaly, the Director's Cut for the "Make Me" video made by David LaChapelle has indeed 18 minutes and Britney loved it, but RCA didnt like the idea and asked David to make a smaller version due to their belief that a video that long just wouldnt work in the streaming era. The label wants Britney to promote this new edition, but not details on how that would happen were revealed as of yet (maybe through social media?). I talked about this scoop in the coment below last week, but the information got to me in a different manner: that it was uncertain if Britney consented to that, that Jamie has zero involvement, that more photos from LaChappele would be revealed if they decided to move foward with this idea, and that there's also a rarities album in the making as a "gift" for the fans to be released when Britney concludes this chapter of her life. As usual, take it with a grain of salt. I can only speak for myself regarding the people I've talked with kowing they proved themselves a long time ago, but even then I have been cautious to not let myself be hyped for things that may or may not happen due to the circumstances. What do you guys think? I honestly dont feel its the right time for that, unless Britney and Ronsengart completely solve this situation by August 26 (Glory's release date).
  15. Legends only! The Weeknd's new album will take influence from a couple of In The Zone tracks. During a new episode of his Apple Music 1 radio show Memento Mori, The Weeknd played "Everytime" and "Toxic." According to a description of the new episode, The Weeknd played "a mix of music that showcases tracks inspiring the new Dawn era." Weeknd also RTed "Toxic" (screenshot below). In the Zone Stans Rise, Weeknd new album is inspired by the best! 'She has no impact'
  16. Hey guys! For the past year I have been working on an Aaliyah documentary which speaks on her life. It is going to be similar to the Britney exhale documentary I made (see below) but far more refined. It will be an hour long. I want to give fans to have a chance to speak on Aaliyah and also showcase why it is that fans from the current generation are unfamiliar with her music (this isn’t the case for other deceased artists). I would also like for this ti be a a sort of time capsule that eventually transitions into the drake album that was scrapped in 2012 and where her masters are currently… and potentially answer the ultimate question of why we can’t stream her music and the impact that has. It will include interviews from Aaliyah during each era, so you get to relive her career from the first album to the plane crash. I also show the funeral and some Easter eggs including Britney, and current events that happened shortly after aaliyahs death. Think of it as a news clip montage. I would like to interview some people and anonymously have them be in my video. I’m looking to target fans who grew up listening to her music who might be able to answer a few of my questions over voice note. I would edit it in such a way that it would be refined and sound natural. Again it’s all anonymous. Ask @BrittonJeanSpears or @Lyndsay Luxury who were in the Britney video💮💮🌺🌺 anyway, please comment or DM me here if you would like to say something in my documentary premiering at the end of this month just in time for the 20th anniversary thank you!!!
  17. 8:53 had me screeeaaaaming when she got up and was like "I gotta go get ready" in that country hillbilly tone omfg but honestly, can we take a moment to appreciate how self-composed, mindful and aware she was at literally 18? wtf she was so effortlessly charming and magnetic...she literally represented what every person aspired to be...missing her a little extra tonight
  18. DISCLAIMER: This is in no way meant to criticize Britney. Now that a great deal of information has come to light regarding Britney’s conservatorship and most, if not all, of our fan “conspiracy” theories were proven to be correct, I would like to focus on a theory that I have had since at least 2018. Britney has spoken about how she was forced to take medication that she didn’t want to take, and she has also touched on the fact that she takes other kinds of medication, as well. At this point, ANYTHING is possible with how far Jamie is willing to go to control Britney, so my theory is certainly plausible. I think Britney was forced to take stimulant medication in 2018, and possibly even before that. I think we all noticed Britney’s somewhat bizarre behavior during her 2018 tour (that she was forced to do). We all commented on her strange, erratic hand movements and how she always seemed to be really antsy on stage. It was almost as if she was extremely hyped up on caffeine. Take a look at any YouTube video from these performances and notice the comments - A LOT of other people have noticed this too. Specifically, watch this video and notice Britney’s behavior and movements. See what I mean? Next, notice this tweet from Cher. She seems to allude to how a lot of other performers in Las Vegas heard rumors about how Britney’s dad/team was drugging her and forcing her to perform. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that she was being forced-fed amphetamines in order to get through the shows. I’ve seen many commenters stating that it looks like she’s “tweaking out”, which is a common sign of amphetamine use or abuse. I’m not saying that Britney was purposefully abusing amphetamines, but I think that her handlers and Jamie were forcing her to take them at levels that were harmful. My point in writing this is that I think Britney’s abuse in this conservatorship goes far deeper than any of us could possibly imagine or comprehend. She has been enslaved for the last 13 years while the world watched and she was legally tortured while we all bought tickets to her shows and listened to her music. Britney herself recently said that she’s just beginning to talk about what really happened to her, and I don’t think any of us are ready for it. #FreeBritney
  19. All bias aside, I think she would do great but only and ONLY if she puts some more effort into her performances. This means live singing, good choreo, pants, trendy outfits and a medley of her greatest hits that all the millennials would adore. Even better, an *NSYNC/Britney REUNION for all the diehard late 90's/early 00's pop music fans. Imagine the SLAYAGE. Eminem did it (who brought out 50 Cent), Beyonce did it (who brought out DC), and well... quite frankly it's Britney's turn. Not only would this make her relevant/relateable, but this would indefinitely be some marketing magic for her 20th year and she would FINALLY gain some re-exposure among the newer generation. Well sistrens, what do you think? Should Britney headline #COACHELLA?
  20. Billie Piper is, nowadays, a british actress BUT i got to know her as a pop singer. Actually, she release 2 singles right BEFORE Britney came out with Baby One More Time. Her debut single was "Because We Want You" (not my favorite song of hers), but then she released "Girlfriend"... WHAT A BOP!!! Please: Long story short: 2 albums with great tunes. Now, shes an actress who doest like her past as a pop singer. Bummer coz I was really into her, still listen to her stuff every now and then. Made a playlist on spotify with all my favorites:
  21. I am thinking of buying the anniversary plaque on britneys website but wanted to see if anyone else had purchased it as there isn't much detail about the quality of it, it's pretty expensive. thanks
  22. I want to browse threads made before 2016, but I can't seem to find them? Any help?
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