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  1. for example i have a instagram fan account for britney. I had made a comparison to Marilyn Monroe saying she is like the original britney. that MM fan disrespected Brit said i think "Britney couldnt shine her shoes compared to Marilyn" something like that. saying marilyn had more class. I know my question/thread seems like a obvious answer we hate on others who aren't are fave because they aren't who we love/stan. But it seems every fanbase does this.
  2. do any of you think britney cares about or even remembers original doll/rebellion? i feel like that time of her life was really important and she had a lot to say. she was obviously fighting against something (her record label and management probably but the conspiracies can get crazy) and idk... it just really reminds me of the way she is now. how she's super rebellious and gives no ****s i wonder what she thinks about rebellion? just would love to hear her talking about it tbh. its such a mysterious time and kinda creepy.
  3. While I love that song and the video. I just thought it didn't represent B3 at all. Aside from that song, every thing else on the album felt mostly wholesome. Her new image alienated half of her fans and hurt her pure album sales. What should've been the first single?
  4. Do your favorite albums by these artists are also considered to be their magnum opi? If you disagree with my picks, feel free to discuss, though none of these are my opinion but the general consensus I have picked up on as an avid consumer of pop-adjacent music. Without further ado, the list of magnum opi (in some cases, I have listed two, highlighting the most likely contender): Adele - 21 (my favorite as well) Björk - Homogenic (my favorite is Debut) Beyoncé - Lemonade (my favorite is 4) Britney Spears - Blackout / In the Zone / (my favorite is In the Zone) Carly Rae Jepsen - E*MO*TION (can't pick one) Christina Aguilera - Stripped (don't have one) Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope (don't have one) Katy Perry - Teenage Dream (don't have one) Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster / Born This Way / (my favorite is Born This Way) Lana Del Rey - Norman F-cking Rockwell! (my favorite is Honeymoon) Lorde - Melodrama (my favorite is Pure Heroine) Madonna - Ray of Light / Like a Prayer / (my favorite is Music) Mariah Carey - Butterfly (my favorite is Mariah Carey) Taylor Swift - 1989 / Folklore / (my favorite is Red)
  5. I can't believe Not A Girl and Boys were Under Hot 100
  6. I'm fairly new to actually making topics, replies and posts here so bear with me. I just want to see other people's takes on it. But I feel like this is pretty overlooked, so I decided to make it a topic. Anyone else notice the obsession Eminem had with Britney, especially in the early 2000s? It was lowkey creepy. I'm bringing this up right now because I recently found some old archived videos from 1999 in which he describes wanting to see her naked, wanting to be her underwear and thinking she's a cute girl. She was 17 at the time and he was 26. here is the interview In 2000, he shows off a notebook with her face on it, has a freestyle in which he describes touching himself to her Just Rhyming With Proof (starts at 6:07) and that interview where he criticizes her outfit at the 2000 VMAs. Ironically, a month after that interview he admitted in a magazine that he had a crush on her. In 2001, he makes a whole verse about wanting to do *it* with Britney. Mind you, she was only 19 and he was pushing 30. He also says in a 2001 interview that he apparently tongue-kissed her. He mentions in his infamous song Same Song and Dance during 2009 that he had a crush on her since she debuted as well. And we can't forget the songs in which he constantly either name-dropped, insulted or ***ualized Britney. I didn't even mention all of what he said about her either. His fans constantly sweep all of this under the rug or try to excuse it when it's brung up. I lowkey wanted a thread to be made about it on Twitter, but his stans would probably drag Britney and the entire Barmy there tbh. And I'm aware that Britney likes him, but that doesn't mean he's free from opinions or criticism. What do y'all think? Cuz I personally find it gross, and it's weird how he got away with it just because it's his "persona" to be like that, but it doesn't excuse his perverted/weird or creepy comments about her.
  7. Since right now on this site it's the trend of useless threads that is in fashion here is a new useless thanks for idea : https://exhale.breatheheavy.com/forums/topic/817152-pumpkin-pie-or-apple-pie/ @CrazyButItFeelsAllright
  8. MORALES: “I mentioned I was with Britney the day before, she almost left. She was like, ‘Oh, you working with her? I’m leaving.’ She didn’t care too much about Britney but she was like, ‘I thought you were working with me though?’ She’s not some little fluffy girl, believe me, that’s one of the toughest women I’ve ever worked with in my life, and I’ve worked with everybody. Christina Aguilera, I will say, is the most special of all.” Christina Aguilera’s ‘Stripped’: An Oral History, 20 Years Later WWW.WMAGAZINE.COM A deep dive into this game-changing early aughts album, which established Aguilera as an artist in control of her own narrative...
  9. On November 06, 2001 Britney Spears released her third studio album, titled Britney. It had already been released in Japan on October 31, and in Europe on November 05. The album, although still pop, incorporates more influences of R&B and hip-hop and even electronica than its predecessors. It counted with the collaboration of several producers such as Max Martin, Darkchild, The Neptunes and even her boyfriend at the time, Justin Timberlake for the track What It's Like to Be Me. Britney herself co-wrote 6 of the tracks. Britney was interviewed by MTV at the time: Britney reached the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 in the US, as well as in 5 other countries, and it became a Top 10 in over 25 charts around the world. It's sold over 10 million copies globally. Several singles were released in order to promote the album, though this time they were released at different times depending on the territory, with some even being region exclusive: I'm a Slave 4 U I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman Overprotected I Love Rock 'n' Roll Boys (The Co-Ed Remix) Anticipating On November 01, she had also kicked off her Dream Within a Dream Tour in Ohio, a few days before the record came out in the United States. Ahead of the release of the album, MTV had a special TRL show called Total Britney Live on November 03 in order to promote the record On the day of the release, she also appeared on TRL Spanking New Music. The album also coincided with the release of the movie Crossroads, starred by Britney, in 2002. A version of he music video for Not a Girl featured scenes from the movie. In 2003, Britney got a Grammy nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album, but lost to Norah Jones' Come Away with Me. Britney has received multiple Platinum and Gold certifications around the world. In 2019 it got a special release on vinyl through Urban Outfitters. It's got over 370M streams on Spotify.
  10. Most fans say Blackout is her best work is it a good album but what about her 'britney' era in 2001-02? she seemed or was unstoppable a movie, her DWAD tour, the snake vma performance, she looked stunning her glow that year the hair, make up and her figure. she was happy and in love with Justin. Slave 4 U is my favorite music video and Overprotected is probably my favorite song off that album. Crossroads is imo a cute film her acting honestly isnt bad at all. what do y'all think? Britney era is my personal fave era or looks/performances from her she SLAYED!!!
  11. I'm curious You know I will always choose Britney! I love me some Legend X I really do, she's in my Top 5 favorite women of Pop but Britney's music just gets me more excited, happy, and feeling good about life and myself. Her music gives me confidence. Whenever songs like 'Gimme More' or '3' come on it reminds me that at the end of the day I love Britney more meow!!! 👄 When I listen to Christina, her music makes me feel like a bad *****, in control, motivates me and makes me feel a little 'dirrty' sometimes. She also has the most beautiful ballads which I've praised before. Her ballads are so iconic. Songs like 'Hurt' and 'Bound to You' are some of my favorite ballads from her. So yeah, I usually listen to her ballads more! Who's music do you prefer and why?
  12. 1988 - Irving Azoff stepped down running MCA, but was already working with Uptown Records 1990(ish) - Mary J Blige signs with Uptown Records - Lou Taylor does business mgmt with Uptown Records clients "Before Mr. Azoff left MCA in 1988, he and Mr. Busby had recruited Mr. Harrell, the architect of the third stage of the company's plan. Mr. Harrell has brought Mary J. Blige and the rappers Heavy D. and the Boyz to MCA. In 1992, his New York-based Uptown Records was made a full-fledged label, with its own publicity and promotion departments, for a reported $50 million. Started as an independent company, Uptown entered into an agreement with MCA in 1986 to supply it with acts. The latest deal includes music-related projects for film and television." - NYT 1993
  13. Hey guys! Awhile ago I shared artwork for a fantasy pin of Britney I was having created and I just received them and wanted to share it! I only received a limited number of 30 so if you’re interested to learn more you can send me a message here or on Instagram @pincessofpop. I’m trying to do some good and am donating a portion from each pin to the National Association to Stop Guardianship Abuse. Let me know what you think!
  14. a Britney and Drake duet!!! 🎶🎶🎶like wtf that would be way better than Britney featuring The Weekend 💃💃💃!!!! yaaaasss kween!!!?? what do you think peepz??? bump it or dump it??? 💅💅💅 check this dope B x D mashup!!
  15. As we're currently discussing Britney's body image problems. I think it's important to bring light again to the treatment she received during the cship. She said in her recent audio recording that when the cship went in place she was called fat everyday and never felt so demoralized I remember a stylist coming forward when the FreeBritney movement was picking up, and she said she dressed Britney for an event and Lynne and Jamie Lynn were calling her fat, she also said Britney was one of the nicest celebrities she ever worked with. Does anyone remember that? I'm sure the post is out there. Can one of you share? I would also like to tell Britney that you look great in any shape or form and always looked stunning in POM, I mean, this body is off the charts:
  16. Britney Spears is one of the most famous names in the world, she sold millions and millions of records long before the invention of social media so why would Britney need social media? Currently Britney is not an active singer who needs to promote an album or a tour and even if she were, she does not need the socials to sell. A year ago the whole world was shocked and empathized with her story but to date we have not seen significant progress in her attitude and her continuous posts are only destroying the image that people and her fans have of her, her socials have harmed her relationship with her children, it has harmed her in the legal battle with her father and they have not brought any benefit to her. But why is Britney on social networks if she doesn't need them? attention. As her own son said, Britney does it for attention, but it is not the kind of attention that goes straight to your ego, what she's looking for is affection, the serotonin she receives from the constant feedback on instagram is what make it so addictive to her and no matter how many times she closes her account she comes back after a few days because she needs that attention (affection). A few days ago in one of her audios Britney said that she made it public because her therapist did not have enough time to listen to her, that is a clear indicator that she is not receiving the necessary medical attention she needs after what she lived through, when you have a good therapist you does not need to come to instagram. The networks are an addiction and that's why celebrities like Selena Gomez haven't used socials since years ago and I hope that Britney finally has the circle of people who can help her in that.
  17. https://nypost.com/2022/09/09/mercury-retrograde-autumn-2022-how-will-your-zodiac-sign-survive/
  18. Sunday’s first look shows HMC is currently on course to chart at #9 this week. The songs 3rd week position will be announced on Friday. Update: Wednesday's first look: #8 Elton John & Britney Spears - Hold Me Closer ---- Monday's first look: #9 Elton John & Britney Spears - Hold Me Closer ------ Sunday's Official First Look Chart: Full Update Source: OCC 1 Lewis Capaldi - Forget Me * 2 Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal - B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) 3 David Guetta & Bebe Rexha - I'm Good (Blue) 4 OneRepublic - I Ain't Worried 5 Nicki Minaj - Super Freaky Girl 6 KSI feat. Tom Grennan - Not Over Yet 7 James Hype & Miggy Dela Rosa - Ferrari 8 David Guetta, Becky Hill & Ella Henderson - Crazy What Love Can Do 9 Elton John & Britney Spears - Hold Me Closer 10 Luude & Mattafix - Big City Life 11 Aitch & Ed Sheeran - My G 12 Central Cee - Doja 13 Chris Brown - Under the Influence 14 Harry Styles - Late Night Talking 15 Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake, Halsey & Pharrell Williams - Stay With Me 16 LF SYSTEM - Afraid to Feel 17 Steve Lacy - Bad Habit 18 Bru-C - No Excuses 19 Joel Corry & Becky Hill - HISTORY 20 Burna Boy feat. Ed Sheeran - For My Hand
  19. This is just my theory, Britney didnt sound very clear on her vocals until glory came out, and we now know Britney actually loved the process of making that album. like for a while it’s been reported that “Britney just comes in record her vocals and leave. She such a professional” It’s been revealed Britney wasn’t allowed to get close to her producers, writer often and she felt like a robot so could that explain why on femme fatale and other post con songs she sounds so robotic? Because she just halfassed her vocals and the producers just then did the best they could? I mean why would you give your best effort if you’re not making any money off of the record? it’s also rumored she wasn’t allowed to see a vocal coach during the con a rumor that used to be said here a lot and we would just kinda accept it…I think fans need to also realize we made it easy for team con cus we expected the bare minimum thoughts?
  20. https://youtu.be/Oz1dbYUS6M8 you’re welcome
  21. Sooooo I don’t post much on here lol, but I have loved the song since it’s came out, even the demo versions, and a remix I heard on the radio to last night, “more upbeat”. but anyways, since the release… how has the song been doing on your local radio station where you are so far And most importantly, are you still requesting and streaming?
  22. After that vile creature named kevin and his kids started to say “ wake up” , “ open your eyes” people started to wrote Britney isn’t free, open your eyes people etc. geez. This is so 2009 , illuminati fan fiction. I don’t want to offend anyone but they literally believe she’s still trapped by elites and dancing to their voodoo rituals. She literally is tired of people and I guess she will never be able to satisfy anyone until the day of her last breathe. So if there’s any of you believe she’s producing unheard hymns to company ceo’s and big people in a voodoo-satan ritual behind closed doors, seek help my friends .
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