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  1. I haven't been on this site for well over a decade! But it used to be my LIFE when I was 17/18 in 2009/2010. Those days were CRAZY on here 🤣 I don't even know how to use this new site! Is anyone else from back then still on here? Does anyone remember me? I had this username but people often knew me as Gabriella.
  2. Members of Exhale: In the past few days this place has started to get out of control. We understand that with the current legal battle that Britney is facing, the amount of new info we get every day from different sources, and the surprising social media posts that we seem to be getting daily, everyone is excited about posting their thoughts, and everyone wants to be heard and seen, but we need to keep this place in order. Here are some guidelines we'd like you to keep in mind before commenting, but most importantly before creating a thread: CHECK THE FORUM BEFORE YOU START A NEW THREAD TO AVOID DUPLICATES: When it comes to news, it's ok if someone posts about a new article or social media update and it's been already posted, we'll merge them, but if you're posting something that it's already been out for several hours or days, chances are it's already been shared here, you don't lose anything with checking first. When it comes to threads that are supposed to spark some kind of discussion, whether is some aspect of the conservatorship, her career, her life, some character, also check if there's already threads about it, because we keep getting lots of similar threads that are basically about the same topic over and over. Same with topics that derive from a bigger one, i.e. the hearings. We don't need 10 threads to discuss every single quote from her testimony, when you could perfectly comment on the main one, unless you're really bringing something new that justifies a separate conversation. If you ignore this, we'll merge them without notifying you. Use tags that are helpful to identify the topic of each thread. TROLL POSTS: Anything considered troll behavior, whether is a comment or a thread, will be deleted/hidden or you'll get warning points according to the rules and the staff's considerations. Ban and suspensions will be issued when necessary. Members that were already banned and come back with a duplicate account, or duplicate accounts in general will be banned. Do not derail the main topic of a thread with conversations / fights that are off topic. One off topic post for fun or clarification here and there is fine, but not something that results in chains of comments that take several pages. We ask that you do not post negative comments about Britney's appearance or her instagram videos dancing. We also do not welcome attacks on Britney as a person - Please use that energy on sending her love and positivity. TOPICS / COMMENTS COMPLAINING ABOUT AN ACTION TAKEN BY A MODERATOR: All issues must be raised PRIVATELY and not publicly. Attacks against moderators will not be tolerated and you will face repercussions. TOPICS ABOUT WHETHER BRITNEY IS WRITING HER INSTAGRAM POSTS OR NOT / CASSIE AND CROWDSURF: We understand this is a very controversial topic. It's ok if you believe either one, but we don't need a new thread discussing both theories every time there's a new post. Stick to the main thread discussing each social media post, and comment there whatever is your opinion. We'll consider keeping separate main thread for those that don't believe it's her, and you'll stick to that to share all your points. We kindly ask that you do not derail threads and completely change the topic at hand. TOPICS ABOUT RUMORS/ACCUSATIONS TO PEOPLE DIRECTLY OR NOT DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE CONSERVATORSHIP, THAT IMPLY A LEGAL MATTER AND ARE NOT BASED ON LEAKED COURT DOCUMENTS ARE PROHIBITED: As the owner of the website, Jordan is vulnerable to any kind of lawsuits / cease and desists if the people we talk about find out about the content posted here. Let's help him and thank him to keep this place open for all of us. POSTS REVEALING PERSONAL INFORMATION (EMAIL ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES) OF ANY PERSON: It should be obvious that is extremely prohibited. TOPICS ABOUT SAM ASGHARI, JAMIE LYNN, AND OTHER PEOPLE RELATED TO BRITNEY: Please refrain from racism, death threats or posting fake news about them based solely on assumption. If you do not like someone please do not cross the line and force that opinion on others. We also ask that you do not attack anyone's appearance, including Britney's. REGARDING SEAN PRESTON AND JAYDEN JAMES PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA, OR PICTURES TAKEN FROM THERE: Please do not post personal pictures of Britney's sons. Proceed with caution regarding anything they write on social media. We reserve the right to hide any content we feel crosses a line or invades theirs or Britney's privacy. BE KIND Despite how emotionally charged this time is, please ensure your content is generally kind in nature. Do not bully people in Britney's orbit because you fundamentally disagree with them and/or their views. Exhale is ultimately designed to be a positive force on the Internet. We will not slip back into "Exhell" where members can freely spew toxic negativity and hate. We encourage you to be honest, but do it respectfully please. Thanks for your attention. Sincerely, the Exhale Moderators Team. @Spark @Blaze @Fire @Flame @Ember @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Community Curators @Exhale+
  3. Which exhale user do you feel a special connection with? Don't be shy fam!
  4. If you could rearrange Britney's singles in the most convenient way possible, how would you do so? Based on the trends and general public appeal, here is what I would have added/replaced to each era and what I believe to be many missed opportunities. In many cases, the replacing is for practicality reasons obvs. "Baby One More Time" Era: I'll Never Stop Loving You (in place of 'From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart') I Will Be There (promotional release) "Oops I Did It Again" Era: Walk On By (promotional release) Stronger Darkchild/AMA 2001 Rock-Inspired Remix (in place of the album version) My Only Wish (This Year) When Your Eyes Say It (international release) "Britney" Era: What It's Like To Be Me ("Celebrity" album promo/early-mid-2001 release) Lonely Darkchild/Hip-Hop-Inspired Remix (in place of 'Overprotected Darkchild Remix') Let Me Be (promotional release) Before The Goodbye REMASTERED w/ a proper bridge (in place of 'I Love Rock N Roll) "In The Zone" Era: Outrageous Ft. Snoop Dogg (I Got That) Boom Boom Ft. Ludacris & The Ying Yang Twins Breathe On Me 2004-2007 Era: And Then We Kiss Sippin' On Ft. Jadakiss REMASTERED "Blackout" Era: To Love Let Go REMASTERED "Circus" Era Candy From A Stranger Ft. Lil Wayne (in place of 'If U Seek Amy') Dramatic REMASTERED (in place of 'Radar') "Femme Fatale" Era Inside Out Ft. Eminem (in place of 'Criminal') "Britney Jean" Era Work ***** RE-RECORDED Hold On Tight RE-RECORDED 2013-2016 Era: Axe 'Pretty Girls' "Glory" Era Make Me Ft. Ty Dolla $ign or Kendrick Lamar (in place of G-Eazy) Slumber Party Solo (No Tinashe) 2017-2018 Era: I Feel So Free With You Ft. Pitbull & Marc Anthony I know my list is very extensive/strategic but feel free to include your own personal lists and opinions below.
  5. I have come to the conclusion that aside from the classics like BOMT, Oops and Toxic...that Boom Boom and Outrageous are her BEST songs. A majority of my friend groups are all into hip-hop and they always had the objective that Britney only made bubblegum and dance/electro-influenced pop. So when I started showing people Boom Boom and Outrageous, they were shook to the CORE. They all started bopping along and wondering why Britney never made more hip-hip and urban material. And they were right....Britney literally ate these two tracks up and they’re pretty much flawless, start to end. Catchy, fun, and vibey. But wow, what a moment... that is most pleasing to her in her career.
  6. Does anyone know? I checked ha account and it was deactivated and her name was changed to @statement redacted.
  7. Hey everyone! In the most recent lockdown I truly began to struggle with my mental health after so many years of struggling previously. After many sessions of encouragement with my therapist I started to write my story. I know you may be asking why it is on a Britney forum and that’s because Britney and the forum is mentioned repeatedly throughout the book as part of my journey. I hope this book can reach out to those who it may help and with your help I hope it can. Here is a review and the description of the book… "Raw, honest, hard to put down and incredibly beautiful. Joshua reminds us that we are all many different pieces of a complex puzzle. A continuing story of love, hope and healing." - Gemma Ray, BBC Lancashire “Joshua Gaskell’s story is a complicated jigsaw. Navigating his youth through confusing and turbulent emotions including bullying, rejection, heartbreak and struggles with his ***uality, everyday normal stresses and strains snowballed quickly. A survivor of the Manchester Arena bombing which saw a suicide bomber claim the lives of 22 people and injure 800 at an Ariana Grande concert, Joshua found himself no longer understanding his place in society and how to deal with his thoughts. Severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder ensued and with that came crippling anxiety, struggles with historical trauma, addiction and suicide attempts. When the UK lockdown in 2020 shut down his business leaving him in severe financial, emotional and mental stress, it was too much. Joshua finally reached out for help and sought solace and healing in his therapist, Catherine. It was Catherine who recognised that Joshua’s story of survival could help others. She recommended Joshua write this book. This book is his story. And it may be your story too. “My therapist, Catherine, asked me during our sessions, “What are you living for?” My answer was that I’m living to complete my puzzle”, said Joshua. In this unfiltered and raw memoir, Joshua recounts the incremental mental toll that led to him feeling that life was not worth living. Gripping and shocking, yet hopeful, this book is a reminder that we are all many puzzle pieces in our jigsaw of life. Some we need help to find, some are hard to place but learning to enjoy the process of fitting the dramatically different pieces together is the most beautiful and meaningful part of life” Kindle Edition Out Now! Paperback edition coming very soon! http://mybook.to/puzzlepieces Sorry this is such a long winded post haha! Thanks for your help and support throughout the many years!
  8. a hard-working goddess who was so diligent with her craft. we didn't deserve her and what's even more sad is how these old videos are becoming like distant memories, like going through a yearbook. i'm just thankful most of us were blessed to be a part of her dream and privileged enough to live on the same planet as her. fly high britney, like the angel you are. hope you're happy wherever you are. like you always used to say : "never, ever lose your passion to dream." i genuinely miss her and the old days and i'm just so emotional right now.
  9. Hey Exhale, I'm still pretty mystified that BreatheHeavy is 17-years-old this month. Today, June 4th, to be precise. The receipts : Instead of a one-and-done kinda post, I'd like to offer some insight into BreatheHeavy throughout the month of June. Share stories, memories, layouts, things like that. In this latest installment, I took a walk down memory lane to check out some of Exhale's history. I have actually not seen some of these themes in more than a decade, and they've got me in my feelings. Wow, what a journey it's been thus far! To my surprise, I discovered I launched Exhale in 2005. For some reason I thought it was years later, but no, only one year after I launched BreatheHeavy, I created Exhale. Even back then, it appears 16-year-old Jordan somehow knew how important the element of community is and would become. That's some Jedi mind trick I pulled! Take a peek at some of these themes. Do any of them trigger a memory? 2005 I thought I was being edgy. I remember at the time this photoshoot came out for Play boy and everyone thought it was Britney. It's not, but clearly I liked the pics anyway. I think this was me trying to convince everyone nothing to see here! I'm straight! See?! 2006: 2007: 2008: The tear on her mouth was around the time I was going through that legal trouble with her dad and team. Looking back, that was pretty rebellious. Very unprofessional, and essentially an F U. I literally used imagery of her mouth and voice being ripped away from her. Unfortunately, 12 years later she's still legally in that same spot, however I personally would never roll with something like this. Then again, I am also 12-years-wiser. This header probably stands out the most out of everything I made graphics-wise. 2009: At one point, this had handcuffs on her wrists attached to the pole. Yikes. Also, notice the Circus tour ad. 2010: I honestly don't remember making this, but alas it exists. I have an inkling this was me still feeling rebellious towards the injustice I perceived was happening. It feels like I would've used this as like an "aye aye, captain" kind of thing. Not a very flattering picture of her. Good going, Jordan 🙄 2011: I thought this was sooo lit. Like she was Exhaling out the words. But NGL it actually kinda looks like she's inhaling. A choice. 2012: This year is when we had a software change from XMB to Invision Power Board (which is what we use currently). A lot of data was lost in the transfer and is why the themes look different now. 2013: This was a good era. I miss Britney 2014: This was the year I expanded from Britney-only to music. That's why the rest of the layouts don't actually feature Britney in the header anymore. I actually got some complaints on Instagram today of people wanting me to go back to how BH was before - Britney only. More on that - the transition from Britney to pop music - in my next installment. 2015: A Britney Jean theme 2016: Ok this one was actually dope af. I might bring that text block back. When I saw it just now I was like Do any of the themes take you back to a different time? Let me know what you think! Related:
  10. Hello yall So after doing some research and little comparing, I have noticed that BreatheHeavy always triumphs as the most popular pop culture forum compared to its peers. Let me show you a few examples: The Popjustice Forum: 18,729 members ATRL: 32,065 members BreatheHeavy: 71,340 members These are from all pop culture forums I know. I am not counting Reddit, Quora or Lipstick Alley as they aren't really pop culture forums (they are more fixated on an "everything" category) so this is what I have collected Thoughts yall? Lemme know
  11. Okay, so Jordan wanted me to announce this on here. We have decided to make a BreatheHeavy Discord server, and I added on some extra features to it in case you want to know more about other things. He's the owner of that one, and I'm the admin on it, so if any of you Exhalers want to join, then use this invite link, and we'll get you set up. https://discord.gg/DdHJd8CKH3
  12. Update: This video was originally posted in October, 2020, when BH was 16. Everything I said is still 💯 Check it out! Earlier: Hey Exhale! I put out my first official YouTube video I'd be honored if you'd watch it when you have a few minutes to spare. Running BreatheHeavy, my online community, since 2004 has taught me SO many valuable lessons in marketing, business & entrepreneurship. I want to share them with you all. This YouTube channel is designed to fire you up to pursue your goals NO MATTER HOW unattainable they may seem. With BreatheHeavy, I have been knocked down more times than I can count, but it's my burning desire to get back up, dust myself off, use my failures as motivation and push forward. It's not easy, but I can share with you what I've done and inspire you to do the same. In this video, I open up about a few successes and failures with BreatheHeavy, the "Free Britney" movement and a few career highlights to help paint a picture of where hard work, grit and determination can take you. Let me know what you think and if you haven't already... please subscribe, like and hit the notification bell! Enjoyyyy:
  13. I have been wanting to make this topic for a very long time. I've seen some members here go in upcoming, new artists' threads just to be snarky and say 'Who?'. They are new artists, and you don't know them for a reason because they are trying to make it. If everyone is as mean as you, no new artist can exist anymore. In some cases, some go in to A-list celebs' threads and say 'I don't know her' or simply use the iconic Mariah gif. Let's first state the obvious. You are not Mariah. Then, I think we all should sit back and think if this artist is all over the world, and you not knowing them is not a really reason to for you to be proud of yourself. You are on a Pop Culture forum. Instead of being snarky, maybe Google is your best friend? Doesn't it say a lot more about yourself than the artist? I don't mean that we have to know every artist or follow every bit of pop culture, but at least don't act all high-up when we don't know somebody. I just wanna know if someone else finds the Mariah wanna-bes as tiring as I do.
  14. Hello yall Does anyone have a spare ATRL account? I'm looking for an account on ATRLbut it seems they'll most likely never open up registrations but probably they did but my stupid self choose to not check if they did So any?
  15. Last year, Exhale was having its biggest boom since 2018 but nowadays it feels so dull...I mean like... Exhales server caught fire lately thus leading to it being shut down for a few days akin it's own stock market crash moment Iconic users like @Iconic 4 U and @ColdAsFire88 left Exhale The amount of general visitors and online exhalers has been falling down since this year has started Slayer's Britney album megarates are over, and didnt the last one like have only a few visitors (relevant to my last point) It has been stagnant around 65k something users Not many threads nowadays are crossing over a 100 replies which connects to my 3rd point I have entered my first flop era AKA Blackout2006 Jean And Exhale has been feeling so dry lately Thoughts exhale?
  16. Hey Exhale, after we migrated to our new cloud plan, I've been hear rumblings from Exhalers that they're having trouble logging in, leaving comments and/or reacting to posts. You have some options for help! If you can please feel free to comment in this topic for help. Join our Exhale's Discord server and ask questions there. Private message me Submit a support ticket Email exhale[@]breatheheavy.com I'll make sure to get you sorted out ;)
  17. Both iconic music divas and voice legends have recently expressed their love for Britney on several occasions during recent interviews and/or on social media. Some have even hinted or suggested that a collab was in the works with Mariah and how Christina has been trying to reach out to Britney, but which would you prefer to see? Britney x Christina or Britney x Mariah? Discuss.
  18. Hi Exhalers! So i'm just a new member here and my 3rd month as an Exhaler is coming up in May. I'm also not very aware with a lot of popular memes on the internet. Exhale just had a revival in 2020 and we have a lot of new members that are becoming active and becoming mainstream Exhalers. Now, i'm not sure if i'm the only one feeling clueless about a lot of our emotes. But I would really like to know some of them. I took inspiration because I've learned some of the origins of our emotes by reading the threads. I know all the Britney emotes. I think we all do. But what about the non-Britney emotes? Example, I learned about this because @iAlwaysSingLive posted a video where this was taken. He also once shared to me in another thread a video about this emote. And then he just recently posted in another thread about this girl who we have a lot of emotes of. @PokemonSpears also shared to me a video about who this girl was and where this emote was taken from. @Hungry Hun also shared to me a video once about this woman. What about the other emotes? Share the videos where they were taken from! Share their origins through videos or memes (whichever is available) for the basic biches like me! TEEHEE 🧡 And for the new Britney fans, you may also ask for videos of the Britney emotes!
  19. What's the font used for "BRITNEY" and "Domination". Thanks
  20. I'll start: When You Put Your Hands On Me - Christina Aguilera So Real / I Wanna Be with You - Mandy Moore Baby Come On Over - Samantha Mumba I Believe - Bosson Red Blooded Woman - Kylie Minogue Turn It Up - Paris Hilton Apologize - OneRepublic When I Grow Up - *****cat Dolls (awful song, but I would have preferred it as a comeback single over Womanizer) Telephone - Lady Gaga La La La - Naughty Boy Don't Start Now - Dua Lipa Oh, and a cover of Billie Jean by Michael Jackson and an official studio version of Open Arms by Journey/Mariah Carey with 1998ney vocals. Imagine how fire those would have been. What songs would you have liked for Britney to release? Feel free to include unreleased / unrecorded demos as well.
  21. Overall, we've been trying to figure out her true sales are. So from a reliable source I found in like 2012 which is now deleted unfortunately but these sales are from Riaa, BMI, World Charts and I have been calculating all week since I've been off from work after an operation. So enjoy I don't include chartmaster cause they don't include club album sales, plus some countries they couldn't be asked to get sales info from. *NOTE NOT INCLUDING TEA (TRACK EQUIVALENT SALES) Album Sales Baby One More Time - 31,800,000 (PURE) 32,600,000 (Including Streams) Oops!...I Did It Again - 25,700,000 (PURE) 26,130,000 (Including Streams) Britney - 17,500,000 (PURE) 17,780,000 (Including Streams) In The Zone - 11,500,000 (PURE) 12,730,000 (Including Streams) My Prerogative - 6,500,000 (PURE) 7,500,000 (Including Streams) Chaotic (EP) - 80,000 (PURE) 84,300 (Including Streams) B In The Mix (Vol.1) - 1,550,000 (also the 6th best selling remix album of all time) (PURE) 1,570,000 (Including Streams) Blackout - 3,700,000 (PURE) 4,300,000 (Including Streams) Circus - 5,100,000 (PURE) 6,400,000 (Including Streams) The Singles Collection - 1,620,000 (PURE) 2,070,000 (Including Streams) Femme Fatale - 2,500,000 (PURE) 3,530,000 (Including Streams) Britney Jean - 920,000 (PURE) 1,100,000 (Including Streams) Glory - 650,000 (PURE) 1,000,000 (Including Sales) Orphan Albums - 1,000,000 Total Pure Album Sales - 110,870,000 + Total Album Units Sales - 117,150,000 + Doing Single Sales soon.
  22. I thought that making a thread like this will be a good idea, as I've never made one like this before Hi!!! I'm a creator of the I Am Brinty Joan Show on YouTube, which is a Britney(Brinty) centered version of The Nekci Menij show. Update: Here's the new episode!
  23. this is just for fun so dont get pissed or anything. Baby One More Time (Feminists would loose their **** over " Hit me, baby, one more time") Born To Make You Happy (Feminists would loose their **** over her singing that she was born to make a guy happy) Sometimes (Feminists would loose their **** over "Sometimes I run, sometimes I hide, sometimes I'm scared of you" Im a Slave 4 U (White people mentioning being a slave is nagl these days) any other songs you can think of?
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