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  1. Hey Exhale! Jordan here. You may recall I worked on a navy blue face mask design earlier this summer with my bestie. I kept procrastinating on putting it out because ultimately I didn't LOVE the design. It was alright, and I found myself not wearing it all that often. So I scarped it. ~It just didn't work~ I spent a few weeks working on a different design with an entirely different kind of mask/material, and it's MILES better. This I'm super proud of and wear it all the time. Super breathable soft and high quality (it'll handle the wear and tear - I've been working out in it for a few weeks and it's in great shape). Here are some of the deets: 100% supersoft polyester microfiber Elastic bands with PVC earloop size regulators Adjustable nose wire Pocket for a filter or napkin Washable and reusable (please hand wash) Also, for the first time ever, it says EXHALE on it (versus BreatheHeavy). What a perfect name for a face mask eh? Plus it's pretty cool to wear a brand with 16 years of iconic herstory like this site has. I know we are in a pandemic and every penny counts, so no worries if you can't invest in a great mask right now. However, if any of you would like to order you may do so by clicking below: Get an Exhale face mask! HUGE thank you to those that have already ordered (I shared it on Instagram earlier this week). Do you guys like the design? Are you interested even 1% in getting one? I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Thanks and love y'all. Jordan Related:
  2. Did you hang out with the cool crowd or not? And don’t lie. If you weren’t, you weren’t and that’s ok
  3. Today I wanted to change my username but someone else had that name So I went to their account and found out they haven't been active for 10 years
  4. Update: This video was originally posted in October, 2020, when BH was 16. Everything I said is still 💯 Check it out! Earlier: Hey Exhale! I put out my first official YouTube video I'd be honored if you'd watch it when you have a few minutes to spare. Running BreatheHeavy, my online community, since 2004 has taught me SO many valuable lessons in marketing, business & entrepreneurship. I want to share them with you all. This YouTube channel is designed to fire you up to pursue your goals NO MATTER HOW unattainable they may seem. With BreatheHeavy, I have been knocked down more times than I can count, but it's my burning desire to get back up, dust myself off, use my failures as motivation and push forward. It's not easy, but I can share with you what I've done and inspire you to do the same. In this video, I open up about a few successes and failures with BreatheHeavy, the "Free Britney" movement and a few career highlights to help paint a picture of where hard work, grit and determination can take you. Let me know what you think and if you haven't already... please subscribe, like and hit the notification bell! Enjoyyyy:
  5. Hey Exhale, I'm still pretty mystified that BreatheHeavy is 19-years-old today. The receipts : Instead of a one-and-done kinda post, I'd like to offer some insight into BreatheHeavy throughout the month of June. Share stories, memories, layouts, things like that. In this latest installment, I took a walk down memory lane to check out some of Exhale's history. I have actually not seen some of these themes in more than a decade, and they've got me in my feelings. Wow, what a journey it's been thus far! To my surprise, I discovered I launched Exhale in 2005. For some reason I thought it was years later, but no, only one year after I launched BreatheHeavy, I created Exhale. Even back then, it appears 16-year-old Jordan somehow knew how important the element of community is and would become. That's some Jedi mind trick I pulled! Take a peek at some of these themes. Do any of them trigger a memory? 2005 I thought I was being edgy. I remember at the time this photoshoot came out for Play boy and everyone thought it was Britney. It's not, but clearly I liked the pics anyway. I think this was me trying to convince everyone nothing to see here! I'm straight! See?! 2006: 2007: 2008: The tear on her mouth was around the time I was going through that legal trouble with her dad and team. Looking back, that was pretty rebellious. Very unprofessional, and essentially an F U. I literally used imagery of her mouth and voice being ripped away from her. Unfortunately, 12 years later she's still legally in that same spot, however I personally would never roll with something like this. Then again, I am also 12-years-wiser. This header probably stands out the most out of everything I made graphics-wise. 2009: At one point, this had handcuffs on her wrists attached to the pole. Yikes. Also, notice the Circus tour ad. 2010: I honestly don't remember making this, but alas it exists. I have an inkling this was me still feeling rebellious towards the injustice I perceived was happening. It feels like I would've used this as like an "aye aye, captain" kind of thing. Not a very flattering picture of her. Good going, Jordan 🙄 2011: I thought this was sooo lit. Like she was Exhaling out the words. But NGL it actually kinda looks like she's inhaling. A choice. 2012: This year is when we had a software change from XMB to Invision Power Board (which is what we use currently). A lot of data was lost in the transfer and is why the themes look different now. 2013: This was a good era. I miss Britney 2014: This was the year I expanded from Britney-only to music. That's why the rest of the layouts don't actually feature Britney in the header anymore. I actually got some complaints on Instagram today of people wanting me to go back to how BH was before - Britney only. More on that - the transition from Britney to pop music - in my next installment. 2015: A Britney Jean theme 2016: Ok this one was actually dope af. I might bring that text block back. When I saw it just now I was like Do any of the themes take you back to a different time? Let me know what you think! Related:
  6. Don’t do that to us again Jordan But to be serious, this fandom and exhale have been through ALOT worse than a bunch of conspiracy theory trolls and ‘****** mystery solving housewife’ tiktokers. Let’s be fair on ourselves and Jordan/Mods past and present be fair on yourselves too.
  7. Tell us @Slayer, what's your next album gonna be like? Are we getting a Blackout 2.0? Are you gonna expose everything that happened to you during your Exhalevatorship? Are you writing a book? We need to be blessed
  8. Which Exhale user’s career would you resurrect to become active again? It can be someone who was banned, voluntarily left, or taking an extended hiatus. My vote is for our iconic first Mod queen of the new era of Exhale, @Roxxy
  9. Let's share in this thread your WRAPPED Exhale! here some ideas of tops and lists you can do: 01- Most Important Songs/Albums/Artists (Overall platforms) for me: Dirt Femme by Tove Lo was the album I fell in love with So Good by Halsey was the song that blowed my mind Hold Me Closer by Britney & Elton was a joy because of hearing Britney on the (good) spot again Kim Petras was my discovery of the year Beyoncé might be my most streamed artist this year 02- Exhale Besties this Year I joined Exhale mid this year so I'm kinda new, but I think y'all might have a better answer... so there are some users that give me joy around here: @Groundbreaking thanks for the love on my projects @JayTawndre for the support and topics @Jordan Miller for banning me several times without explanation nor answers @s&m for letting me spam with your ariana pequeña profile pic @jordeezy for the support on my projects, @ObsessedBritFan1 too! might edit after. 03- Best Topic This year on Exhale || oh gosh remember the chaos the shade to xtincta by britney? that was a moment || also, the wedding! ----------------- let me know yours! happy december and let's celebrate Of course, stream SAD BOPS on your platforms
  10. I feel like someone on here is ignoring me I know we're not supposed to know who's ignoring us, but is there a way to know?
  11. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. Please stop spreading negativity around Exhale. If you disagree with someone, absolutely express yourself but in a respectful manner please. If you can’t be mature and have a respectful conversation, refrain from commenting anything at all 🤍 I hope everyone has an amazing day!
  12. I'm dealing with a stalker on Exhale that doesn't want to leave me alone and I know there is an option to ignore him but I'd love to block him but like block him for real that he can't see MY posts, profile, he can't quote or tag me etc. I think this is very important for Exhalers' safety and mental health @Jordan Miller Thoughts? Free me
  13. -put the thumbs down in reaction to a comment / thread , we have the thumbs up why not down 👎 -delete a thread: it would be so nice if we could delete a thread that we posted, for example imagine that we posted a thread but that it quickly becomes obsolete or while we posted a useless or annoying thread it would be useful -report a thread, i realized that it would be a good idea when a user had posted a hateful thread towards the children of britney, instead of identifying all the mods, it would be easier to click on an option to send a report notification to all mods including @Jordan Miller
  14. I don’t know, I feel so liberated and it’s just such a vibe Thanks @Style. for informing me that it’s called avi
  15. Don't lie we all have one .... (Whether their profile picture is real or fake we don't know 🤔🤔😝) Do you have a crush? Discuss.
  16. Today I went to someone's profile to follow them but the follow button wasn't there and I couldn't see their followers either
  17. What happened to some of my favorite users like @rosenotes @whitedove @thebritmaster @RedBird @Deanna Winchester @runoncoldfire @Roxxy If y'all are here, miss y'all! are there any Exhale peeps y'all miss?!
  18. Hey Exhale Before I share this with you I hope everyone is having a wonderful day/night. Here in Las Vegas Nevada it's about 2 am and I'm not tired... can't sleep and have to get this off my chest. I thank Exhale for being my escape from a very difficult time in my life. The laughs, the tea spilled, the fellowship it makes being a Britney fan for 20 years well worth it. You all in a short period of time after returning to Exhale have a piece of my heart and I actually pray for you guys But with that being said... I made a YouTube video especially for you guys, My family and friends and Britney. I know this is a reach but after the day I've had to come home and see Britney's post finally speaking to us it was a moment for me, and I shot this video before I found out Britney's video... she is so strong and I am looking to her for strength because if she could have lived through 14 years of trauma then I definitely can overcome the last 10 years of my life... since my Mama died... I hope you all know how much I care for you all and don't give up.. we all are having hard times with the holidays here some of us have lost loved ones or are going thru life's bs but we are in it together. Blessings (please read Instagram caption and check out the message to Exhale) To Britney, Exhale and Etc. @Danielle1987 @Cinderella85 @Doja Kitten @Urbanney @CrazyButItFeelsAllright(ur mentioned in video) @MikeHunt @Rik @blackoutbixxh @rennen @MikeHunt @Nickey @SlayOut @Style. @Slayer @Midnight @Justin Woodpond @princessmimi @PokemonSpears @MadonnaBritneyLove @Adriannn @Henry M. Torres @Jordan Miller @justhanging @DJBringItBack @Rik @SPEED28 @Lil-Jay @reVolution @rosenotes Current song on repeat @MissSpearsSaysSo @TommyX @gapeach704 @nwonder @jordeezy Thoughts
  19. here's a list of things i love to do (for example purposes, y'all don't know me im just another anonymous person on exhale 🤫) - i love to eat pizza, chicken fried, sushi, alfredo pastas, and strawberries and lemons 🍓🍋😉!!! - i love hanging with my friends its super cool and fun - i love to pray and meditate from time to time. - i love to sing and dance and write songs - i love the color pink - i love Christina Aguilera and her music (except her first two albums) - Pepsi is not what i love, coca cola is. - i love dancing on tables - i love spa days!!! - i love casual dating over LOVE what about y'all? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  20. Looking for new shows and movie recommendations! I've watched the new Ryan Murphy series The Watcher, also the new Halloween movie, Only ******* in the Building, Good Girls, Jane the Virgin, The Bold Type and Do Revenge just to name a few stuff. I need new recommendations and I'm sure others could benefit from that too! What do YOU like watching, Exhale peeps?! 🍿🍿🍿
  21. Who was around then? Was it as fun on here back then as it is now? I’m so grateful for this amazing site @Jordan Miller
  22. Random question but I thought it would be cool to see all of the different vibes on Exhale! I feel like I’m an even mixture. Parts of me are pretty flamboyant and feminine but then I also have parts about me that are on the masculine side. I am comfortable painting my nails and wearing makeup but I’m also low key and subtle at the same time. Growing up I always tried to hide who I was but as an adult I love being me! Me at 13 trying on my mom’s makeup and getting caught: Ps this is a safe thread and everyone is beautiful in their own way. Be proud to be who you truly are 🤍
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