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  1. To think that “Britney fans” can come on here and casually openly comment the most vile things about her miscarriage so easily is so upsetting to me. What is wrong with some of you?
  2. Helllloooooo I just wanted to come on here and say that I hope EVERYONE has an awesome day today and that I love this community
  3. I’m back Did you miss me?
  4. I have to leave my cousin's on Sunday her son's won't let me be here any longer I have no idea where I'm going to go or what I'm going to do my family wrote me off nobody wants to help me my entire family all struggles from drugs and alcohol yet they want to judge me for my mistakes or for my weakness or this moment of what I'm feeling right now and I just feel so alone I really need help right now I don't know where I'm going to sleep Sunday and I feel so embarrassed having to do this but if anyone would be willing to please donate whatever they can to me enough for a hotel room even if it's just for a week and so I can have some money for food and hygiene I don't have nothing and I'm freaking out because Sunday is literally a day away and I don't know what to do and I know how supportive you guys are and I know that exhale is my family so if you guys would be willing I'm going to put my Cash App tag as well as my GoFundMe even though I have to update it because I'm not in Vegas anymore I'm here in California and I also have PayPal I feel so embarrassed but they say when you need help reach Out If anyone is willing to help me please donate to Cash App $jaytawndre or PayPal: taylorjamesdevon@gmail.com I have gofundme as well 😭
  5. The amount of comments that involve my name or have something to do with me on here is quite something It’s so cool how I’m such a topic on here and that it’s all some can talk about Even in threads that are about Britney, my name gets brought into the thread somehow I hope you all have an awesome weekend!! -OverIt
  6. Honestly @Slayer And @Urbanneyare sooooo kind and sweet. They both have shown me so much love during a difficult time and they are so kind. I love them and I just want to show love to the Exhale Super Mods. @Jordan Millerknew what he was doing picking his Mods. I don't have a personal relationship or know all the Super Mods but they are a huge part of what keeps Exhale going and helping Jordan. We should show them some love 💜💜💜
  7. Hi beautiful members of Exhale! (except for a couple of you on here ) It’s been a busy couple of weeks campaigning but I just wanted to come on here and personally wish you all a Happy Easter! May you all have a wonderful holiday with your family, friends and loved ones. I also hope you get lots of chocolate!!!!! My mom still does me up a chocolate Easter bag with all of my favourite chocolates and favourite things So I’ll be eating chocolate all day Have a splendid day Exhale!!!
  9. Statement. If anyone would like updates please text [redacted] for info. I have to do this. I'm scared. Love you all and Britney I love you I hope you hear my story.
  10. Is Exhale ok? So much division. So much drama. I sincerely hope everyone realizes life is too short for drama and fighting. Let's be a community and accept one another. I hope all the Mods and now ex-Mods are doing alright. Also congrats to @FreeBritBrit
  11. Hello! So a few of us Exhalers have shared an opinion that @Jordan Miller should dismiss the entire Exhale moderator team to let in way for a new team of Exhale staff? What do u guys think?
  12. I'm thinking about a podcast after @rik kilshowed us 🤔🤔!!! I decided to release A apology podcast audio clip. It's only 6:37ish minutes. https://voca.ro/1mqlSXbulVyH This apology is regarding my mislead information about last night's Vanity Fair party and Britney not coming. I know I ruffled feathers 🙏 Xo Pssss @Urbanney @Jordan Millerand @crazywhenyoufeellikeit y'all got personal shoutouts and praise for being amazing and fun Mod group. 🙏💜 'Tawndre 💋
  13. Hello guys! Happy Birthday Britney! The first episode of my Docuseries is here! This is part one. Talking about meeting Britney and other things. Part two will be out next week. Super excited to share my never told experience meeting the Queen. Hope you enjoy! #JayTawndreForB10 Eat some chips and dip and enjoy the tea!
  14. I've released "Britney Changed My Life" the complete episode. The intro and part one were released on Britney's birthday, December 2. Part 2 released today. Here is all three Parts of the episode. Forgive the audio not matching the visuals for the first two parts. Part 2 (Just Released) I've also released a Christmas bop for you all called "What I Wish For." Sonically the song while I produced it, was heavily inspired by underground techno, Madonna's "Confessions on a Dance Floor" record as well as Britney's song "Body Ache" and Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia." Hope you all enjoy this song because I am going on a break! Happy Holidays! Thanks to everyone at Exhale for their continued support. I'm announcing that you will see less of me on here for personal reasons. Enjoy the content because I'm not releasing anything for a little while! Apologies to @Urbanneyand team Exhale mods for being upset with my tagging. Hope you all appreciate my art. Have a blessed Sunday. Here is some pictures with Adam Leber and a few of Britney's dancers including fan favorite Willie Gomez from Circus Tour.
  15. So with Britney allegedly having different lurk accounts on Exhale, It makes me wonder. Who else could be on Exhale lurking or posting anonymously? I heard Jamie Lynn was on here as well as Britney's Dad himself. I could see JL but not Jamie Spears he doesn't have any social media so why would he get on here? Also, a few celebs rumored to lurk on here I've heard Demi Lovato and Gaga both have been on here. This is something we should discuss... You never know who you're really speaking to on Exhale. That's the anonymous part of it. I mean unless ur like me who just is very transparent with who I am lol. I don't hide behind celebrity pics but I digress. What are ur thoughts? Do you know who is on Exhale? Which account is Jamie Lynn's??? 👀👀👀
  16. Hey Exhale, I'm still pretty mystified that BreatheHeavy is 17-years-old this month. Today, June 4th, to be precise. The receipts : Instead of a one-and-done kinda post, I'd like to offer some insight into BreatheHeavy throughout the month of June. Share stories, memories, layouts, things like that. In this latest installment, I took a walk down memory lane to check out some of Exhale's history. I have actually not seen some of these themes in more than a decade, and they've got me in my feelings. Wow, what a journey it's been thus far! To my surprise, I discovered I launched Exhale in 2005. For some reason I thought it was years later, but no, only one year after I launched BreatheHeavy, I created Exhale. Even back then, it appears 16-year-old Jordan somehow knew how important the element of community is and would become. That's some Jedi mind trick I pulled! Take a peek at some of these themes. Do any of them trigger a memory? 2005 I thought I was being edgy. I remember at the time this photoshoot came out for Play boy and everyone thought it was Britney. It's not, but clearly I liked the pics anyway. I think this was me trying to convince everyone nothing to see here! I'm straight! See?! 2006: 2007: 2008: The tear on her mouth was around the time I was going through that legal trouble with her dad and team. Looking back, that was pretty rebellious. Very unprofessional, and essentially an F U. I literally used imagery of her mouth and voice being ripped away from her. Unfortunately, 12 years later she's still legally in that same spot, however I personally would never roll with something like this. Then again, I am also 12-years-wiser. This header probably stands out the most out of everything I made graphics-wise. 2009: At one point, this had handcuffs on her wrists attached to the pole. Yikes. Also, notice the Circus tour ad. 2010: I honestly don't remember making this, but alas it exists. I have an inkling this was me still feeling rebellious towards the injustice I perceived was happening. It feels like I would've used this as like an "aye aye, captain" kind of thing. Not a very flattering picture of her. Good going, Jordan 🙄 2011: I thought this was sooo lit. Like she was Exhaling out the words. But NGL it actually kinda looks like she's inhaling. A choice. 2012: This year is when we had a software change from XMB to Invision Power Board (which is what we use currently). A lot of data was lost in the transfer and is why the themes look different now. 2013: This was a good era. I miss Britney 2014: This was the year I expanded from Britney-only to music. That's why the rest of the layouts don't actually feature Britney in the header anymore. I actually got some complaints on Instagram today of people wanting me to go back to how BH was before - Britney only. More on that - the transition from Britney to pop music - in my next installment. 2015: A Britney Jean theme 2016: Ok this one was actually dope af. I might bring that text block back. When I saw it just now I was like Do any of the themes take you back to a different time? Let me know what you think! Related:
  17. I hate making a thread that gloats about something so trivial and is seemingly self-centered, but given the relative silence in the General section, I thought it was only appropriate to make a celebration happen! Today, on February 19, 2022 — almost 6 years after my Exhale debut — I attained quite the feat: I have officially made more than 10,000 unique posts here in our community. 10,000 posts of laughter, 10,000 posts of joy, and definitely 10,000 posts of piping hot tea and the coldest of shade! Mathematically speaking, that’s only about 1667 posts for each of the past 6 years! In that same time frame, however, I’ve grown my reputation to a whopping 36,400 points. All through natural means, might I add. Back in my early Exhale days, you had to contend with downvotes and even neutral reactions that didn’t affect your reputation. Lucky for me, I captured Exhale’s heart by storm and rightfully earned my reputation. And I’ve never had to resort to liking my own posts to boost my reputation, either! If you’ve made it this far, hopefully you haven’t grouped me in with the true narcissists of Exhale or hopefully you haven’t put me on ignore! I’ll wrap this post up by saying how grateful I am to be part of this community! I’ve learned so much about Britney Spears, pop music, and pop culture from my comrades here! Consider this to be my acceptance speech for my Exhale Award, @/BritneyLVR Alright, I’m finished now! Let’s get to celebrating Exhale!
  18. Hey you guys! The reason why I made this thread is cause whenever I come on here, I see lots of people with interesting and different usernames. Mine is a combination of the nickname my mom calls me (Princess) and a childhood nickname (Mimi) Im curious, how did you come up with your username? I'd love to hear your story behind it
  19. Members of Exhale: In the past few days this place has started to get out of control. We understand that with the current legal battle that Britney is facing, the amount of new info we get every day from different sources, and the surprising social media posts that we seem to be getting daily, everyone is excited about posting their thoughts, and everyone wants to be heard and seen, but we need to keep this place in order. Here are some guidelines we'd like you to keep in mind before commenting, but most importantly before creating a thread: CHECK THE FORUM BEFORE YOU START A NEW THREAD TO AVOID DUPLICATES: When it comes to news, it's ok if someone posts about a new article or social media update and it's been already posted, we'll merge them, but if you're posting something that it's already been out for several hours or days, chances are it's already been shared here, you don't lose anything with checking first. When it comes to threads that are supposed to spark some kind of discussion, whether is some aspect of the conservatorship, her career, her life, some character, also check if there's already threads about it, because we keep getting lots of similar threads that are basically about the same topic over and over. Same with topics that derive from a bigger one, i.e. the hearings. We don't need 10 threads to discuss every single quote from her testimony, when you could perfectly comment on the main one, unless you're really bringing something new that justifies a separate conversation. If you ignore this, we'll merge them without notifying you. Respect the changes that Moderators or Content Curators do to thread titles or content, and don't change them back if they've been modified for a reason. Use tags that are helpful to identify the topic of each thread. TROLL POSTS: Anything considered troll behavior, whether is a comment or a thread, will be deleted/hidden or you'll get warning points according to the rules and the staff's considerations. Ban and suspensions will be issued when necessary. Members that were already banned and come back with a duplicate account, or duplicate accounts in general will be banned. Do not derail the main topic of a thread with conversations / fights that are off topic. One off topic post for fun or clarification here and there is fine, but not something that results in chains of comments that take several pages. We ask that you do not post negative comments about Britney's appearance or her instagram videos dancing. We also do not welcome attacks on Britney as a person - Please use that energy on sending her love and positivity. TOPICS / COMMENTS COMPLAINING ABOUT AN ACTION TAKEN BY A MODERATOR: All issues must be raised PRIVATELY and not publicly. Attacks against moderators will not be tolerated and you will face repercussions. TOPICS ABOUT WHETHER BRITNEY IS WRITING HER INSTAGRAM POSTS OR NOT / CASSIE AND CROWDSURF: We understand this is a very controversial topic. It's ok if you believe either one, but we don't need a new thread discussing both theories every time there's a new post. Stick to the main thread discussing each social media post, and comment there whatever is your opinion. We'll consider keeping separate main thread for those that don't believe it's her, and you'll stick to that to share all your points. We kindly ask that you do not derail threads and completely change the topic at hand. Update: this is the thread: TOPICS ABOUT RUMORS/ACCUSATIONS TO PEOPLE DIRECTLY OR NOT DIRECTLY RELATED TO THE CONSERVATORSHIP, THAT IMPLY A LEGAL MATTER AND ARE NOT BASED ON LEAKED COURT DOCUMENTS ARE PROHIBITED: As the owner of the website, Jordan is vulnerable to any kind of lawsuits / cease and desists if the people we talk about find out about the content posted here. Let's help him and thank him to keep this place open for all of us. POSTS REVEALING PERSONAL INFORMATION (EMAIL ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES) OF ANY PERSON: It should be obvious that is extremely prohibited. TOPICS ABOUT SAM ASGHARI, JAMIE LYNN, AND OTHER PEOPLE RELATED TO BRITNEY: Please refrain from racism, death threats or posting fake news about them based solely on assumption. If you do not like someone please do not cross the line and force that opinion on others. We also ask that you do not attack anyone's appearance, including Britney's. REGARDING SEAN PRESTON AND JAYDEN JAMES PERSONAL SOCIAL MEDIA, OR PICTURES TAKEN FROM THERE: Please do not post personal pictures of Britney's sons. Proceed with caution regarding anything they write on social media. We reserve the right to hide any content we feel crosses a line or invades theirs or Britney's privacy. BE KIND Despite how emotionally charged this time is, please ensure your content is generally kind in nature. Do not bully people in Britney's orbit because you fundamentally disagree with them and/or their views. Exhale is ultimately designed to be a positive force on the Internet. We will not slip back into "Exhell" where members can freely spew toxic negativity and hate. We encourage you to be honest, but do it respectfully please. All of this goes on top of the general rules and guidelines you had to agree when joining this site: Thanks for your attention. Sincerely, the Exhale Moderators Team. @Spark @Blaze @Fire @Flame @Ember @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Community Curators @Exhale+
  20. I wonder if there's a way to block users so I can't see anything they post or comment..? Seriously, there's some users that all they do it's post irrelevant and pointless stuff, sometimes to promote themselves like if they are some kind of #influencer and it's really annoying at the point it looks like a spam or even it looks like they are really desperate for attention, like REALLY desperate for attention and validation in this forum.
  21. For real There's a lot of people that don't recognize jokes and try to start drama or think I'm delusional or slow or lying lmao It happened to me multiple times and I'm shocked a lot of people take everything so seriously You probably have to be intelligent enough to recognize sarcasms and irony
  22. I'm sure that Exhale through its history had tons of shady and iconic queens Drama after drama, controversy after controversy, scandal after scandal - that was the way to live for those bad b/tches There's nothing like a Exhale's history book, the only way to learn about the site is through older users So let's share your stories about the biggest inactive drama queens of Exhale! Let's remember those legends (they are legends only when they are inactive users, I don't make the rules, don't fight in the comments over that )
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