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  1. (This is just for new songs, not demos, remixes, etc.) It's Britney Spears, Baby - ??? It Feels Nice - September 4, 2004 Get It - January 4, 2006 Little Me (Snippet) - April 7, 2006 Luv The Hurt Away - May 7, 2006 Rebellion (Snippet) - June 20, 2006 Untitled Lullaby - August 23, 2007 Hooked On - October 5, 2007 Pull Out - October 5, 2007 State of Grace - October 5, 2007 Kiss You All Over - October 17, 2007 To Love Let Go - December 26, 2007 All That She Wants - January 22, 2008 She'll Never Be Me - July 25, 2008 Dramatic - April 16, 2010 Telephone - May 2, 2010 Am I A Sinner - July 28, 2010 When I Say So - July 28, 2010 Mad Love - July 29, 2010 And Then We Kiss - September 2, 2011 Sippin' On - September 2, 2011 911 - October 6, 2011 Abroad - October 6, 2011 Dangerous - October 6, 2011 Every Day - October 6, 2011 Rockstar - October 6, 2011 Just Let Me Go - December 2, 2011 Strangest Love - December 25, 2011 My Big Secret (Snippet) - January 1, 2012 Look Who's Talking Now - January 9, 2012 Peep Show (Snippet) - February 21, 2012 Money, Love & Happiness - April 5, 2012 Ouch - April 11, 2012 This Kiss - April 29, 2012 Pleasure You - July 4, 2012 Unbroken - February 17, 2014 Burning Up - March 26, 2014 Welcome To Me - May 11, 2014 Conscience - January 22, 2015 Guilty - February 22, 2015 Instant Déjà Vu - January 31, 2017 Take Off - May 21, 2017 Hey Ma - December 21, 2017 Red Hot Lipstick - March 13, 2018 Let Me Take You There - July 9, 2018 I've Been Loving You Too Long - April 9, 2019 Trouble (Snippet) - April 25, 2019 Tom's Diner (2019 Remix) - July 13, 2019 I Feel So Free With You - October 28, 2019 Exaholic - February 2, 2021 Tilt Ya Head Back - June 24, 2021 King Of My Castle - June 25, 2021 DYFO - December 8, 2021 Sucker For Pain - August 23, 2022 Dem Chicks Be Like - October 4, 2022 I Can Bang - October 18, 2022 Youtopia - October 30, 2023 I Have Nothing - February 18, 2024 The Other Side - April 25, 2024 Also some honorable mentions to the released, but unacknowledged commercial songs: I've Got The Urge (To Herbal) - ??? The Joy Of Pepsi - March 25, 2001 Now and Then - February 3, 2002 Right Now (Taste The Victory) - March 18, 2002 We Will Rock You - January 26, 2004 All info taken from the iconic @BraveNewSeth and their equally iconic tracker for leaked songs, demos, remixes, etc. Britney Spears Unreleased Tracker - Google Sheets DOCS.GOOGLE.COM Guide The Official Unreleased Britney Spears Tracker Available Not Available Partially Available,(I consider a song "partially available" if a snippet has leaked, it was performed live but...
  2. 05/10/2024 ...Baby One More Time Baby One More Time - 808,320,248 Sometimes- 188,374,623 (You Drive Me) Crazy - 111,554,234 (You Drive Me) Crazy - The Stop Remix!- 45,225,941 Born To Make You Happy - 60,068,251 From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart - 23,783,202 Oops!...I Did It Again Oops I Did It Again - 768,678,349 Lucky- 156,084,596 Stronger- 153,843,908 Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know- 29,146,644 My Only Wish (This Year)- 324,855,722 Britney I'm A Slave 4 U- 221,118,740 Overprotected - 83,934,275 Overprotected- The Darkchild Remix- 4,488,855 I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman - 63,716,795 I Love Rock N Roll - 52,293,208 Boys - 18,693,838 Boys (The Co-Ed Remix)- 27,338,615 In The Zone Me Against The Music- 64,753,719 Toxic- 1,228,709,292 Everytime -160,574,533 Outrageous- 25,509,236 Greatest Hits: My Prerogative My Prerogative - 47,852,898 Do Somethin- 23,963,316 Chaotic Someday (I Will Understand)- 3,561,141 B In The Mix Vol I And Then We Kiss- 2,079,245 Blackout Gimme More- 649,974,610 Piece Of Me- 138,106,010 Break The Ice - 71,889,245 Circus Womanizer - 557,436,126 Circus - 382,325,282 If You Seek Amy - 205,824,131 Radar - 63,974,345 Kill The Lights- 14,193,811 The Singles Collection 3 - 109,805,522 Femme Fatale Hold It Against Me- 75,194,702 Till The World Ends- 172,981,821 Till The World Ends (the Femme Fatale Remix)-11,498,545 S&M Remix- 52,977,421 I Wanna Go -163,605,144 Criminal- 254,983,957 Scream & Shout - 755,908,526 Ooh La La - 20,687,190 Britney Jean Work *****- 328,034,933 Perfume- 38,300,021 Pretty Girls- 87,513,384 Tom's Diner- 10,224,968 Glory Make Me- 133,226,984 Slumber Party - 78,696,911 Swimming In The Stars- 10,528,457 Matches- 22,087,399 Toxic (Y2K & Alexander Lewis Remix)- 23,411,931 Toxic Pony- 101,229,710 Hold Me Closer- 391,132,025 Hold Me Closer (Joel Corry Remix)-23,259,638 Hold Me Closer (Purple Disco Machine Remix)- 4,098,639 Hold Me Closer (Purple Disco Machine Extended Mix)- 2,280,584 Hold Me Closer (Pink Panda Remix)- 1,575,604 Hold Me Closer (Pink Panda Extended Mix)-175,606 Hold Me Closer (Acoustic)- 3,949,821 Toxic Las Vegas-7,695,715 Mind Your Business-13,929,451 Mind Your Business (David Guetta Remix)- 4,154,564 Crossroads I Love Rock N'Roll (Frank Walker Remix)- 405,110 I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman (Snakehips Remix)- 2,384,655 Overprotected (Richi Lopez Remix)- 681,879 Get Back- 15,780,181 Selfish - 7,729,587
  3. The players from team Con are still around B. There are still Cassie, Jeff and Michael Kane. I wonder what's stopping B from firing them?
  4. I have been in Louisiana for about 1-year as part of a temporary work assignment. I have always wanted to visit Kentwood but I never had the chance as I was well over 3 hours away. I was in Baton Rouge yesterday and decided to make a stop in Kentwood since it was close by. I drove by her childhood home and the Serenity house as well. I also went to the Sonic and Spears family church. I have to say that Kentwood is a very odd place. It’s very spread out and it can take up to 30 minutes to go from one end of the city to the next. There’s also only one main street? There are many sketchy areas within the city. Crime seems to be rampant in this town. I find that it gives off a southern gothic vibe as there are many rundown houses and buildings. Even the Spears family church has that creepy look. I honestly understand why Britney was so eager to get out of there. The townspeople are a bit odd as well. I was at the sonic and people in the next lane approached my car asking where I was from and what I was doing there. They also said “You’re here because of Britney right? She hasn’t been back to this city in years!” Although, they were polite and directed me to the Serenity house on the outskirts of town. I was told to not stand or park too long in front of the gates because the police frequently drives around there and will stop and question you if they become suspicious. Surely enough, I was trailed by a cop car near the mansion. What has your experience in Kentwood been like? I find that the townspeople there are a bit hostile in comparison to other areas of Louisiana, which are marked by true southern hospitality. It’s also a very dangerous city and you can easily find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also….I don’t understand how there is NO WALMART, MCDONALDS, or HOSPITALS. There is so much empty land that could be used for expansion and adding more businesses. I’m surprised Britney never tried to do that for her city. Does Lynne still live there? I thought the Spears family was planning to sell the Serenity home or make it into some sort of community center? When was the last time Britney was in Kentwood? Has she brought Sam, Sean, and Jayden there? Does she still have ties to the city or have the townspeople completely forgotten about her?
  5. For the newest britards, who's Neyde? A fashionista THE DANCER. Periodt. Musical genius An unapologetic nudist S.e..x enthusiast Besties with various celebs! And enemies with some...
  6. In one of the court docs from the termination hearing, the court admits "there was no capacity declaration filed stating that Britney Spears lacked capacity." That's the reasoning why Britney never had to prove her capacity for the court to dissolve the conservatorship (something she was adamant about not having to participate in). "Therefore, there is no need for a submission by her of a capacity declaration stating that she has capacity for the court to consider in making an order terminating the conservatorship." Interestingly, the court called it a "voluntary" conservatorship, when in actuality it wasn't. In 2008, Britney's family, including her co-conservator/father Jamie and co-conservator Andrew Wallet, among others, went behind her back and placed her in the conservatorship without her knowledge or consent. Britney's former court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham was complicit. Back then, they cited dementia as a means to place her in the conservatorship and Judge Reva Goetz approved it. Britney attempted to hire her own legal counsel to stop the conservatorship from happening, but her efforts were thwarted. The court claimed she did not have the capacity to make legal decisions for herself, but again.... THERE WAS NO CAPACITY DECLARATION. This was fraudulent since day one and now it's in a court record. In plain black and white.
  7. She was young. This is just a topic of discussion and no place of judgement. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this topic discussed on here really. It’s also not a crime to go barefoot. She’s just a free spirit and is more comfortable maybe without shoes. I personally wouldn’t do it but I’m not going to tell her not too or certainly not that it’s wrong omg I do remember this causing so much headlines for her and it’s really not that big of a deal. I wonder if she will talk about this in her book? I do wonder why she chose to go into the public rest room without shoes What are your thoughts on barefootney? 2004
  8. I am confused regarding her IG posts. Why is she not posting from her new house? Is it being renovated? Has she not made the shift to the new house? What's the deal? Can someone please explain. Tya
  9. I have always wondered this. He’s always spoken highly of Britney and she often would call him family. I loved the unit she had with Rob and Felicia- really more of her family than her family
  10. Hello everyone! So, it has been 2 decades since we entered the new millenium and 21st century so CONGRATS TO EVERYONE So in these 2 decades, we have seen female singers liberate themselves or open gates for upcoming singers. So, who would come up in ones mind if asked which female singer defined the 00s? Britney, obviously but what if you asked someone which female star defined the 2010s? You would get a bundle of answers, but many of them would include Taylor in their list. So today we will be comparing one of the hugest eras of their respective times...OIDIA and 1989 to one and another and see whom wins! Let the race began Oops!...I Did It Again: You just have to pull up the album cover on ones face, and they would instantly recognize it as Britney Spears Sophomore effort released on May 16 in the turn of a new millennia. Expectations and pressure for whether Britney would end up a one-hit wonder, shattered into tiny pieces when Britney released the title-track of her upcoming album. The song had massive airplay, an iconic choreography, and extremely controversial VMA performance to help make the song the best-selling single of the year, 2000 by a teenager landing on the #1 in over 20 countries and would later become one of Britney's most recognizable and legendary music videos. It was May 16th, the day for Britney's highly anticipated second release and when it came out...it broke RECORDS around the globe. The teen dance-pop album debuted at #1 in the Billboard 200 selling not 450k copies, not 500k copies, not 700k copies and not even 970k copies but 1,319,000 all across America. The album debuted at #2 in the UK Official Charts selling 88k copies alone, and sold 2.5 million copies in its first week internationally! Going #1 in over 20 countries and becoming platinum certified in 30 countries worldwide. the album felt to #2 in its second week selling 612k copies..but held the #2 position for 15 weeks! If it werent for Eminem releasing his "Marshall LP", OIDIA would have been #1 for 15 weeks, making it the longest female album at #1. Britney would then release 2 more huge top 3 international hits off the era, "Lucky" and "Stronger", which have become nostalgic songs for the millennials. The album has sold 10.2 million copies in the US alone, making it her second diamond record and has sold 26 million copies globally. Oops...I Did It Again was the best-selling female album of the year 2000, the 7th Best-selling album of the 00s, and the third highest selling female album of this century. Britney was also the most searched celebrity during this era and achieved a Guinness record for best-selling teenage artist of all time. 1989: It was January 1st of the new year 2014...but nobody was ready for what would happen in the next 8 months, as we were going to witness one of the most successful genre-crossovers of all time. Taylor Swift would release the first singer of her still anonymous record on August of 2014, and it instantly become a GLOBAL hit!, going #1 in 15 countries and cross over 2.9 billion views in YouTube, becoming one of the most viewed music videos of all time. After the immense success Shake It Off received despite its mixed reviews, it was the perfect time in August of 2014 to release her fifth studio album, 1989 into the stores. Lets just say, this album and era launched Taylor from a well-known country-pop act into one of pops biggest forces! The album debuted at #1 selling 1.217 million copies in America (1.613 million globally) and held the position for 11 consecutive weeks, going #1 and platinum in 12 countries. Taylor would later release 4 more huge singles off the era which just added more fire to this era. Finally, the album controversially won a 2015 Grammy for Album Of The Year. Oooo, too hard to compare right? They were such huge eras, right? lets look at the direct charts and comparisons: Oops...I Did It Again First Week Sales- 1.319 million copies 1989 First Week Sales- 1.217 million copies Oops...I Did It Again First Year Sales- 17 million copies sold globally by the end of 2000 1989 First Year Sales- 4 million copies sold globally by the end of 2000 Overall, OIDIA Sales- 26,000,000 sales 1989 Sales- 12,340,000 sales OIDIA's Most Controversial Moment- VMA 2000 Performance 1989S Most Controversial Moment- 1989 winning Album of The Year over To Pimp A Butterfly OIDIA's Biggest Hit- Oops!...I Did It Again (#1 in 20+ countries) 1989's Biggest Hit- Shake It Off (#1 in 15 Countries) OIDIA's Biggest Achievement- 3rd Best-Selling Female Album Of The Century 1989's Biggest Achievement- Highest Grossing Tour of 2015 Their both so neck to neck, right? what do you guys think? which era was more bigger? lemme know
  11. A comment on Britneys legal case has claimed "there is no 'estate' of Miss Spears, there is just Ms Spears herself." Does this mean her brand(s) and institutions definitely don't belong to her? As Britney Brands DEFINITELY exists. I'm unsure what this says (if it even says anything) about her brands & institutions (which 'she' moved to Jamie/Lou, or dissolved, to my understanding) Anyone have any insight? (Background: Britney Brands is a company that produces merchandise, clothing and cosmetic products ((such as Britney Spears: Fantasy)) for Britney Spears.) EDIT & UPDATE: Now including a list of companies allegedly handled by Lou Taylor and/or Jamie Spears that (apparently) surround the brand of Britney Spears. Some of these companies have been inactive for a period of time. - Britney Brands, Inc (And its several branches) - Miss Britney Recording, Inc - Fairy Zone Productions, Inc. - Shiloh Standing, Inc. - Jamie and Lynne, Inc. (Since 1982, the year after Britney was born) - Til The World Ends, Inc. - Britney Films Ltd - One More Time Music, Inc. - Gold Pomegranate Events, LLC Britney Brands Inc, as of the last time I edited this post is Active & In good standing. MICHAEL KANE is the director, president, secretary and treasurer. As of the last report. (Source: Louisiana Secretary Of State, Commercial Division)
  12. a.k.a Michelle Heymann ? Did Paris Hilton stole Strewberry's position? (Cade Hudson is the number 1 BFF) Does anyone have some tea ? HER INSTAGRAM: @ogstrawberry HER PINTEREST: pinterest.com/ogstrawberry/ HER LINKEDIN: Michelle Heymann - Co-founder of Casa Bella Recovery Services https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-heymann-lmft-cadcii-a4938768/pt?trk=people-guest_people_search-card Team – Casa Bella CBRECOVERYSERVICES.COM casa bella website: Casa Bella – Recovery Services CBRECOVERYSERVICES.COM
  13. With all the leaks going on from the earlier Glory sessions I thought it would be fun to organize Britney’s sessions from around this time (and admittedly a little after the release of Glory) to create an album that is not only camp, but also sonically accurate. Hope to update this list as more leaks continue! 5 DF32461 9566 4769 BD42 382187 B43 D9 E — Postimages POSTIMG.CC I also made this album concept and would love if the mods could help me paste this image properly! track list: 1. Pretty Girls (featuring Iggy Azalea) 2. Dance Your **** Off 3. Clumsy 4. Sucker For Pain 5. Hey Ma (featuring Pitbull and Romeo Santos 6. Liar Vocaroo | Online voice recorder VOCA.RO Vocaroo is a quick and easy way to share voice messages over the interwebs. 7. I Can Bang 8. Dem Chicks Be Like 9. I Feel So Free With You (featuring Pitbull and Marc Anthony) 10. Tom’s Diner (Giorgio Moroder featuring Britney Spears) 11. Exhaholic thoughts! @SlayOut @Jordan Miller@Isla hoping to update more!!
  14. Both epitomized the All-American look from that time. Both blonde. Both heartthrobs loved by millions. Both massively famous. Rumor had it that Nick even secretly had a crush on Britney. Does anyone else think they would have been super cute together? Idk but looking at them together just gives me so much 1999/early 2000s nostalgia…I can’t even describe it but IYKYK. It’s like looking back at a childhood dream.
  15. Such a good and interesting video that shows examples of how Britney influenced other pop stars! Check it out, it was just published!
  16. Wanting to show some friends For The Record. Anyone know where I can watch in HD? Most streaming sources are low quality and have Spanish/Portuguese captions. TY in advance!
  17. She wears the costumes, the mic, does choreography and sings live! Thoughts of this Britney Spears impersonator?
  18. On September 9, 2007 the MTV Video Music Awards aired live from The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. It was the smallest VMAs ever held in many aspects: smallest venue, thus smallest audience, they removed 13 of the awards categories, and only 4 performances took place in the main stage: Chris Brown featuring Rihanna, Linkin Park, Alicia Keys and Britney Spears (well, there was a closing medley of Timbaland with Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and others). Britney opened the show with a performance of her newly released song Gimme More, the lead single off her upcoming fifth studio album Blackout. The number started with the opening lines of Elvis Presley's Trouble that leads to her now iconic phrase "It's Britney, *****!" The original performance was supposed to involve magic tricks provided by Criss Angel. The truth about this original concept is still debated: he commented on an interview for People magazine that Britney failed to supply adequate preparation time, while other insiders claimed it was him who didn't make room for rehearsals. She would return the following year as the biggest winner of the night, however, she didn't perform at the VMAs again until 2016.
  19. Okay… so I have a serious question to ask. I’m sure everyone has always thought about if an artist you love has seen or even created accounts that are anonymous… Which honestly isn’t that far fetched if you really think about it 🤔🤔🤔 I know about B A, I’m just trying to wrap my head around it all honestly! I know this will probably be locked but I’m just genuinely curious… If you were someone who did talk to them, what was that like? I’ve read stories and heard audio, but still curious to why people reacted the way they did!!! please just have an open mind in this thread and be nice!!! I just think about my own experiences… I just want to have a discussion!!! 🎙🎙🎙 (I thought I should mention this!!!) I’m not BA!!! Are we clear??? 🧐🧐🧐
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