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  1. It’s an interview with VH1 from 2004 and the subject was apparently about Divas. It seems to be kind of rare and the only thing I can find is screenshots from the interview. and a gif? https://24.media.tumblr.com/34169468b4f69e348d94064ee73e5245/tumblr_mjjndrESSI1qdcxoeo1_250.gif
  2. For the first time, Britney's best friend Cade Hudson is speaking out on Britney's situation. He posted on Instagram: "I’ve kept my mouth shut for 12 + years on Britney. Enough is enough. After getting thousands of death threats, getting water bottles thrown at my head in bars from by standers telling me I’m brainwashing her -Britney lm now speaking up." He opened up about 2007, saying: "Britney who was accused of some errors as a new mom at 26 with 100 cameras in her face daily waiting to document any wrong move she did gets placed under a never ending conservatorship?" To that he says ... "***ism at its best." He goes on: "This is a violation of someone’s basic human rights that were taken away. I’ve kept my mouth shut out of the fear of losing my job as her agent and losing the career I worked my *** off for 15 years to build, out of threats from the man we we all know who, but I won’t even dignify mentioning his name. I’m officially done being quiet." He says he knows the real Britney: the one who's spent Xmas with him, who's volunteered at dance classes for underprivileged kids, and adds ... "The system and the public failed her. Her new attorney is the best of the best and knows that the work has just begun but it’s progress & hope and that’s all we can ask for for now until action can be taken." He concludes: "I’ll end with a few things, one person who was in her life (again legally can’t name names) was also silenced by the people around her. You silencers know who you are. This person has her best interest at heart." And finally, "Even if people don’t see it now, it will come out. To the ones who should be worried, you know who you are too. The nonsense needs to end, and the healing process needs to begin. The lord tends to pay those people back in his own ways. So for the first time I’m publicly saying #FREEBRITNEY." "Time to get my girl and best friend back" and caps it off with a plea to his old pal, writing ... "@Britneyspears it’s your time - the world is listening and is on your side. The world NEEDS you freed and back." Source: Cade's instagram and TMZ article stating what he said
  3. On July 22, 2019, after a rough year where she was sent to a mental facility after the Domination residency was cancelled and her career put on hiatus, and after appearing on court to speak to the judge in May regarding her conservatorship, in a surprising turn of events, Britney Spears attended the premiere of the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in Los Angeles, along with boyfriend Sam Asghari. In her first public appearance in months, she walked the red carpet without giving any interviews, and wouldn't be seen again in another public event that year until September at the Daytime Beauty Awards.
  4. (I'm just going to directly copy what I put on Gaga Daily lol.) Awkney was born on July 25th, 2011. (@1:13)
  5. Hey Exhale, as if you need any more Britney content to consume I joined queens Monét X Change and Lady Bunny on their podcast, Ebony & Irony, to chat all things #FreeBritney. I did push back on a few things that Lady Bunny mentioned, like Britney being "crazy" or on drugs, her music, lip syncing, things like that. No disrespect to her at all, but a few times I had to be like, 'receipts' I appreciated being able to have the opportunity to shed light on things that I think are commonly said in the general public. Things that people think is the reason why the conservatorship was justified, or Britney's artistry. All in all it was a great experience and I really enjoyed our conversation. If you have a spare-hour, or want something to zone out to while you're driving or cleaning, give this a stream. I come in at the 8:15 mark. Listen below on Spotify or here via Apple.
  6. My take is a bit of an conspiracy, but wasn't the #FreeBritney movement one at the beginning ...? Britney does not have control nor access to her Instagram. However, some posts may be partly voiced by Britney herself but are extremely edited to fit their new narrative. (Although I doubt it, but everything is not black or white. There are gray areas.) I think her management team (Lou Taylor, Crowdsurf, Larry Rudolph, etc...) saw the last hours of her conservatorship (the Spears family) are coming. They want to save their ***** and strated doing damage control. They will throw the Spears family under the bus. They will say it is all their fault. They did not know and are innocent. So now they will do anything to blame the Spears family to avoid any attention (especially from the media) to them. Especially and oddly after the New Yorker article : It's the same case as the "Me Time :-)" post on IG where Britney acknowledged the emails from Lou Taylor and defended her... I mean please. Also when she lied about the Domination cancellation and Jamie being sick with his colon... LIES. Don't you know her team, but at all ? Everything is a lie and an illusion untill she is free. Don't be naive. Don't take anything for granted. What do you think ? Also I would like to add : it's 100% OK if you believe Britney post on her Instagram. The point of my thread was not the blame who don't think like me. It's actually great that we have some disagreement sometimes. It can only benefit the movement in some way. We should stay united matter what. And at some point, we'll have answers. #FreeBritney P.S. : In court she said she was drugged, abused, put against her will into a 1 star mental facility and other horrible stuff and you really think her team will let her have access to internet to expose them ? LMFAO ! You really think she has nothing more to say that Juno Lou singing her song and her dancing skills? Y'all do delusional and naive.
  7. Glad to see he has Fe’s approval! Its been pretty evident over the years Brit & Cade are extremely close. The Instagram post she commented on:
  8. So it's been a week since the last Hearing and since Mathew Rosengart was appointed as Britney's attorney but still he is not officially installed as it seems that agreement letter was not yet singed. And still nothing was filed neither to terminate CONservatorship nor remove Jamie. Skip Ads by × On Monday he said that agreement letter was drafted but not singer yet. It's been 2 days since. I know that this staff takes time and he is new th the case but I guess after everything we have seen being careful and doubt everything/everyone is understandable. Like this post says: Keep an eye on Rosengart. I know we are extremely happy that now he is involved but let's not forget that Britney is still under CONservatorship and she won't get back each day passing she could use as a free woman. So let's wait with celebrating Mathew a little bit longer as so far after a week in his position except for few nice words he had done nothing.
  9. The way i have to constantly defend her and explain to people that she is not crazy, unstable, manic etc ...Ugh And that instagram account isn't making things easier , burn that account please, or just stop posting altogether I really think she should quit instagram and stop posting for a good 6 months
  10. I find it suspect that she would be able to have access to her Instagram given that she is under a conservatorship. It would be a brilliantly vile move by her team BUT they could easily access all of her personal photos and videos and make her look unstable. She’s is 1 topless photo away from getting banned on Instagram which will be amo for team con. these posts that we are cheering on could very easily be her team manipulating the public. Something is not adding up….. stay on alert fandom!
  11. I don’t want Loucifer to figure out who I’m so I’m posting screenshots from a 3rd party app.
  12. It's amazing the case of Britney Spears is changing the laws around the world. Changes in cship laws in Germany will come into effect in 2023 https://www.rbb24.de/panorama/beitrag/2021/07/interview-vormundschaft-britney-spears-dagmar-zorn.html google translate US pop star Britney Spears is under guardianship - and is not even allowed to decide on a possible pregnancy. The lawyer Dagmar Zorn explains why this would not be possible in Germany - and how guardianship is regulated here. Dagmar Zorn works as a lecturer in the administration of justice at the University of Economics and Law (HWR) in Berlin - even at the moment when the interview request from rbbl24 reaches her. She uses a break in her lecture to call back. rbbl24: Ms. Zorn, the singer Britney Spears got a guardian in the USA, since then she has not been allowed to determine whether she becomes pregnant or how she does her job. In Germany there is something like a guardianship, but here it means legal support ... Dagmar Zorn: That's right, in Germany guardianship for adults was replaced by legal support in 1992. However, such care must be geared very closely to the interests of the person being looked after. This part of the law is currently being reformed. The reform is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and once again strengthens the rights of those in care. As a result, the person being looked after is placed even more in the center than before. The concept behind this is called assisted decision making. What is the new concept about? The reform will come into force in 2023 and from then on all decisions that can somehow be made by the person being cared for must also be made by them. This means that the supervisor has to support people in their independence and in their own decision-making even more than before. When and how can it be determined that people have to give up part of their autonomy? The legislature says that in Germany an adult who is unable to take care of his affairs himself due to a physical disability or illness gets a carer. Assuming I had dementia and could no longer take care of my financial affairs myself: Then I would get a supervisor for it. Unless I have made provisions myself for this case and have given a third party a power of attorney in the event of illness. If this is not the case, the state stands by and orders care. But who decides that one person can no longer manage their affairs alone? This is actually checked in a very formal process. Usually, relatives, neighbors or employees in care facilities bring the information to a care court from the outside that a person needs someone to take care of their affairs because they are no longer able to do so themselves. Then a custody court procedure starts. At the end of the day, supervision can be ordered, which is then checked again at the latest after seven years and the whole process starts all over again. As a rule, experts are then commissioned to provide an expert opinion in which they consider appropriate support to be necessary. How does that go? It is mostly experts from the medical field who get a personal impression of the person concerned. The respect of the person is prescribed. It then comes down to a technical examination. What can the person no longer do? Why can't she do that anymore? If it is found that the person can no longer regulate certain things, a check is made: Has he made provisions for this case? What, for example, may legal guardians decide instead of the person being cared for? It can happen that a person is deprived of liberty, for example in a psychiatric ward, if there is a risk of self-harm or harm to others. In practice, however, there are also very often housing issues that people cannot perceive themselves. In such cases, after a corresponding judicial review and approval, caregivers may also sell an apartment from the property of the cared for. These are far-reaching decisions. What are the formal requirements for training a legal advisor? This is currently not regulated and we want to formulate this point for the first time in a working group in the Federal Ministry of Justice. The point is to define requirements for the people who do legal care professionally. The legislature still assumes that volunteer carers perform these tasks, often relatives. In recent years, however, it has been more and more common that no relatives have been found. That is why the care workers are on the rise. And for that we need minimum requirements. How often does it happen that important decisions are made against the will of the person being cared for? Something like that can happen, but as a supervisor I always have to orientate myself towards the wishes of the person being cared for. If someone wants to buy a Ferrari and has the money for it, then I can't stand in the way just because I don't like cars like that. Supervisors may only shift their own opinion instead of that of the person being cared for if this is actually necessary to protect the person being cared for. And it is the task of the court to check at least once a year whether the supervisor is also fulfilling these obligations and is not acting inadmissibly against the will of the person being cared for. Apart from the annual reporting obligation that exists for every supervisor, a court can always turn to the supervisor itself to find out what has happened in this or that matter. But if the supervisor writes the report on his or her own activity, then it is easy to imagine that he or she leaves out certain conflicts in this report. That's right. But as a court I always have the opportunity to ask the person concerned myself. And as far as I know, the courts are making more and more use of this. Then would you consider it impossible for a court in Germany to intervene as strongly in private life as the US judiciary in the Britney Spears case? We couldn't have a Britney Spears case. A marriage, for example, has nothing to do with the caregiver. If the person being cared for is able to marry, they can marry at any time. It is the other way around with divorce. Another example is interference with the right to vote. The arrangement of supervision used to have an impact on the right to vote. It was entered in the election book that this person has a supervisor for all matters, and so this person was neither actively nor passively entitled to vote. All of that has been done away with. The supervised person can also conclude or draw up wills or inheritance contracts if he is authorized to do business. However, it can happen that the person being cared for has children - and if the carer is of the opinion that this person cannot carry out his or her duties as a legal guardian, then there can be a reference to a family court with the request to review custody. Indeed, there are always conflicts on this point. Thank you for the interview! The interview was conducted by Roberto Jurkschat.
  13. soooo since some persons here appear to have forgotten about Britney's career after the "oops" era let's transform this topic into a reminder: post the raunchiest/***iest video/pic of Britney from any era. precise if you find it "too much" or not. I'll start: - Onyx Hotel Tour: BOM. Honestly I find it a little bit too much, it's soft pxrn (not going to tell what I did with this material ). But I still love that performance French kissing, shoe licking, c*ck rubbing, b**bs rubbing, belly licking, all of that in underwear and with very sweaty bodies. I'm still amazed at how the dancer didn't get a b***r, like seriously, was he wearing a chastity cage? if it was official, I would've definitely chosen MM original MV, it's like 2004 ***iness met 2007ney rawness and raunchiness from GM (h00kerney), which gives me strong pxrnstar vibes lol (it could've been an interesting scenario!).
  14. #BritneyAndSelmaTikTokChallenge @selmablair just asked @britneyspears to do a TikTok Challenge on @robynschallcomic‘s Instagram post which you can see here! Receipts are below. I (@ThePandaLyfe) am the one tagging Jordan telling him to help make it happen. Haha BTdubs: The post is from @robynschallcomic, whom you may recognize from her “2020 Goals” TikTok video that went viral about 8 or 9 months ago after Jennifer Garner posted it. (Interview from The Drew Barrymore Show with Robyn and Jennifer here) She also happens to be besties with @regina.deccico, whom I am good friends with, and is in the video that @selmablair commented on. Check out both of their IG’s if you have time; they are both insanely hilarious! Oh, and of course, #FreeBritney! Let’s make this happen, Britney Army!!! #BritneyAndSelmaTikTokChallenge
  15. Article Link Spears is trapped in a state of legal adolescence, but since her plea for freedom to a Californian court, her tone has become more hopeful. Amid the bleak horrors of endless lockdown there is presently one certain source of joy. It’s Britney Spears’ Instagram account. Inspirational quotes, cute selfies and objects of material desire are a consistent theme across many accounts on the platform, especially among the “30-something western white girl” demographic the pop star Spears inhabits. Yet since Spears’ chilling 24-minute statement to a California court on 22 June, pleading for the “conservatorship” she’s lived under for 13 years to end, there’s a vaguely perceptible shift in tone. From the kind of content that you can imagine her narrating “I’m fierce, I’m a fierce woman, I can do this” like a pre-breakfast exercise affirmation, since her courtroom speech the vibe has more … hope? There are favourite desserts, a cat in sunglasses and a sweet note of thanks to Selena Gomez for a girly gift. More significantly, there’s a pastel drawing of a young woman with a third eye, quotes like “She wore wild flowers in her hair” and a video of Spears doing an endless parade of cartwheels around a lake. This last is captioned with “I feel GRATITUDE and BLESSED !!!!”. She thanks her fans for supporting her through her ordeals in court. “Coming along, folks,” she writes. “Coming along!!!!!””. I admit, this might be me wilfully creating an Instagram narrative out of my own hopefulness; I really like Britney Spears. I was a just a smidge too much older, too drunk, and haughtily obsessed with Bob Dylan to be much interested in her music when her teen pop anthem Baby, One More Time appeared in 1999. By the release of her Blackout album in 2007, though, I was struggling to manage my expectations of becoming an adult with the responsibilities that “growing up” entailed. There was something painfully relatable in the lyrics of Piece of Me. When Spears sang “Another day another drama / Guess I can’t see no harm / In working and being a mama / And with a kid on my arm / I’m still an exceptional earner / You want a piece of me?” … it sounded so worldly, so disappointed. The empathy flowed. I became an instant fan. What makes pop stars into pop stars is the dark, precious magic that enables them to sing a simple tune in a way that encapsulates a complex, otherwise inexpressible generational feeling. Some acts only manage this for a small window of years or even a single song. Rarities like Spears manage it for far longer, becoming an avatar not just of a cultural moment, but of that moment’s people. As a human mirror to a vast collective self, it’s unsurprising that the same loyalty that motivated so many fans to buy her albums has also mobilised them to paste #FreeBritney on placards and march for her liberation.” It’s hard not to be reminded of the Piece of Me lyrics given the latest revelations. Until recently, the conservatorship legally empowered Spears’s father alone to control major decisions of his daughter’s life, '“from business to health, to voting and marriage”. Now, he still oversees the money and business dealings, while Jodi Montgomery, a care professional, oversees Spears’s personal decisions. She said she’s prohibited from driving a car as well as removing an IUD, and has been forced to take physically punishinglithium. California law typically assigns a conservatorship to enable care for someone who can’t “care for himself or herself or manage his or her own finances”; it’s more commonly applied to people with severe developmental disabilities or dementia. There’s a lot we don’t know about Spears’ mental health diagnoses in the wake of her nervous breakdown and substance abuse struggles of 2008 – but what the whole world knows is that the woman considered too unwell to look after her own money somehow wasn’t considered too unwell to keep working. Since she lost control of her own decisions, someone has decided that she should release several albums, host a television show and tour relentlessly. An “exceptional earner”, indeed. We also know that Spears was only 26 when the conservatorship began. It’s an age not typically associated with making brilliant life choices, even when most 26-year-olds are not also burdened with vast fame, wealth, constant pursuit by the paparazzi, two small children and an ex-husband. Her treatment since provokes unsettling questions about how pop stars are punished for their success by becoming the targets of other people’s opportunism. I can’t face watching the episode of Black Mirror in which Spears’ real-life friend, Miley Cyrus, portrayed a pop star sanitised and controlled into insensibility so the parasites around her may continue to feed on the wealth she creates. Part of the relatability of pop icons used to be that they could make bad decisions like the rest of us – blow fortunes, love ****heads, sing “regrets, I’ve had a few” and remind us all that money’s only money and the paths of glory lead but to the grave. Instead, Britney Spears lives trapped in a state of permanent legal adolescence, personally traumatised by other people’s decisions to keep the human pop star enterprise that she was at 26 permanently intact. As our generational mirror, Britney Spears currently reflects back to us a miserable capitalist world where all relationships are transactional and everything else an asset-management calculation. As the star’s own Instagram reminds us; solidarity is not only our human instinct, it’s our moral duty. #FreeBritney! … as you're joining us from India, we have a small favour to ask. Tens of millions have placed their trust in the Guardian’s high-impact journalism since we started publishing 200 years ago, turning to us in moments of crisis, uncertainty, solidarity and hope. More than 1.5 million readers, from 180 countries, have recently taken the step to support us financially – keeping us open to all, and fiercely independent. With no shareholders or billionaire owner, we can set our own agenda and provide trustworthy journalism that’s free from commercial and political influence, offering a counterweight to the spread of misinformation. When it’s never mattered more, we can investigate and challenge without fear or favour. Unlike many others, Guardian journalism is available for everyone to read, regardless of what they can afford to pay. We do this because we believe in information equality. Greater numbers of people can keep track of global events, understand their impact on people and communities, and become inspired to take meaningful action. We aim to offer readers a comprehensive, international perspective on critical events shaping our world – from the Black Lives Matter movement, to the new American administration, Brexit, and the world's slow emergence from a global pandemic. We are committed to upholding our reputation for urgent, powerful reporting on the climate emergency, and made the decision to reject advertising from fossil fuel companies, divest from the oil and gas industries, and set a course to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.
  16. ''Oops'' is viral on the internet but maybe not for a good reason -Who remembers vividly Britney having a headset in Oops I did it again music video? Britney never wears a headset during oops I did it again video in this reality even though there are dolls and halloween costumes made of this iconic red outfit with a headset! many people remember a headset on the music video and this became viral on TIKTOK and facebook and twitter
  17. I posted the below as a comment on Brit’s Nip ig post. And it got deleted. So I posted it again, and boom it’s not there anymore. someone me doesn’t want the below read: Is it just me or does anyone else think the recent posts could hurt her case for total freedom? Is she moving a little too much in the moment and losing sight of the bigger picture? I love seeing Brit feel free, but this could all be twisted to feed into the “not fully capable of being an adult” narrative team con has been telling? Could all of this be Cassie choosing to “let it all out there” to hurt her chances of total freedom? Making it seem like now that Brit has a voice again, she’s back to the old antics? Again, NOT TROLLING just concerned that she’s come so far and could be hurting herself indirectly….or that she is still being manipulated and made to look like someone’s she’s not. I mean she did say that she’s a mom now and isn’t comfortable with all the risqué outfits and ***uality in stage, that her dad was Making her do. So I wonder if someone has access to her phone still and is posting these “for her”.
  18. July 28, 2002 marked the last show from her Dream Within a Dream Tour in support of her album Britney. The last two concerts took place in Mexico City at the Foro Sol venue, however the last show had to be cancelled after only performing a few songs, due to a lightning storm which was very dangerous for the public and crew, as we can see on the Stages documentary. This is from July 27 During the time she was in Mexico, she did several interviews But probably the most controversial of all things, even more so than the show cancellation, was the now known as "Britney Señal" when upon her arrival she flipped her middle finger to the paparazzi To this day, people in Mexico still refer to that gesture as "la Britney Señal" especially on TV shows and stuff. It's like a term of endearment, but people really remember it as something funny, rather than taking it as an insult. But at the time, of course the press tried to make it a huge deal. Then we have that infamous press conference as well. Tbh I feel embarrassed of the things they were asking her. They were treating her as if she was another one of those celebrities from gossip shows. During those times, the media, especially the one dedicated to entertainment, were out of control and thought they had every right to invade public figures' lives, which is why I believe Mexican celebrities feel more empathic towards Britney.
  19. my god why is he so maniac with Britney related stuff. She sure needs a life time restraining order from him. I doubt she would like to be friends with him again even when she’s free Question: they got to be face to face in that 2018 reunion? https://www.google.com.br/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-3569978/amp/Britney-Spears-looks-strain-forced-face-against-one-time-friend-manager-Sam-Lufti.html https://www.google.com.br/amp/s/people.com/music/britney-spears-requests-new-restraining-order-ex-manager-sam-lutfi/%3famp=true
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