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  1. A thread because @Steel Magnolia’s crush on Ingham is
  2. Check out Marilyn with the bundles I’ve been seeing threads on here about celebrities who look like Britney. I thought that I’d share another Marilyn Monroe is known for her classic short and curly style however these photos of her with long hair are just dreamy! I think she also looks like Britney
  3. I still remember this moment. I had my family over and we watched this together I remember thinking how gorgeous she looked! She also seemed very nervous at the beginning but towards the halfway mark she began to really feel the performance. I loved every minute of it! The only thing I wish that had of been different was her being able to give a proper speech after this performance I remember that video that showed how excited she and her dancers were when they finished the performance. What were your thoughts of this iconic performance? What was your favourite moment?
  4. Gosh the kids have grown up so fast! One of the top comments from this clip from the Strangers Things 4 premiere is that people thought Millie was Britney lol, mainly because that outfit, hair, and some of the mannerisms looks like Britney lol:
  5. Does anyone else see the story from Britney on Facebook that says “new music video” but shows overprotected?
  6. I don’t like it and it weird me out. She’s a very private person and she’s very protective of her children. In my opinion, I don’t think she’d appreciate us talking about her babies on here. Also not interested in any sarcastic or shady remarks. Serious comments only
  7. After the mess that Happened in the incredibly sad britney topic today, we need more reactions other than laugh or heart or thumbs up. I love knowing someone approved my post when I get a reaction, but at the same time I would love to WTF react to someone occasionally. EDIT: ugh wrong forum, sorry 😪
  8. Rebel came to the premiere wearing a green dress which looks similar britney’s green crop top in the crazy video and says she made her movie ‘senior year’ for Britney and hopes she checks it out and hits her up in the dm’s.
  9. Have you stumbled across any Britney memes? Here are a couple of my faves.
  10. This bathtub photo and the two portraits by Frances Lacuzzi were revealed in HQ by Britneyonline last week. So cute. The best mom in the world 🌎😍
  11. Throwback to BBMA’s 2016, One of britney’s glorious career years when she was awarded artist of the milennium 🤩 Well deserved and “really cool” don’t you think?
  12. So I finally got my Britney tattoo! The crown was a last minute addition and I think it looks cute! What other Britney themed tattoo’s do y’all have? Show them off and give us inspiration!
  13. Mary J. Blige thanked TriStar, the business management company accused of dissipating Britney Spears’ assets and facilitating Jamie Spears spying on his daughter as her conservator, in her #BBMAs Icon Award acceptance speech. https://twitter.com/nickhautman/status/1526032350332715011?s=21&t=AN0ic9mDntc4SvQ6uszuxg
  14. On May 16, 2000, Britney Spears released in the United States her second studio album, Oops!... I Did It Again. The album had already been released in Japan on May 03, and Austria, Germany and Switzerland on May 15. Preceded by its lead single of the same name, which came out a month prior, Oops!... I Did It Again debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, getting the #1 in 20 charts around the world, #2 in six other countries and #5 in Italy. It broke the record for the biggest first-week sales by a female artist ever in the US, with 1, 319, 193 copies sold, a record she held until 2015, when Adele released 25. It reportedly sold over 500,000 copies just during the first day. It still holds the record for biggest first-year sales by a female, with 7.89 million copies sold in 2000, landing at #4 in the year-end chart of that year. It also appeared on the year-end chart again in 2001 at #28. Oops!... I Did It Again was also the #6 most sold album of the 00's. It became her second album to receive the Diamond certification from the RIAA. Much as its predecessor, Oops!... I Did It Again is a teen pop / dance pop album, though it has more influences of funk and R&B, with an overall more mature and aggressive tone. Whereas ...Baby One More Time was filled by mostly bubbly ballads and heartbreak songs, Oops! has a more adult sound with tracks like Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know or Where Are You Now, and its mid-tempos gravitate towards the empowerment, in tunes like Oops!... I Did It Again, Don't Go Knockin' on My Door, What U See (Is What U Get), or the Rolling Stones cover (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, with Stronger even nodding at her debut single by revealing her "loneliness ain't killing her no more". However, it doesn't completely leave aside the sweet melodies that characterized her debut album, with songs like One Kiss from You, Dear Diary or the bonus track Heart. The album was mainly produced by Max Martin and Rami Yacoub, but it counted with the collaborations of Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Jake Schulze, Mutt Lange, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger, Steve Lunt, Larry "Rock" Campbell, Kristian Lundin, Rober Jazayeri, Paul Umbach, Timmy Allen, Barry J. Eastmond and Eric Foster White, the latter of which produced You Got It All, a cover from The Jets, which was originally recorded for her debut album. Most of the producers also provided the lyrics of the tracks, but additional songwriters include Alexander Kronlund, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (for the Satisfaction cover), Shania Twain (for Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know), Keith Scott, Jörgen Elofsson, Andreas Carlsson, Diane Warren (When Your Eyes Say It), Jason Blume, Eugene Wilde, Rupert Holmes (You Got It All) and George Teren. Britney herself co-wrote Dear Diary. The album was recorded in 1999 after her ...Baby One More Time Tour finished, most of the recording taking place in November. The recordings took place between New York, Hollywood, Orlando, Sweden and Switzerland. The first songs to be recorded at the Cheiron Studios in Stockholm were Oops!... I Did It Again, Walk on By, What U See (Is What U Get) and Don't Go Knockin' on My Door, followed by Stronger and Lucky, which along with Oops!, weren't finalized until January. Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know was recorded in December at Robert "Mutt" Lange's villa in Switzerland. Girl in the Mirror and Can't Make You Love Me were recorded in mid-January at Parc Studios in Orlando, Florida. She then recorded When Your Eyes Say It and One Kiss from You in New York, along with Dear Diary and Heart. Finally, in late February she recorded (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction at Pacific Recording Studios in Hollywood, California. You Got It All and Where Are You Now were outtakes from her debut album. Four singles were released in order to promote the album: Oops!... I Did It Again, Lucky, Stronger and Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know. She also embarked on a world tour, the Oops!... I Did It Again Tour, that lasted from June 20, 2000 through January 18, 2001. For the release of the album she held a special presentation in Tokyo and Paris, and she also made several appearances on MTV and other TV shows in the United States. The day of the release, she appeared on TRL to talk about the record, and she was signing some CD's for her fans. A week earlier, she recorded the "First Listen" of the album, where they played a preview of each of the tracks. The album was released on vinyl in 2019, and it got a new cassette release in 2020 for its 20th anniversary.
  15. I’ll start - what do you all think of my top 20? My list is better than Rolling Stones - how I roll at number 3???? Insane. Gimme More Toxic Toy Soldier Breathe on me Get Naked Heaven on Earth BOMT 3 Me against the music My prerogative Slave for you Piece of me Perfect lover Touch of my hand If you seek Amy Boys Till the world ends Outrageous Compure Electrique Unusual you
  16. Share. even Britney Jean style is on the table i sometimes think Ready Or Not by Bridgit Mendler would be better if Britney performed it, and somehow it reminds me something from Britney. and maybe Pocketful Of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield but yeah haven't really thought about this.. thats why i want yourzzz brainzzz herezzz
  17. I really want to get a tattoo that honours Britney. I have been a fan since the very beginning and I’m having a hard time deciding if a tattoo is right for me. I currently have ZERO but I want my first to be one for Britney How many on here have a tattoo that represents Britney and what does it say/look like? I also hate pain so I think I’d be a big baby while getting it done
  18. https://www.facebook.com/28130589240/posts/pfbid02VXG37Z6yrMEBByeUwNpe5ehArQo9nArt9VZVNzjt45aCThKHKJJTsFuB51Gp1w3rl/?d=n WTF is wrong with these people? Every time i look at a BH post on facebook, most of the comments are either attacking britney as “mentally incapable/unstable”, that she is not a good mom, that Jamie is right etc. They are almost always more negative than the comments on any Britney-related posts from other news pages. Post from tabloid pages like Billboard/abc generally has comments which are more empathetic and supportive to britney!! It’s like they know what she been through and has a soft spot for her to let her do anything she wants without being judgemental. On the other hand, now britney and sam just lost a baby and the people at BH facebook literally say they lied about the pregnancy from the start. WTF? I thought BH is a fan page? Where do all these haters come from? Imagine how would you feel if you were brit? Suffered a miscarriage and your so-called fans just don't believe it and call you are liar. Did Jamie pay these people to write these heartless comments? They are straight up vile and cruel and i wish they has karma in life for throwing these heartless accusations to Brit. I know this is so long but i’m angry as ****. Someone (Jordan) please check where do all these haters come from. --------------------------------- Updates/Edits: some of the worst comments made by trashy human beings: I can't believe this *****'s comment gets over 1000 likes. Seriously wtf is wrong with people Victim blaming britney while she and sam suffer one of the greatest pain for woman: Another entitled trashy human being think Britney owes them ultrasound photo to prove she is pregnant: I have no intention in blurring their names cause they deserve to be shamed. I can't believe these vile and heartless comments got so many likes. This must be fake/paid by Jamie. Someone please explain why people are so ****ed up in their head. I just wish Britney and Sam are strong enough to not get hurt from these trashy human beings, who think they are entitled enough to say evil ****s to their misery.
  19. I think her and Christina should have recorded a song together tbh Who’s your pick?
  20. Wouldn't it be cool to name and create a Playlist of some fun songs for Britney to rock out to when she's at home or if she wants to create some pregnant dance videos! update. Let's post some songs to help heal B during this difficult time! I've listened to a few songs I think Britney would like if she has not already heard of them! Also music is healing. Maybe post some encouraging and healing spiritual songs for Britney! We know she loves Jesus 💚 I'll post a few... Future Starts Now This song I feel like Britney would really like. I could picture her twirling to the ending outro on IG Also lyrically it's about the future starting now. Let go of the past and the things that have hurt you and heal yourself. Believe in yourself again. A very positive message for Britney. West Coast Just a super fun Summery song! About Damn Time About taking charge of your life and not feeling sorry that you can finally say "it's about damn time I get this" whether it's a new lifestyle or rejuvenation or self love and healing and to wake up one day and you can feel yourself healing. We know B experienced a lot these last 14 years. Bite Me Lyrically this could be a huge **** you to everyone who was involved during the conservatorship. They know who they are... Sparrows A really super uplifting Christian song but it sounds super mainstream and has a nice vibe to it. We know B loves "vibey" stuff. 💚 Those are a few to start off the thread.... Exhale let's create! What songs do you think B would like and possibly blast this summer? Do you have any encouraging songs for her? Drop a comment!
  21. It's been a minute since I've posted on Exhale but hiiii. So heres a question for you crazy stans. If Britney never makes music again what would be your one wish? I have four answers for this one lol. I want to see her on Rupauls Drag race as they've supported her and played tons of her songs on the show. Plus she loves her gays so what a fun platform. Second would be a goodbye tour/documentary. The final note on her amazing career. Maybe this should be number one BUT we don't know if she's done yet. Third would be...yes The Superbowl. Down the road obviously but I'd die. Fourth for fun is the Met Gala. I want her to show up in Kenzoney wearing panties that sparkle because that's Britney and would be iconic. YOU?!
  22. *notices a new account and checks it out* “joined 9 hours ago” I see the clowns are out here making new accounts after being banned Ya’ll better be respectful to Britney. At least on my watch I’m still mortified by the comments that I seen on here from some of her “fans” and hope the mods are keeping an eye out for the trolls on here… They were able to comment too easily yesterday in my opinion.
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