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Found 14 results

  1. Beautiful album Tagged Eminem because Skylar tag isn't available here
  2. No one: Mariah Carey: Going to dram Eminem again for being obsessed with me
  3. Mariah Carey made "Obsessed" for a reason. Eminem can't seem to get her name out of his mouth. Sort of. He dissed her again on his new album, which he just released without warning. In new song “These Demons”, he raps: "I’ve got a question – what rhymes with pariah?" Then Em continues: And I OOP! She really did a number on him. It's worth mentioning he also apologizes to Rihanna regarding the disgusting Chris Brown lyric. Related:
  4. So I recently came across a video from Mojo.com called Greatest Defining Acts of the 00s, and here is the ranking Eminem Radiohead Beyonce Jay-Z Coldplay Britney Spears Linkin Park Lady Gaga Green Day Justin Timberlake I was really suprised, with the list. Britney was below the top 5? Also didnt mojo have a video called best female artist of the 00s where the ranked Britney above Beyonce? So does that mean Bey should be at #6 and Britney at #3. Top 3 is such a reach for Beyonce. Quite dissapointed with the flop list. What do you guys think? I think Britney deserved top 3, i meant she was the best-selling female artist of the 00s selling 83 million records WW, had the greatest hit of the 00s, had the most iconic performance of the 00s, was the most searched celebrity from 2000-2008, had the highest grossing tour of 2009, achieved a Lifetime award, had 2 diamond albums before reaching 20 and being the best-selling act of the year 2000. Whats not there to put her in top 3? SMH? People even want to take away the acheivement of her even owning a decade
  5. Casey rains a huge Prince fan who does the channel The Violet Realty, Said he grew up in the 90s and 00s hip hop era, He was excited for 8 Mile, but one review stuck out to him and still stands out to him. To this generation it might be the film that defines them but for some of Us. We already had an 8 Mile, for our generation That's none other than 1984's Purple Rain, which Casey says Rock and Roll movie's are nothing new But Purple Rain flipped it upside down and Reinvented the entire film. It's definitely left a legacy in minnesota especially the Music scene and put the first avenue night club just as iconic as Several new York Music themed club's from that era. I watched both film's more of a fan of purple Rain. But I never connected just how similar both premises are actually very similar.
  6. Update: It's not happening Earlier: Eminem's marketing team hinted at some kind of collaboration with Rihanna. They posted a photo edit on Instagram of the two superstars' logos combined together. Back in April, the CEO of Def Jam, Paul Rosenberg, asked this 228K followers if they'd want a new Rihanna and Em collab. Very sus. I'll personally believe it when I see it because Queen Rih wants nothing to do with the music industry, but if this is indeed happening I'm here for it. They make music magic together. However, Em is still trash for this leaked lyric on an unreleased version of B.o.B.'s 2011 track "Things Get Worse." "Of course I side with Chris Brown, I'd beat a b---- down too." Exhale, are you here for an Eminem x Rihanna collaboration? Or should they keep it.
  7. P!nk's music video for "Revenge" featuring Eminem spilled onto the Internet. The song landed on 2017's Beautiful Trauma album. You may recall P!nk decided to scrap the video after filming it. “We shot it and it was terrible. It’s never coming out,” Pink said at the time. “It just didn’t work and it was the wrong timing for it.” Oh, and Pink said she looked bad in it. “I looked like hell, it was awful. Thank god Eminem wasn’t in it. If he was in it I would have been mortified.” “We had Eminem lookalikes,” she continued. “‘Beautiful Trauma’ is better.” Lewks like a visual. Thoughts?!
  8. I just noticed that they are so alike 1999-2004 their primes 2005-2007 brit was pregnant, divorced k-fed . Eminem's best friend died , he was heavily on drugs and divorced Kim 2008-2009 Britney returns with Circus 2009- 2010 Em returns with Recovery Also both are Agua Moon Eminem is libra with Sag rising Britney is Sag with Libra rising I shipped them back in 2008-2009 SHIP OR DIP? Sorry Sam LOL
  9. We are now in the third decade of the 21 century and it gives a new flavour to an achievement count. When Eminem reached the top of the charts with “Godzilla” in January, he became the first ever artist to earn UK No.1 single in each of the last three decades. He topped British charts in the 2000s, 2010s and 2020s: The Real Slim Shady 2000 Stan 2000 Without Me 2002 Lose Yourself 2002 Just Lose It 2004 Like Toy Soldiers 2005 Smack That 2006 The Monster feat. Rihanna 2013 River feat. Ed Sheeran 2017 Godzilla feat. Juice WRLD 2020 This is the privilege nobody could share with him. Until recently. Now Lady Gaga can claim the same achievement after scoring No.1 with “Rain On Me” shared Ariana Grande this week. This is the list of her UK No.1s: Just Dance 2009 Poker Face 2009 Bad Romance 2009 Telephone 2009 Shallow feat. Bradley Cooper 2018 Rain On Me feat. Ariana Grande 2020 https://www.eminem.pro/en/lady-gaga-joins-eminem-uk1.html
  10. Love me down was a song that had potential of being a single the beat was fresh and reminded me of her older song The Hook Up which was way ahead of its time with dance floor music and its fresh beat.. Liar as well wud have been a good single , her raspy voice on the song was a new style and suited her a lot , a mashup i did of the song liar with an eminem song that both sounded perfectly suited for eachother ...
  11. No one: Eminem: lemme perform "Lose Yourself" at the Oscars. To be honest it was a pleasant surprise. What'd you think?
  12. Into? I don’t have much to say here besides the fact that Eminem is posting about Grindr, and wanted you to know. It’s his take on the Dolly Parton challenge that’s littered our Instagram feeds. Instead of using Tinder, he replaced it with Grindr. And the photo with that stick of dynamite. I’m about to explode. Grindr responded with a “who?” Perhaps a sloppy Mariah reference? Looks like I’ll be in the Detroit area this weekend. Would you ‘tap’ Eminem if he was in your area? Let us know what you think in the comments. Register an account in 30 seconds and use your voice!
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