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  1. This is not correct. While it's true that the ASC, the Moon and the Sun are three main placements (in this exact same order), there's no such thing as three main signs (and I can't help but point out that you probably meant placements, there are cases when said three placements are in the same sign) that make up a person. It's the entire chart that makes up a person – although, I'll also have to disagree with that: the chart does not make you who you are per se, it simply shows a series of patterns and predispositions, the type of energy you were born with and how it flows. Your natal chart is the blueprint of your soul, it shows the potential within, it does not limit you. A mindset along the lines of "I'm a Scorpio, so I'm vengeful" is erroneous, you can always work on not being vengeful. You're not doomed to be immature just because yor sun happens to be in Aries. You have the power to work on yourself, to channel your inner forces, to evolve as an individual. That being said, house placements are far more important than sign placements. You and Billie might have the Sun in Sagittarius but I see hers is in the 10th house, while there are chances yours might be in the 9th house (as there are chances it might be in the 10th house, I don't know, you didn't provide a chart). A 9th house Sagi Sun opperates very differently than a 10th house one does. You'll also have to take a look at Jupiter because it is Jupiter a Sagi Sun turns to. And speaking of Jupiter, having a Pisces asc, it is your chart ruler so its placement is of major importance. Billie has a retrograde Jupiter in Cancer in 4th. Assuming you were born in 1987 (by your username), your Jupiter is in Aries (possibly retrograde) in 2nd / 1st. A Mars ruled Jupiter in, let's say, the 2nd, is a completely different story than a Moon ruled Jupiter finding itself in the 4th house. A 4th house Cancer Jupiter (even if retrograde) is stronger than a 2nd house Aries Jupiter and it will show so in the way it manifests. Now of course we're gonna have to look at their dispositors but just by chart rulers alone (mind you, without even taking aspects into considerations) I can tell at a quick glance that your Pisces asc is of a different nuance than Billie's Pisces asc, even if it's technically the same sign. It goes without saying that your birth charts are worlds apart, unique to you and her respectively. My point is that you having the same big three placements as Billie Eilish virtually means nothing.
  2. Her permission? Are you for real? She's always wanted out and she spoke out the very first secod she had the opportunity. Had she been given a chance, she would have outted tem con way earlier "Privacy" has always benefited those leeches, not Britney Celebrities knew better than anyone what was going on, it was an open secret (they didn't know everything in detail, ofc, but I'm pretty sure everybody knew of her team from hell and how they censor and isolate her, they knew something was not right). Hollywood is small, the word is spreading very fast. It's not like they're operating on an island. The FB movemement needed celebs' support most in the early stages, when it was dubbed as a conspiracy theory and her team was trying to discredit it. Madonna, let's say, supporting it would have given it credibility (wait Madonna worked with her after the con was put in place so she must know something etc etc) and exposure. But they only care about themselves and their image, not giving a damn that a human being is being treated, in Brit's own words, like a s** slave, so they didn't say **** because it was not safe to do so. Now Britney's got the public on her side and her situation is the hot topic. I expect a lot of celebs to come out of the gate showing their love and support Where was said love and support when things were still uncertain (i.e. fans were struggling to bring the abuse to light) and a tweet would have been of use? Where? MIA. Now their support is useless. The fans pushed really hard, big media outlets picked the case, now Britney has her lawyer. A comment from Ariana means nothing at this point in time. Oh no wait it actually means something. It means that she wants to be in the gp's good graces, she has an activist image to mentain Also, I've seen people on here arguing that it's selfish (yes yes selfish of all words ) to expect other celebs to speak up. While personally I'm not waiting for anyone to say anything (it's long overdue, they're just hopping on the trend now and I see right through them), I can understand why some fans are disappointed when their fave is Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, any other of their kind. I mean I don't see anyone freaking out Mary J. is not speaking up (she's not a pretentious fake diva, she's minding her own bussiness, not taking herself too seriously). But when you're branding yourself as a woke activist who's using their voice to advocate for the greater cause () it's understandable people are upset you're staying quiet. Of course people are waiting for Beyonce Feminist Knowles to speak up. She found it convenient to show support to the oppressed multimillionaire Meghan Markle and her pathetic excuse of a clown husband, yet she has nothing to say about a vulnerable TRULY OPPRESSED woman who's getting drugged up with lithium, among other inhuman things. People have been sold fake cute personae and now they're mad to see that it's all smoke and mirrors.
  3. It's not No me gusta that's for sure, but it was hyped up to be She Wolf level of bopness Instead, we get this bland and faceless sparkless mess I can already envision the stupid Tik Tok dance ugh I hope it flops so she gets it together asap
  4. It leaked Mediocre, unoriginal, repetitive I got bored halfway through But the catchy part is relly catchy I might end up playing it again It might grow on me tho Overall disappointed
  5. At this point I actually think she speaks up on purpose so she'd get dragged
  6. This stupid beach advertises Baby Bottle Pop, it's safe to assume she doesn't know what embarrassment feels like
  7. If you listen really closely, you can hear a horse whinnying during the final chorus of Radar (Circus Version)
  8. I swear there's a new leak everyday Do they really think all these leaks will distract the fanbase or what?
  9. I bet Britney feels even more uncomfortable with Jodi as a conservator of the person. I mean imagine a complete STRANGER popping out outta nowhere one day telling you how to live your life. A complete stranger got access to all of her medical info, the most intimate stuff and all. It's really really sick and the fact that Jodie girl is not stepping down now that Brit made it very clear she wants to be set free lets us know that this old lady is not a nice person.
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