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  1. Hi exhalers / papis, I usually don't make topics, but this one deserved to be posted. Trisha Paytas released a Spanish version of her single "Freaky" and it's terribly iconic, but not in the ways you'd think. In case you don't know Trisha, she's a famous youtuber who's been memed so many times, including getting her own emojis on Exhale. The music video is an amazing replica of Lindsay Lohan's iconic "Rumors", starting from the looks to the killer choreography. The thing about the song is... the lyrics are way too funny and dirty. She's trying to break into the Latin community market, but her Latin friends must really dislike her 'cause no one warned her about the hate she's getting online. No shade to Selena Gomez 'cause I love her, but this is exactly how she sounds like when she sings in Spanish. MÉTELO TODO! (put it all inside!) DÁMELO DURO! (give it to me hard!) PAPI, MÉTELO ASÍ! (papi, stick it like that!)
  2. Both girls share the same management and both are in the Olympics for having the bigger number of unreleased than released material. Which unreleased do you like and who's winning by having better unreleased? I'd say Dua. It really makes me sad (from what I've heard from insiders and people close to her) she doesn't like lots of songs which are objectively AMAZING and that's why you can see ****load of masterpieces unreleased and some of the -play it safe-/ meh songs on the Moonlight. She was aware her fans adored Love is Religion so she gave us the remixed version. Lana, unlike Dua, revisits her unreleased songs and release them which I really like. I hate their work is leaking every single day (literally, ever day) but God their unreleased are amazing.
  3. I’m not sure if anyone posted this but this is my first post here. I just wanna leave something here: My treat. Your welcome bb’s enjoy!
  4. I am an American and my husband is from Ireland. We were both kids in the 2000’s, and to me everyone in Europe had way better pop music tbh anyway - this song came out in 2004 and it’s basically a sample of a Whitney song but it is v amazing. I wish I knew it sooner What old songs did you discover later in life that you wish you knew sooner?
  5. The song is called "Srecan Put" ("Have a good trip" in English), sang by the serbian artist Breskvica. The song mixes pop, dance and traditional slavic harmonies. Definitely a gem that deserves to go to an international scale.
  6. Update- leaked in full but its not on yt
  7. I am always lighting up a preroll J and twerking my Native American *** to some music. Whether it's Pop royalty like Britney, Gaga, Xtina, Rihanna, Keesha, Tinasha, Miley, Demi, Hilary, Lindsay, Fergie, Gwen, Madonna or Rap goddesses like Meghan Thee Stallion, Saweetie, Doja Cat and Missy Elliott. But I also love my DJ boos like David Guetta, Sleepy Tom, Diplo, Skrillex, Deadmau5. And R&B homegirls like Mary J Blige and Faith Evans, Brandy, Ashanti, Ciara, Cassie, Brooke Hogan. any suggestions for new songs for me to check out that I can smoke and dance to?
  8. I have selected the 10 female artists that consistently deliver some hot sh!+ music but for some reason (crappy label, music trends, straight people, bad promotion, etc) the GA don't give them the recognition that they deserve. Don't get me wrong, some of them have enjoyed moderate success, but I'm talking Dua Lipa type of global domination. These are not just one song wonders, but amazing full-package performers that have been around for years and have put out some of the greatest tunes of the last 2 decades. JUSTICE FOR THEM ALL! 10) Tinashe 9) Ava Max 8) Sophie-Ellis Bextor 7) JoJo 6) Carly Rae Japsen 5) Sigrid 4) Kim Petras 3) RAYE 2) Agnes 1) FOXES
  9. What about them do you find annoying? Is it their personality, voice or music? Whatever it is go ahead and let it out, I'd really like to know and don't forget the details.
  10. I'm amped! good to know was SERIOUSLY underrated. Let's give Jojo her flowers this time if she brings it like she did last time around! JoJo says: t𝘳𝘺𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘪𝘵 • exclusive tour dates 💙 SO 👏🏼 ******* 👏🏼 grateful to have the opportunity to perform these new songs + some of your favs on 6 intimate ✨ LIVE dates in October along with my incredible talented friend/ special guest @tiara_thomas. to everyone in these 6 cities who purchased tickets to the *good to know* tour - ur getting early access to tickets & VIP packages TOMORROW 8/17 @ 10am local time. check ur email for the code. a second presale will happen on Wednesday 8/18 at 10am local time. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSpQceDpqEO/
  11. What pop star do you think is the laziest? Take into account how much input they have in music, how often they release, along with live performances.
  12. I have voiced my opinion on this to a few of my friends but I'm going to call it all out now. Britney as you all know is going through an ordeal and she is fighting for freedom. She needs all the love and support from her fellow influential peers in the industry. Let's be honest, just like @madonna paved the way for @britneyspears and @xtina, Britney paved the way @britneyspears for @ddlovato and they even worked together. I've recently rewatched that series X Factor and seen chemistry as friends and peers between Brit And Demi. Why hasn't @ddlovato spoken up? Especially since they are an activist for women??? Makes you wonder... #FreeBritney #SpeakUpDemi #endconservatorshipabuse #RealTalk #FreeBritneyNow #WeLoveYouBritney 🚨🚨UPDATE🚨🚨 So this might be a reach but I'm making my presence known as an upcoming yet already know social media influencer. I've been vocal about this issue and I was checking comments on one of Britney's recent IG posts and Demi Lovato's best friend Mathew Scott Montgomery commented on Britney's post saying "we love you and support you Britney" could this be a move on Demi's side? Could she have caught wind from this post?
  13. I noticed a lot of people from South-Eastern part of Europe on this website So do ya'll wanna share some domestic bops that Exhale should hear? Yes, most of our music is trash but damn it feels good bopping to it when you're drunk in a club I'll begin: Add up
  14. I obviously adore her discography, circus and FF are still my jams to this day, but it's becoming evidently more difficult for me to listen to this knowing Britney probably didn't want/didn't feel like making any of these songs. She was obviously blackmailed into most of it, or at least lied to so she would record it. Now...I'm just failing to connect to anything she created after 2007 all of a sudden because I'm aware that: It's not her vision It's pure marketing with 0 soul or Britney's creativity She was probably forced to record these albums and songs How do you guys feel about the whole thing? I hope that once she's free I'll be able to reconnect to her post cship music again
  15. Coinciding with last night’s final episode of “The Encore” on BET, Bluprint has officially released their self-titled debut EP. Bluprint consists of the members Felisha and Fallon King (AKA The Twins, formerly of the group Cherish), Former Atlanta Housewife Shamari (From the group Blaque), and Kiely Williams (From both 3LW and The Cheetah Girls). The final episode showed another member, Pamela Long, from Bad Boy’s girl group Total as the fifth member, however, she left the group after filming the show. If you followed along with the show, you will know that it was a mess from the get- the original lineup for this supergroup also included Aubrey O’Day from Danity Kane, LeMisha and Irish from the group 702, and solo artist Nivea, but they left the show before the EP was finished. Despite the seemingly endless drama, the remaining girls were able to pull it together for their performance showcase, and surprisingly delivered a couple bops. Standout tracks from their EP include “Skeletons” and “Talkin” - I have such a weak spot for girl groups, and even though I didn’t want to like them because of the drama with the twins, I have to admit I’ve been bumping these songs. Give them a listen, and support women in music who want and deserve another chance. @Slayer @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @PokemonSpears can this post get a little love? 💋❤️
  16. I’m a singer/songwriter looking for producers to work with me. If anyone wants to connect pm me! Thank ya’ll
  17. Hi, it’s been a hot minute since i’ve been on here (i uses to be emperor ianius, lyle croft, other names) but i have a single out and would appreciate it if y’all would listen thank you!! It’s called 'Earth Reality Pod’ https://xtiyan.hearnow.com
  18. https://open.spotify.com/album/0uJHk3Yf5b1ssFJsJGY5z6 So I made this single all by myself (vocals, production...) and I wanted to know what you guys think! Thanks
  19. Let me know what artists you think could've A) Replace one but keep the other or B) Replace both with better singers.
  20. Question for the somewhat girls of Exhale As a gay - I don’t get why we don’t give DaBaby a second chance when everyone gave Justin Bieber one for using the N word in the tune of one of his songs and vile racist jokes. (Trigger warning, video of what I’m talking about but the N word is censored) It seems kind of pick-y and choose-y to me. Especially since people are accusing of Dababy not writing his apology while at the same time Usher did all the apologies for Justin. I hate what Dababy said but like everyone I think he should be given a 2nd chance. If he does it again then see ya later what are your thoughts?
  21. - Intro is stellar. Best part imo, funky hypnotic sound. - Pre-Chorus also slaps. - Chorus is tragic. - Bridge brings back the 🔥 until "oh no here I go" commences. Basically, if we change the song title, chorus & remove all traces of the "oh no" tomfoolery....it has the ingredients of a hit. Please go easy on me in the comments. Also hi from Brazil.
  22. Beginning with the Circus Tour Police theme - structure, enforcement, arrest, crime also during Boys - that was military themed FFT - Literally theme around a criminal spy escaping prison to exact her revenge Criminal - once again a criminal escaping justice BJ Perfume video originally was about a spy that is on the mission to assassinate and died The scrapped MM video had someone died in a pool, she's in a cage Then the first segment of POM was supposed to be Alien themed, but guess what she changed it to military once again Police, crime, military, violence - is a prevailing theme for several eras now
  23. because i'm flopping hard help me giving me a like plz
  24. UPDATE: This thread is outdated and unresponsive. I will be making a new one soon
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