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  1. My top 3: After Hours by The Weeknd Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa Man on the Moon III: The Chosen by Kid Cudi
  2. Radar. Used to love, love, love it. Now the intro annoys me and it sounds juvenile to me. It used to sound like such a bop to me. I don't know what happened. Same for I Wanna Go, although to a lesser extent.
  3. How is Britney able to get this out to the media when she’s so guarded? This is just more propaganda to me. I won’t trust anything but what comes directly from Britney’s mouth. Abolish the conservatorship.
  4. It's been 10 years since Lana Del Rey first uploaded the music video for her song, "Video Games" onto YouTube. The video/song went viral and is ultimately what propelled Lana's career forward to become the success that it has been today. The song is the first single officially released under the "Lana Del Rey" name and was the beginning of the "Born to Die" era. Happy 10 years to Lana Del Rey and to Video Games! Related:
  5. This is the longest era I've seen from an artist that I can recall in recent years. The girl never stops working.
  6. A serve. Idk what age I thought he was, but I didn't realize he was the same age as me
  7. I need to watch her documentary. I'm glad the girls are supportive too!
  8. And y'all wondered why some of us have been suspicious of them and have been saying not to trust them for months now.
  9. Not even trying to make a joke, this was me reading this: I can totally understand her feeling under constant pressure to be compared to the other girls and the stress of having to always live up to that. Not to mention, the anxiety of always being under the spotlight and constantly scrutinized. Lowkey, it's kinda like the social media effect on young people these days (always feeling pressure to show their best selves, compare themselves to others), but amplified times a million. I'm so happy for her that she feels liberated from that kind of mindset, pressure, and scrutiny. It's no wonder she struggled with wanting to be alive. That sounds incredibly damaging and difficult, living like that all of the time. Hopefully, the large majority of people do nothing but uplift her in her new ambitions and don't just assume she pulled a Camila Cabello.
  10. Chemtrails (Lana) is really the only new album this year I've listened to and enjoyed
  11. I really hope one day, all this mystery is cleared up and everything is explained. I have no idea what to believe. I certainly don't believe Britney talks to Billy though.
  12. A lot of the responses in this thread are ******* annoying. What does her styling herself differently and showing more skin have to do with “selling out” or becoming “just another pop star?” It’s 2021 and y’all still haven’t learned to let people, especially women, express themselves the way they want to without being judgmental. If you think, because she did one photoshoot showing skin and s** appeal, that she has suddenly lost all of her talent, her acclaim, her broken records, her music, her originality, then you didn’t know enough about her in the first place and you’re just plain closed-minded. Grow up and learn how to support other people for doing what makes them happy (assuming they’re not harming anyone else).
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