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  1. This thread includes: * all the albums * compilations (I excluded the album tracks on those due to repetition) * remix albums * singles & EPs My 2023 catalog (prior to book release): *If you ask me some dumb ******* question, I won't reply* Rational recommendations are always welcomed
  2. Introducing my ballad remix of Britney Spears' "I Will Be There." Featuring the delicate interplay of piano and strings, this rendition draws inspiration from the heartfelt ballads of the early noughties. At the heart of the track are Britney's beautiful and emotive vocals, delivering a performance that is both timeless and deeply moving. I hope you all enjoy 🎧💙
  3. Hold Me Closer is still smashing! Soon, it will become Britney's 7th track with over 400 million streams. It gets up to 400k a day (depends on the day of the week). But always above 300k. As of May 3rd, it has 389M streams. From all the remixes, Joel Corry one is doing the best. It has over 23.1M streams on Spotify. The original video has over 26 million views (not counting visualizers and autogenerated videos) This is a classic! Will be added to within a month:
  4. I noticed they added videos on YouTube with the audio of Oops, Womanizer and Toxic - with generic pictures. I guess it's just to get attention to the songs in the platforms and to get it ready for the summer: They've been doing that 2 years ago, for what I see.
  5. This site needs some positive news so Yesterday Circus, the deluxe edition, has hit 1.3 billion streams on Spotify! If we use not actually real but very popular CM formula, estimated album sales are currently 8,440,000. Average sales day (from the streams) were estimated at 680 album units but due to increase in Britney's streams it's selling 920 album units a day. It gains up to 750k streams a day (excluding Radar). In 2024, Circus and Womanizer are kinda equally streamed. If You Seek Amy is doing nice. In her top 10 most streamed songs. Doing its thing and just smashing. Kill the lights in doing nice too, above 8k streams a day. 8/15 songs are above at least 10 million streams which is neat. The next one to hit the stone is Lace & Leather which currently sits at 6.5 million streams. Then, it comes Blur (5.8 million) and then Phonography (5.6 million) Added to:
  6. Saweetie is dropping her debut album this year. The debut single is an absolute bop! Really, light and cute The music video is also so good. Who knew she could bring the choreo 😍😍😍 I'm surprised @Style.ain't bopping to this Enjoy the song and video, Exhale!
  7. It’s insane that out of all of her songs this one is going viral because of some goofy looking dude. Also the lyric ‘is somebody gonna match my freak’ is being tossed around on X as well. She has so many nice song but y’all made this one viral? It seems like people prefer silly things over serious stuff nowadays..
  8. Interesting deep dive on Beyonce and Jay-Z and their alleged connection to the Diddler / worth a watch!
  9. HUGE UPDATE: It's official U.S. Sues to Break Up Ticketmaster Owner, Live Nation - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM Accused of violating antitrust laws, Live Nation Entertainment faces a fight that could reshape the... Accused of violating antitrust laws, Live Nation Entertainment faces a fight that could reshape the multibillion-dollar music industry. The biggest victory today isn't just that DOJ is suing to break up Live Nation, but they're doing it specifically "to restore competition for the benefit of fans and artists." The Department of Justice's antitrust lawsuit against Ticketmaster / Live Nation asserts that Irving Azoff COLLUDED with them to maintain their monopoly! Live Nation is a part of Diddy’s protection racket! Live Nation was the keystone corporation that monetized Britney's abusive conservatorship. Since 2010 they were completely in charge of her talent management, concert promotion and ticket sales. Live Nation was the employer of Larry Rudolph, as well as overseeing the promotion and ticketing of the 2011 Femme Fatale tour, 2 the 4 year-long Piece of Me (PoM) Las Vegas residency, 3 the 2018 Piece of Me tour and the cancelled Domination Vegas residency that was slated to begin in 2019. Credit - @Mx_Defying ORIGINAL POST: Let me preface by saying this is my opinion. This is all alleged and my conclusion is based on the purported FACTS of the past 15 years. First, hi Team Con How does it feel to NO LONGER OWN BRITNEY SPEARS as if she's your property? How does it feel that she has completely put walls around her so you don't have access to her in real-time anymore? You have NO IDEA what she's up to!!! How does it feel you didn't succeed in destroying her for rebelling against your control? How does it feel that she is DELIBERATELY demeaning her brand on Instagram and REFUSING to work despite your endless smear campaigns to force her back to work? "She loves the Free Britney movement. The support from the fans lifts her up. And makes [Britney] feel stronger." - Maxi, 2020 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Let's get to talking about the facts NO ONE LIKES TO TALK ABOUT now shall we? Lou M. Taylor has publicly stated on record that Irving Azoff is her mentor. Irving Azoff was the CEO of the monopoly that is TicketMaster. Irving Azoff was ALSO a MAJOR investor in the creation of our favorite & most reputable news source: TMZ !!!!!! (according to Courtney Love) Larry Rudolph works for Live Nation (Maverick) which later merged with TicketMaster (TSwift fans are suing them). TicketMaster has a contract with venues. So TicketMaster/LiveNation are going to benefit from artists' tours. So if all these people are in bed with one another, well then that explains the TMZ narrative post conservatorship! "Britney, if you get back to work, then we will stop our 2007-reminiscient smear campaigns of you" (That was the thesis of the latest TMZ documentary. "Get back to work Britney and you'll be golden!!!!") I believe that the people who have bullied the entire entertainment industry into silence to not defend Britney are not Jamie Spears & Lou Taylor. The people with the MOST power are the people in the background that CONTROL the venues/the ability to book shows for entertainers. So let's say a guy named Irv tells a celebrity that wants to speak out against Britney's conservatorship: Irv could potentially say "Not gonna book those venues for you if you say anything about this." "I'm going to tank your tour." In turn, big "influencers" like the Kardashians are in bed with the human trafficker that is Lou Taylor because they love wealth and have all their businesses/money in her control. We are so heavily manipulated by "influencers" like the Kardashians because they believe the general public won't put all the pieces together. The Kardashians have MULTIPLE failed businesses because of low quality and uninspired ideas. They've been sued for stealing ideas off of others for years. KK Beauty anyone? That's out of business now. Before Britney, Lou Taylor had no A-list clients. Matthew Rosengart summed it up well stating that she build her client roster off the back of Britney Spears. All in all, many people PROFITTED OFF OF BRITNEY'S MISERY AND FANS MISERY. Fans fighting so hard to get tickets via TicketMaster shouldn't be the reality. Let's DEMAND JUSTICE. DO NOT SUPPORT THESE CRIMINAL BUSINESSES WITH YOUR MONEY. DO NOT GIVE CLICKS OR VIEWS TO TMZ. CALL OUT TMZ'S BS. CALL OUT TMZ'S CONNECTION TO IRVING AZOFF. CALL OUT the billionaires with the real power (Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Caesar's Entertainment) How coincidental was it that the January 2023 911 call for the "welfare check" on Britney came on the same day as the #BreakUpTicketmaster campaign TSwift fans started and the rally on the U.S. Capitol hearings. Let's not let Britney's suffering be in vain. Why do you think Matthew Rosengart is now working pro-bono? (short for the Latin phrase pro bono publico, which means "for the public good.") Britney in 2009: "It was all basically set up. There were no dr**s in my system. No alcohol. No nothing. It was pure abuse" - Britney in 2022 Let's fully unite again BArmy. Britney deserves justice. The fans deserve justice. Free Britney was a success. Let's make Justice For Britney a success. @Jordan Miller@GlitterRain @Mx_Defying@JayTawndre@Flavor Of Love @dulcaewm @Ghoulia @Steel Magnolia @notedyourhonor @DiamondCircus @easy
  10. Is KP6 coming soon? IDK about this font it’s giving Tate McRae
  11. Hello Britney fans! I used to frequent this forum years ago but lost my old credentials, so here I am. I've always been a huge Britney fan, so when I stumbled upon this news at work, I thought I'd share it with all of you. I work in the marketing department for a streaming platform in Warsaw (it's neither Spotify nor Apple Music, just to clarify). A couple of months ago, among the upcoming releases from Sony (which distributes RCA releases here in Poland), I spotted something from Britney Spears titled "Britney 25: The Silver Collection". We didn't receive any more info about it, indicating it's not a major release. I meant to share this with you months ago but forgot, until today when we received an updated list including a title "Britney 25 - One More Time, The Silver Collection". They've slightly changed the title, and the release is scheduled for June. We haven't received any assets yet and usually we get dedicated emails and even meetings from labels for major releases, so I guess this will be a collection for fans or something along those lines. Not sure if you guys are already aware of it, and if you are, sorry for not checking. If not, I hope it excites you. I'll keep you posted should I get more info!
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