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Rank Lana Del Rey's albums

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Hey girls - what’s your Lana album ranking from best to worst? And why is your #1 Lana album your #1? And why is your #7 your #7 (I am counting Paradise and BYD as separate albums in this scenario 💅)


here’s mine 

1 - Chemtrails Over The Country Club. (I can’t say or not say if this is even her best, but I feel like where I am in life I relate to it the most and white dress really hit me 😭

2 - Paradise 

3 - Norman 

4 - Honeymoon

5 - Ultra Violence 

6 - Lust for Life 

7 - Born to Die (this is a good album but I feel like I only like a handful of tracks. Carmen / Dark paradise are just way too OTT for me and I find the lyrics to be v immature. However BTD the song & Radio are some of my all time faves ever from her).


Now spill




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1 hour ago, SloppyToppyGoddess said:
  1. Ultraviolence
  2. Paradise
  3. Born to Die
  4. Norman F* Rockwell
  5. Lust For Life
  6. Honeymoon
  7. Chemtrails Over the Country Club

The hard thing is that some of my favorite tracks from her are on some of the lower rated albums I chose. BUT as a full body of work, this is my selection. 

Animated gif about gif in Lana Del Rey by Naílle

No worries I understand hun - x

Great choices!

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I haven't listened to all of them because I'm a flop fan, but Honeymoon is easily my favorite. It's incredible. The production is so minimalistic yet lush, and it has this sense of grandeur. Plus, her vocals on it are to die for. :yesplease_yas_agree_preach: That's probably why Chemtrails might go on to become my 3rd favorite (behind Born to Die) because it's similar to Honeymoon in its minimalism (it's not as luxurious-sounding, though), and it features the best vocals I've ever heard from her. :katycream_perry_witness_nod_yes:

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