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  1. She is such an INSPIRATION. To go through public scrutiny, personal autonomy stripped, isolated from friends and important people in her life, invasion of privacy, the chance of being a mother taken cruelly from her and to still be here I just, I don't know how she does it. An amazing, strong & lovely woman who deserves none of this, absolutely none of it. I hope when she's free she runs away and never looks back, she's given us so much happiness that it's time for her to be happy. EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON.INVOLVED must be jailed. They've taken 13 YEARS of her life & it's not just about the money, it's way deeper than that and to invade her privacy and threaten her the way they have is disgusting. Its ILLEGAL. Also, I sincerely hope everyone in this documentary is safe from team con, absolute psychopaths
  2. Frankly without these large platforms that appeal to the GP, Britney would still be fighting in silence. It's silly to deny their impact & if some good comes from it i.e Britney's freedom, then isn't that worth it? Would he rather Britney continue to suffer? Has he tried to free her in the time he has known her? No so this is a pointless conversation. It's understandable that Britney would be opposed to her personal life being dissected by complete strangers and I really feel for her, she's been under a magnifying glass her whole life & I can't imagine having the world knowing all your business and talking about it, but it will all be worth it in the end.
  3. she seems so genuine & lovely, one of the very few people in Britney's life that care about her as a person and not a cash cow, I hope when all this is over they have that close relationship again like they used to, she must've felt so sad being forced to be distant from Britney
  4. The trailer is a minute long and people are already hating on it, only exhell I think having such a big platform like Netflix will do wonders for raising more awareness surrounding the c-ship/who is involved & its clear the doc is on Britney's side, the FBS doc was good but it focused too much on the media. This seems promising and I can't wait to watch it
  5. I got goosebumps at the part where they ask 'how do you get out? you don't, until you scream' - freedom is coming soon britney & it's only a matter of time
  6. Completely understand locking threads with offensive comments but threads are locked well before a discussion even takes place these days. There will be 2 replies and because its an opinion that isn't popular its locked. Are we only allowed to discuss things that suit a certain narrative? its not interesting reading a forum where absolutely everyone has to agree on the same things or read the same post just worded differently. Opposing opinions should be encouraged imo as long as they are respectful & don't derail the thread/cause offense as you mentioned. This is not towards you specifically and I personally have never had an issue with the moderation of this site, but I do think its something important to highlight
  7. it actually blows my mind that people root for Sam so hard. I absolutely understand wanting to respect Britney's decision after years of not having any autonomy & the amount of people talking about pre-nups & analysing their relationship acting as if they have any say in Britney's life, are almost as bad as the people who put the c-ship in place. Britney is grown woman and can/should make her own decisions and if Sam ends up being a mistake then its a lesson Britney will learn & if he turns out to be everything she wanted in a partner then I will be elated for her. She doesn't need to be wrapped in cotton wool, not by her family, friends, fans or ANYONE. That being said, I don't think its completely unwarranted, as fans who have witnessed many awful people walk in & out of Britney's life, to be suspicious of someone who has been here since 2016 & has proposed at a very convenient time. The constant policing of any opinion that opposes the general consensus pushed onto us on this forum is irritating & frankly stops me wanting to engage in this place. We should all be allowed our own opinion as long as it is respectful (like the OP) & no doubt this thread will be locked soon because of the "negativity" it encourages anyway, thanks for coming to my ted talk
  8. social media is toxic and if britney herself has decided to deactivate it then I think its for the best honestly, she can focus on herself & moving forward that way. I mean look at all those comments that were on her engagement post. she doesn't need that bringing her down right now with everything else going on.
  9. simple times is definitely the best one so far, but I genuinely thought based on the title hookup scene was going to be some sort of single life anthem
  10. the way I though hookup scene was going to be a bop I like the album though! simple times, cherry blossom & if this was a movie probably my favourites so far the 3 sequential tracks camera roll>easier said>hookup scene got me depressed for a divorce I haven't had yet
  11. Wait we finally have the studio version of the VMA mix? the one & only princess of pop
  12. literally this, imagine being a grown a.s.s. adult getting upset over what a teenager said like it really matters at the end of the day she said something dumb but clearly no one in this thread has EVER done that
  13. watching her get emotional talking about her mom & wanting to have a family then knowing what we know now is absolutely heartbreaking, I don't ever care about celebrities except britney, she deserves the world
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