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Found 10 results

  1. I’ll go first: Kelly Clarkson - ‘Stronger’ One of those albums with SO many great radio songs. They ended the era early to move on to the cash grab of a greatest hits, but there were SO many great potential single choices left. “Let Me Down” and “I Forgive You” would have absolutely smashed.
  2. Sky reacted on her stories by using questions marks after capitol records released a statement involving Halsey not being allowed to release the music she wants out. Does Sky not agree and does she have experience like this herself?
  3. Discuss i know it isn't really the example but i really liked that Mood by 24KGOLDN and Iann Dior had a remix too. Don't come for me , this is my example of liked remix. However, which artist do you like for making new versions of her/his/their songs?
  4. Okay so if you have Twitter you probably know what fan bases fight w/ each other the most. You can share your observations here. These fandoms fight with each other the most according to my observations on Twitter: Britney fandom vs. Beyonce fandom Ariana fandom vs. Taylor fandom Lady Gaga fandom vs. leftovers of Katy Perry fandom
  5. For real, they are rich, mainstream artists, people will stream their music anyway. What is stopping them from hiring few people to, for example teach them complicated dance choreography, hire some people to come up with interesting ideas for performances, music videos, songs, outfits etc. And people would be positively surprised. It's already a shame to be that uncreative as an mainstream artist It's shocking to me tbh that they are so boring. They have amazing opportunities like no one else, access to the best music producers, choreographers, designers etc... And still they choose to be the way they are Britney always was very creative (before conservatorship) and she was giving us everything Look at Justin, Ed, Shawn, Taylor, Billie, Ariana, Adele etc... maybe they do good music but that's it? Aren't they bored with the same thing over and over? With men toxic masculinity maybe is the reason why they don't want to explore more style, dance... maybe. But you are an artist, it's your job to entertain people, you get paid for that and people expect things from you. Only Dua Lipa and Doja Cat are doing something interesting with music videos, choreography but it's still far far away from Britney's level.
  6. So what about us rating singers' skills? You can use your own scale. No fighting, please, loves I'm not an expert when it comes to rating singing or dancing. It's just my opinion. This thread isn't about shading artists, I think every artists is beautiful and talented. Please, be respectful. Let me start! Our queen and the best person that has ever existed Britney Spears: Singing: Her baby voice is iconic as hell, it's obvious. It's very unique and very interesting. You know that it's a superstar voice. Very easy to make a hit with the voice like that. I love her voice so much. And her deep voice is so good! Those vocals on Baby One More Time album I love this so much! Britney definitely can sing. You can say that Beyonce or someone is way better with singing skills but I enjoy Britney's voice way more and it's my favorite voice ever. Dancing: I love her dancing. She's a really good dancer. And she looks so good during that. She just looks cool. Love her stage presence. It's just so cool, I can't explain it. You just want to be her. There's something so ''Britney'' about Britney. Like it's her own thing, she owns the stage. I love this girl so freaking much, she's amazing Britney is a superstar, what can I say. She's so talented, she's a blue print and the definition of a pop star. She has everything - talent, charisma, beauty and at the same time she's so humble. Amazing woman. Beyonce: Singing: She's obvious an amazing and powerful singer. I like it but I don't listen to her that much. Dancing: She definitely can dance but honestly her dance moves don't look complicated and it kind of looks like she's just doing random moves But she's very fast. Ariana Grande: Singing: Beautiful voice, she can do a looot with her voice. Dancing: Well... She's a bad dancer No shade but it is what it is. I don't think she cares about dancing, that's why it's not good. And it's okay! Lady Gaga: Singing: I like her voice. She definitely can sing. Dancing: I love her dancing, she's definitely good at this. Especially ''Judas'' choreography Lana Del Rey: Singing: I really like her voice. Dancing: I've never seen her dance @JayTawndre: Singing: Queen of singing. Dancing: Queen of dancing.
  7. I hope I don't get dragged for the self-promotion, it's really difficult to get your music out there and anyone who does the same thing will know this is true. Anyway, if you would like to check my music out here is my latest track. It's a collaboration with a female vocalist, Victoria Wood (TORIA), from my hometown of Manchester in the UK. As for me i'm currently living in Barcelona and my passion is making music (pop/RnB/electronic/world). I am also always looking to collaborate with singers, songwriters and even other producers so if anyone on here wants to reach out, feel free to do so! Hope you like (any shares, follows, likes etc are greatly appreciated!) https://www.instagram.com/iltfmusic/
  8. I'd have to say "Lotus" by Xtina - even though it contains "Blank Page" "Caution" by Mariah... What do you guys have in mind?
  9. Are there any? If so, what’s your style?
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