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Found 9 results

  1. So...the other day I started singing.... "Honestleeeeeeey...if I tehhhhhh....Thaiwaaaaa....." And my boyfriend started laughing and thought I was making it up. Then I played it in the car and then Friday I heard it at a bar and then I heard it on the RADIO.... Is it time for justice for Lumidee although she is flat throughout the entire song? This song was EVERYWHERE when it was released. Y'all remember it?? Did Rhianna END her? ***update** A month after I posted this thread, Lumidee posted the video on her official account. Did Jordeezy Manifest this song back into mainstream?????
  2. I'm fairly new to actually making topics, replies and posts here so bear with me. I just want to see other people's takes on it. But I feel like this is pretty overlooked, so I decided to make it a topic. Anyone else notice the obsession Eminem had with Britney, especially in the early 2000s? It was lowkey creepy. I'm bringing this up right now because I recently found some old archived videos from 1999 in which he describes wanting to see her naked, wanting to be her underwear and thinking she's a cute girl. She was 17 at the time and he was 26. here is the interview In 2000, he shows off a notebook with her face on it, has a freestyle in which he describes touching himself to her Just Rhyming With Proof (starts at 6:07) and that interview where he criticizes her outfit at the 2000 VMAs. Ironically, a month after that interview he admitted in a magazine that he had a crush on her. In 2001, he makes a whole verse about wanting to do *it* with Britney. Mind you, she was only 19 and he was pushing 30. He also says in a 2001 interview that he apparently tongue-kissed her. He mentions in his infamous song Same Song and Dance during 2009 that he had a crush on her since she debuted as well. And we can't forget the songs in which he constantly either name-dropped, insulted or ***ualized Britney. I didn't even mention all of what he said about her either. His fans constantly sweep all of this under the rug or try to excuse it when it's brung up. I lowkey wanted a thread to be made about it on Twitter, but his stans would probably drag Britney and the entire Barmy there tbh. And I'm aware that Britney likes him, but that doesn't mean he's free from opinions or criticism. What do y'all think? Cuz I personally find it gross, and it's weird how he got away with it just because it's his "persona" to be like that, but it doesn't excuse his perverted/weird or creepy comments about her.
  3. I was born in 1999 so I didn't experience the 2000s from adult's perspective, what about you? What do you remember, even as a kid? I don't remember Britney's peak cause I was too young, I remember Toxic in radios and her breakdown, wild rumors I remember that the 2000s fashion was truly wild and now when I look back my mom's outfits were slaying It's interesting to see how technology changed This is embarrassing but I remember having a ''crush'' on this guy, I thought he was super cool Obviously I remember a lot of different Disney, Nickelodeon TV shows, cartoons etc. like The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Spongebob etc. 2000s kids were eating well Isn't it wild we currently live in 2020s
  4. You know what really annoys me?? Britney got so many iconic fashion moments. Her street style was on fleek! And I really want to buy those same fashion pieces, but no one really made outfit breakdowns back then...like where did she get her newsboy hats from?? I need to know, I want that same hat 😭 please let's do a Outfit breakdown thread!! Post a picture of a 2000s Outfit and what Brands she is wearing in the picture. 😍
  5. Welcome to the Anastacia appreciation thread We all know her and her legendary voice. She had some amazing hits in the early 2000s. Even though she was American and marketed here music in the U.S. she did much better in Europeshe had multiple #1s here, and rightfully so. Here are some of her iconic hits : Unfortunately, Anastacia had to halt her singing career due to her breast cancer which has developed quite a lot, but she managed to stop it (yayyy). She never quite managed to recover her singing career though, and people close to her say she never really wanted to. After she recovered from cancer, she just wanted to enjoy her life to the fullest without working her *** off But this is not the reason to forget what an amazing artist she is and all the iconic bops she gave us So thank you queen Anastacia, you're not forgotten
  6. Hey, I was curious to know when you joined Exhale cause I see so many members saying they joined at the height of "Exhell" (LOL) and others who joined later. I actually discovered Exhale in like 2017-2018 and would come on as a guest for a year but then eventually I joined in Oct 2019 and havent regretted it since. What about you guys? When did u join Exhale?
  7. So I am taking a listen down memory lane today and I remembered hearing this song back in the day - it always made me feel weirded out. What do you think its about?
  8. Music from the 2000s had it all, from pop to rock to r&b, latin, hip-hop and so much more. The range, the diversity, it was magical. So for the ones who were there to experience it all, what are your 12 fave songs from those years ? Edit: Please write them out don't post 12 videos
  9. I love music from the 90s and 2000s particularly the r&b genre, what are some of your fave r&b tracks from these eras? Here are some of mine:
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