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Britney reportedly suspects Jamie had her dogs taken away from her

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I hope people catch up fast that whatever is happening to those poor dogs is not only on Britney. They literally admitted there’s a dog sitter, so what took so long for her to see the dogs weren’t fine? Maybe someone told her to ignore them until they got pretty bad? :jtum_justin_timberlake_surprised_wow_um_blink_eyebrows_shocked: Dogs vomit way more often than humans, and the reasons are endless.

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2 hours ago, Z-dawg said:

I’m sorry, but this SCREAMS set up. “Look Britney can’t even look after her dogs” Bull****! So he has a dog sitter. Surely she should have discussed her concerns with Britney first.



This was my initial thought like ok if your really concerned for the dogs great have a discussion with Britney. Tell her hey one of the dogs threw up maybe we should take them to a vet. But no she decided omg the dog is sick let me take a picture send it to her dad who is in a very public legal battle with her and take her dogs to the vet myself without telling her....wtf? Anyone who finds their dogs missing are gonna freak out and get upset thats perfectly normal behavior.

I'm so glad we're able to see through this bs I just hope the general public can too

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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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Idk I am on the fence everyone forgets when her son did that live he said britney forgot to take her dog out of the cage for a few days.

she may be a bit scatty but she’s not a danger to herself but I think there’s more to this she’s human she’s not perfect and you can’t expect her to be 

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How can dogs be left neglected in a house with a full staff and why is the responsibility being put on Britney? If she’s supposedly so mentally unstable that she cannot possibly manage to legally be a human, then why are the lives of other living creatures being left in her hands? If they want her to be held responsible for this, then they must acknowledge that she is an adult capable of managing her own decisions. If you’re going to take all responsibility for her then you cannot offload responsibility to her when it is convenient, you need to pick one. These are incompatible ideas. She’s either insane and cannot be blamed for this or she needs to be held accountable as a free adult. 

Secondly, taking photos in the privacy of her home is absolutely inappropriate for a staff member. This person needs to be fired immediately and any media capable devices she has on the property should be confiscated. If her account is true (which we have reason to doubt) then B’s reaction may have been inappropriate, but warranted - the images on her phone did not belong to her and she should have been required to hand over the phone immediately, and if she refused the cops needed to get involved. Nobody in this house is on Brits side so I wouldn’t blame her if she tried to snatch the phone and enforce the rules on her own behalf. Not being an apologist, just saying I understand and relate to her reaction to this unacceptable intrusion.

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3 minutes ago, MysticWomaney said:

Idk I am on the fence everyone forgets when her son did that live he said britney forgot to take her dog out of the cage for a few days.

she may be a bit scatty but she’s not a danger to herself but I think there’s more to this she’s human she’s not perfect and you can’t expect her to be 

Would her sons really know though or is this what they were told happened. They aren’t even allowed to spend the night at her house supposedly. And if there’s literally paid staff for the dogs, like this says there is, why weren’t they taking the dogs out of the cage. I think the boys are told “this is why the dogs aren’t here anymore” because those are their dogs too when they are with her and they probably asked about them. 

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she’s being pushed to make mistakes and blow them out of proportion to make her look unstable and justify the conservatorship.

i know it’s probably very hard for her after all this time, but I think she should just lock herself up on her room until September 29th and avoid everyone and everything.

and start knitting or writing songs or something that takes all of her time and for a little bit forget everything.

she needs to NOT fall for any of this; freedom is very close Britney just don’t do anything at this point as they’ll take every opportunity to ruin you.

you’ll fix the dogs situation once your dad is out and fire that housekeeper.

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33 minutes ago, Naes614 said:

How is the dog neglected when Britney is not even left alone? If I was her maid I would be like “hey your dog threw up you should take her in.” Idk sounds fishy 

More like, “hey your dog threw up, but don’t worry, we’ll take care of this for you. It’s the least we could do considering you’re being held captive and all” 

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It's been 13 years since TMZ has been actively destroying Britney's reputation and kept spewing lies backed by "sources" that would "prove" Britney is an unstable woman. I genuinely hope she sues them for all their worth until they're fu*king shut down for good, Jamie, Lou, and TMZ are literal pawns of Satan and I'm tired of their BS. These people literally need to disappear, I don't care how. 



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