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  1. I think the Monsters need help if they think Gaga had anything to do with this classic.
  2. NEVER OT: Anyway, highest chart debut of all their remix singles! Let it rise 24th Top 15 26th Top 20
  3. The original line-up of the Sugababes, Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan appear to be teasing something.. Is anyone excited for this? I'm personally not a fan of the first line-up, I wish it was Mutya, Keisha and Heidi.
  4. I don't get why people think Gaga invented this sort of theme... it's been around for a while.
  5. I watched it before her post and thought the same as the majority of the reviews. I personally didn't think it was well done...
  6. The reviews in the British press have been pretty negative about the documentary due to Mobeen and it being 'pointless' and 'anti-climatic' and exploitative and just made for money.
  7. I saw this! I checked Little Mix's twitter account and they definitely liked that post I don't think it'll be a collab and it's just Jade having credits!
  8. Britney is set to speak to the court regarding her conservatorship case on June 23rd. TMZ claims she'll ask the judge to have her father removed as conservator. A new report Page Six doubles down on that, but adds that she will look at the conservatorship ending down the road. “Britney’s primary focus is having Jamie removed from the case,” a source tells Page Six. “She feels that ending the conservatorship entirely can always be discussed down the road, but right now the issue is Jamie.” The source adds that Britney wants Jamie removed entirely so that she can resume “a ‘normal’ life.” “She relishes in simple pleasures like driving her car and going on vacation,” the source says. “Sure, she is able to do as she pleases within her own home — to an extent — but whenever she wants to step foot outside, it immediately has to become a bigger conversation because security guards and lawyers and other people all need to get involved.” Their source says Britney recognizes that the conservatorship “isn’t something that can end overnight,” so that is “not her immediate goal.” The insider adds, “Right now, she just wants her dad out because his role has come between them numerous times and has damaged their relationship.” Britney's court-appointed attorney, Sam Ingham, declined Page Six’s request for comment, saying: “Sorry, but I can’t comment on a pending case.” Reps for Jamie did not immediately return our requests for comment. Related:
  9. Welcome to Exhale! I really like your Twitter account, it's been a great source - especially with all the Court updates you were providing during the hearing! It has been refreshing to have ACTUAL Attorneys give their thoughts! I'm looking forward to seeing you post here too!
  10. We all knew they were real but glad to hear he confirmed that during an interview. Just watched, it was a good interview!
  11. The way this song was from an album Little Mix scrapped I really enjoyed the performances of the song and the BB Awards performance was good!
  12. Love hearing this, she deserves to be happy! She gave 9 years to Little Mix and a lot of that time depressed! So i'm glad she's finally doing what she wants. It is amazing to see her so happy! She deserves the world I'm excited to see what Jesy brings! Imagine a Britney collab - never going to happen but we can dream
  13. Yikes, let her be. She was a massive part of Little Mix's success. She has had to film music videos, go for fittings, photo shoots, performances with the anxiety of being next to 3 other girls that she felt, visually, she stuck out from and was the 'fat' and 'ugly' one. As a solo artist, she’s doing all those things on her own and only has to think for herself only and not what she’ll worry she looks like next to 3 others. It’s pretty clear that having three other girls physically on every single set, photoshoot and studio she has ever been on is going to be a much more present threat to her mental health than any hypothetical other pop star. Let's not attack a woman who has been brave enough to be open about her issues and attempted to end her life because of her insecurities and depression. We need to be kind - let her do her thing. She's already given 9 years of her life to Little Mix, when us fans know she struggled SOOO much. Good for her for putting herself first once. She deserves to be happy and do what she wants. Let's stop policing her choices, she is a 29 year old woman.
  14. It's sad she was basically forced to leave due to the constant hate and I saw she shaded the LM team saying they'd make her feel uncomfortable sometimes - now it makes sense why she unfollowed Little Mix's management as soon as she announced she left the group. Tbh it is hard to know if they actually do still get on or not or whether they are all just being classy I hope even if there is tension they can reunite one day and get along - their friendship is what made Little Mix so amazing I hope they start interacting with eachother!
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