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  1. It was a great watch and all I wanted from the first NYT doc, there was a bunch of new and shocking information. It was focused on how her most basic human rights have been disrespected and it gives room for a lot of evidence that hopefully will be used when Rosengart decides to prosecute these sick vultures. I hope the next documentaries will take a similar approach or else they’re not needed
  2. People are being so ridiculous here lately. First of all, what makes you think Britney would agree to collaborate on documentaries about her life? She has expressed countless of times in the past and recently that nobody can see her life through her lenses because they’re not her. Why can’t you just be open to the idea that maybe she wants to tell her story and is sick of everyone else doing it for her? Imagine you’re under a conservatorship and your pain and misfortune is the hot topic, and suddenly ******* NETFLIX releases a documentary about it for the whole world to see. I just know I would lose my ****. And second, just stop this Sam hate train, it’s incredibly disrespectful. I understand he’s been suspicious many times but we don’t know what happens behind close doors, and as far as we know he’s one of the few things that makes her feel hopeful about the future. Just hear her freaking testimony again wtf.
  3. We’ll have to wait and see. So far all the information of value that could actually help Britney was only brought up by fans. I’m not expecting these documentaries to be clear and outspoken about the corruption in the system and everything that actually led to Britney being where she is. My expectations are that they’ll put all the blame on Jamie and won’t dig deep in the system that allowed him to abuse his own daughter. But anyway, like I said, I’ll wait to see and hopefully it’ll surprise me.
  4. Can someone tell me if the battery life changes drastically since 7/7 plus?
  5. Other celebs whose image is all about s-e-x and drugs/w**d addicts strike as way more bizarre to me She’s just having fun dancing and twirling. I do believe they make her record stuff and upload photos and videos or else the account would be as abandoned as her other social media or her own IG years ago.
  6. These documentaries are not doing anything for her. It’s the fans who made everything unravel and these companies saw a good story and decided to sell it. The first one helped make it mainstream quicker but it would have happened sooner or later regardless. Give yourselves some credit damnit. And give BRITNEY some credit too, for her bravery and resilience to speak up on June 23rd for the world to hear SHE vindicated and validated the movement.
  7. Not everything is black and white. They can ignore a lot of evidence. Did you watch Framing Britney Spears and the British documentary? They may not be pro cship, but they’re obviously not anti cship, and that’s what Britney needs. Someone to fiercely destroy the reputation and public image of the people who abused her in many ways. Thank god we have Rosengart for that now.
  8. I’m so done with people questioning Britney’s Gram girls to side with Netflix. Netflix will make more money and buzz off Britney in a day than the Gram girls have done in years. You have a huge company in one side, and a lawyer and two dedicated and humble comedians in another Also I’m skeptical about the time the people involved in the documentary spent on this topic. Surprise Witness studied and passed her bar exam while being devoted to this, and the Gram girls went to court every single time, reached out to a lot of people and did great investigative journalism that not even the NYT could match with Framing BS. Maybe the documentary won’t be pro-cship, but you’re naive if you think it’ll root for Britney as hard as the fans, Surprise Witness and the Gram girls did. Imo, if they don’t bring up uncomfortable topics such as the corruption in the system and Lou, they’re pro-cship anyway. And I don’t need to wait to watch it to think all this. We as fans should know how the entertainment business works. I don’t think it’s in their interest to help Britney, they just want to make money off her.
  9. I didn’t know x17 was a thing nowadays, until now… Does anyone know if they haunt other celebs or they just harass Britney?
  10. I really don’t understand why all the attention has to be on the victim of the situation instead of the perpetrators. We have also been led to believe she doesn’t enjoy this kind of attention and the way people lurk into her past, so what’s the point? One Framing Britney Spears was enough, none of the other copy-paste documentaries will make a difference or do her any favor/bring more awareness. Why don’t they release a documentary focused on the legal ins and outs of it and the key players of the corruption instead? I can’t stand how the British one kept saying there were two sides. As if Britney’s suffering and isolation could be justified!
  11. You should check out his Billboard interview not many years ago where he sounds pretty prejudiced. People being so annoying about his ***uality brought the homophobia out of him. Maybe understandably so but it’s not a mature way to deal with it. That interview was post all that stuff in the video… www.billboard.com/amp/articles/news/pride/8506112/shawn-mendes-rumors-***uality-interview/ I don’t like his approach to things and I think he’s an insecure brat. I don’t pay attention to him at all, just giving my two cents here. If he changed his mind in the past three years, good for him but that won’t change what I think
  12. Drink? Water, I’m lucky enough to get it for free and very clean Food? Eggplant Roasting it and mixing it with rice was a good idea.
  13. It doesn’t sit right with me how everyone tries to out him or claim him as part of the community as if he was Freddie Mercury or sumthin. He’s an homophobe quite honestly, and he made fun of Britney shaving her head. We should just let Camila deal with him and whatever he is.
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