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  1. This is getting so serious and "official" out of a sudden. So no more sweeping under the rug and supporting the movement in the lowkey coming from him? I want this same outspoken energy coming from every celebrity on earth now
  2. And I thought some Femme Fatale songs had aged bad… But clearly not even half as bad as the tracks you mentioned and a few other Glory tracks imo. And I say this loving all of them because Britney can do no wrong in my eyes, but I’m sure we all know she can do much better.
  3. This is cool! Count me in I’ll try not to give too many 10’s. Edit: Wait how does this work Do we have to rate the songs based on how we like them or how much nostalgia bring to us. Also do we share the rates here or through private message?
  4. I’m surprised she barely likes any of the incredibly stunning outfits she wore over the years. But she likes that hideous lilac dress she wore for the Laundry Service release party?!?! I love her and she’s my ultimate fave latina, but watching this after Thalía’s made me realize who the “real” fashion icon is between the two.
  5. You mess with my favourite music format and you’re messing with me Shut up and choke on your vinyl
  6. I don’t understand where this Private Show, Clumsy and even What You Need hate comes from. They are funny songs and you can tell Brit had a blast recording them, they were a fresh and new sound for her. Maybe the vocal production wasn’t very top notch but I don’t think that’s a dealbreaker. Glory is a good album. If I had to say anything negative, it would be that the Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez inspired tracks were incredibly unnecessary and even damaging for her legacy. The most uninspired music she’s ever done. YES I’m Justin Tranter’s #1 hater, so what?
  7. They’re edited. They looked big but not like that Britney’s cute laugh gives me life
  8. I was hoping for Adam Lambert to snatch this one and take it to another level with his range. Well there goes hope
  9. They should’ve pushed for this single harder but I agree Lonely was the only logical choice at that point. I’m shocked every single time I remember it wasn’t a single
  10. Nicki is a solidified icon and yes, her chart success is proof of that. But discrediting Lil’ Kim’s impact in the name of current charts? Wtf is that foolery? Put some respect on her name and all the ones that came before Nicki. Without them, Nicki wouldn’t even be a thing. It’s so damn ignorant to discredit music and artists from the past just because you weren’t around to experience them. It’s Britney B-I-T-C-H, AND LIL’ KIM H-O-E
  11. The MUA that implied this (superdupermaxi on IG) is actually close friends with Sam Asghari so I wouldn't discard this as conspiracy so loosely. Anything is possible when Brit is surrounded by this kind of people... Allegedly. I'm far from a doctor or anything but it could be likely that all the meds she's been fed for a decade could have had a toll on her fertility anyway. I feel like talking about this crosses the line because it's too personal and not really our business though.
  12. The song is okay, but it's true the video was much better. Nonetheless I'll keep an eye on the album
  13. I don’t have a vinyl player and it’s so expensive for me (it must be a rare edition) but the vinyl is stunning and I’m sure someone else will snatch it
  14. I think even a kid could see through the intentions of that vid. They both were very naked and touchy and the camera was so focused on their bodies. I was 4 and it made me weirdly uncomfortable, as if I was watching something I shouldn’t watch so I can relate Watching it years later makes me feel like I was feeling like that because of the guy but not sure. Britney was beautiful but not as hot as the guy, she was still so young.
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