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  1. LFB were clearly working with Ingham, maybe Lynne. Meaner working with LFB was so weird to me, I wonder if that account/ he was bought out? Money talks. I think Ingham is stupid full stop. If he had any sense he would have pulled the pin on this years ago or at least forced a less restrictive conservatorship. Ingham only bounced and looked out for himself when he was backed into a corner and Britney was tired of his “strategy”. Britney had enough of him!! What Britney said about him was clear as day. She was also being polite. I bet she has more to say about him. I also don’t see him having full immunity. The new laws coming in are literally about conservatees having a RIGHT to a real lawyer. The state knows what Ingham did in a huge violation of rights.
  2. Everyone does take advantage of Britney’s likeness, career and personal life. It’s messed up. But that comes with the type of greatness Britney’s is achieving.
  3. I agree. The overall feeling I got was it did seem Erin was taking a both sides of the story approach. I’m glad they re edited it. But we will see what we get next week
  4. Love that Jenny Eliscu is involved! Throwback to Britney’s Rolling stone interviews! Also Erin is wrong that she needs to be evaluated. Britney doesn’t need to be if no one contests, there is no medical capacity in this case and this is a “voluntary” conservatorship.
  5. It was too safe. As if team conservatorship know how to market a s*xy, independent, ***ual Britney.
  6. It’s a huge shame that it wasn’t for Britney’s testimony Netflix would have questioned her freedom. Britney is strong and brave Netflix better do our girl right
  7. VERY impressive considering her lack of playlist reach. People want Britney. That’s why she is an icon.
  8. I hope they keep appealing. The lack of transparency helped keep this abuse going and many others. The judges and lawyers need to be held accountable by the public listening in.
  9. 100% she can come visit her kids but should base herself elsewhere. Move all her money too. F California.
  10. Netflix and the media need to be careful. They don’t care about her and they directly impact Britney’s life with how they report things. It’s a slippery slope with this intensity over her life. I just hope they have some form of consideration like the NYT doco did. If they don’t come for LT, Larry and Jamie’s lawyers I won’t be impressed.
  11. I’ll wait for the Netflix preview. It’s hard to imagine a pro conservatorship doc. But this industry makes billions. So it wouldn’t be surprising if they bought out Netflix doc, to save the industry from the Free Britney fall out.
  12. Lol Justin Timberlake must be so mad that he has dropped off the planet and no one cares about him.
  13. I was hoping OIDIA or Gimme More made it! But 2 entries is not bad considering a lot of other pop stars during her time didn’t make a single song. I also agree her two songs should be higher.
  14. But knowing Penny she is likely to pretend she never saw this and move along. At least it was filed and the media and fans can read it being said again ! Britney’s rights were violated and we are all here for her revenge chapter
  15. It’s scary how they continued her case for 2 more years. has she been able to speak to her judge like a Britney has? Is the court open? Does she have her one chosen lawyer? Being mentally ill shouldn’t mean her civil liberties be stripped from her. Conservatorships should be a last resort and are not for rehabilitation. It’s weird how her parents lawyer is commenting on Britney’s case and perhaps knows how the free Britney movement has helped Britney.
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