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  1. It's giving me tease lol she looks gorgeous as always. Her smile is everything.
  2. Hi your friendly neighborhood straight female here. Can someone explain to me the difference between a bottom and a power bottom im genuinely curious. Only answer if it's within community guidelines im not trying to get anyone in trouble.
  3. I get what they are saying but the tone offends me. I guess because I've had extensive conversations with people in my real life who dare to call me a crazy obsessed fan. I made an effort to explain how much bigger this is than just her and she is blessed to have millions of fans who have cried out for her and you see even with that we are barley making strides. I know she said the majority but I just think instead of using the blame game use this opportunity and our voice to help us help you. I will continue to do my part because I think conservatorship abuse is horrible and really sad thats its gone under the radar for so long. We can only help each other at this point. At the end having their stories pushed to the front will help our case for Britney because we can show a pattern in the courts. And having Britney be the face will help them expose this to the general public. I sympathize for them but it just rubbed me the wrong way.
  4. Yes! I'm so glad someone brought this up. I watched it and meant to make a thread on it but hadn't gotten around to it. I know her lives are long but this one was interesting and he spilled some inside gems. She even made a comment like you know we all assume stuff like that happens but having it confirmed is wild. He mostly said it's from a PR standpoint but it fit their narrative for sure and them leaving once Ingham is gone just further solidifies that.
  5. So sweet! I think in a way we all see ourself in her. At the end of the day celebrities are just humans. I love this so much! Thanks for sharing
  6. Awww I love this we love a woman who can admit her wrongs. I never saw it as harmful just in bad taste. Very sweet for her to reach out privately.
  7. woow this thread had me like Then i was like Then people brought up her being killed and I was like Then I celebrated finding out it was her idea like Good job Brit all need a break then people brought up the facility and I was like you got a point but then I saw her tweet and Im like Hey girl sorry for panicking see you when you get back!
  8. Yes! I completely understand what your saying. I also have never been attracted to pretty boys so that could have something to do with it
  9. I dont think anyone would say no they aren't but I feel like in the past some celebrities dance around the question and say things like well I don't have enough information or I'm not sure I haven't been following but I wish her the best to get out of answering directly
  10. Yall dont come for me but I have the biggest crush on him he just seems so nice and ugh I know he's always been a fan so I love thats he's openly admitting to being a supporter. It means alot coming from male entertainers.
  11. I think Octavia's comment was just in bad taste like rude but I dont think she meant harm. I will say she did end up saying congrats just in reply to her original one. It was an after thought lol
  12. Honestly I'm ok with her saying nothing. If it's not going to be a genuine I'd rather her be quiet than spew some fake **** she doesn't mean. Her silence says enough for me.
  13. I love this so much! I remember feeling frustrated last year because everything was so unknown and I felt hopeless. I didn't even know if by listening to a song I would be causing harm so I decided not to. Seeing post like this make it all worth it! The irony in people calling us crazy for fighting for her when people thought she was crazy and now we're full circle and Britney herself is reminding us we aren't and weren't crazy we love you! We're almost to the finish line!
  14. Him agreeing that its overdue makes me think they have been talking about it for a while and the only thing holding them back was the conservatorship. That makes me happy though that they felt now was the right time, because it probably means they have high hopes for all of this going her way and she will be out soon!
  15. So sweet! I cant help but to think about how in 2001 he was 8 probably watching her on TV and had zero clue she'd one day be his fiancé!
  16. It's amazing how everyone screams free britney until she starts making decisions that you don't like. A truly free britney is one that is allowed to make mistakes. I get everyone is protective and of course I want her to sign a prenuptial but if that's your first response to such a happy occasion you truly jaded and that's super sad.
  17. I love his sense of humor. You know they are just laughing it up reading all the comments
  18. Someone said it's on the wrong hand and it does appear that way lol is it maybe because the pictured was mirrored? I bet they were so excited and accidentally did it haha so cute
  19. Last I saw she was still posting about hurricane relief
  20. Would love to be a fly on the wall in her families home. I hope they are letting her be happy and enjoying the moment with her
  21. Not Octavia Spencer telling her to make him sign a prenup idk how to upload a ss I wish they would let her have one day just one hell even just one hour!
  22. They named it after her! So sweet! It's even more gorgeous from the side profile 😍 I love how the diamond dips.
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