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  1. Can someone please discuss the new texts billy b has shared supposedly from Britney? they suggest she didn’t write it and she’s in a spa lol but I need some help to feel convinced he ain’t talking to her lol
  2. I don’t think it sounds like him at all. It’s a reach. I do worry how some people over analyse things at the moment it’s not going to benefit the actual agenda
  3. I totally agree fe is always going to be close to Britney but I doubt she is in contact with her at this time britney has her own circle in CA. fe isn’t her assistant anymore. he thinks a like on a comment is #receipts (I’m sorry but the way he makes his captions are iconically messy I love it he’s a mess) he has never had proof and I’m really sad that the bbc is probably going to let him show himself to be a bff with no proof. at this point I am inclined to believe the TMZ was from her dad but also true. The cship began partly to stop weirdos like him getting close to her. like Sam lufti remember billy was with Jason who claimed Britney still talks to him and loves him hahahahahh they are screw looses i do hope billy sees this so he can either stop all together but at least stop the rambling it’s hilarious
  4. I can’t find anything about this anywhere? Gimme deets
  5. You can tell he’s read this thread with his comments hahahaha billy yannoe I actually kinda befriended you on IG with a fake account it’s so easy to catfish you
  6. I love checking his account several times a day to see the hot mess of an account. looking for the #clues bs he does to cover up the fact he has no idea what the truth is remember he said the red was for a perfume and then Britney did a video saying she just liked the red fridge I just can’t with this guy (I could go on but he’ll just rant about me for 6 more posts but the misinformation he spreads with photoshop images like of Cassie and stuff I think he needs to watch it as he admits he’s sent them he doesn’t find it himself he’s honestly lost himself in this narrative and it’s concerning to see anyone get obsessive and mental about a person like this. I certainly wouldn’t appreciate my friend doing that... which is why none of her actual friends do! ) im very cautious about the bbc documentary simply because he’s in there as a reference and unless he ft Britney for it I don’t want his contribution along with the rest of the speakers named. fe made the last one credible. it’s weird how obsessed and consumed he is and posts crap images and it looks mad. my ultimate fav thing is likening his involvement with the bbc documentary to a “guest list” ok boo you and Perez and an old choreographer. unless someone more relevant is in this then he’s on the budget list
  7. You’re so welcome! I was so happy when I saw your comment and was like FINALLY! then o saw that person getting really personally offended at such a realistic notion I was like nah got to stand up for my fellow “knee Stan” the BBC documentary is going to make it worse too. With the line up no one seems relevant as the framing one did but even that was trying to only push one side. a lot of what we know is true and that is important but it’s not some twisted scheme of Britney being forced to dance for hours filming it and being banned from doing anything else. she has always wanted privacy so she has that she doesn’t want us to know what she does everyday give her some space it’s like they forget 2007 and how over indulged we got into her every movement I don’t think she wants to share lol
  8. I believe you and I have had your opinion about her Instagram myself. she doesn’t have access that’s why she doesn’t do lives but she does make videos and tbh even before these theories she always posted videos. im remembering when she broke up with David and was sad and posted a video of her showing someone with heart shoes saying that makes her feel better. it’s because of the situation we’re in now where the conspiracy is more interesting than the truth and unfortunately that was always going to happen when the movement got bigger and more people decide to give in their 2 cents. I also have been in social media marketing and it’s so common and Essential for a brand to have one all celebs do lol. People find that hard to believe as they love social media but I got really sick of it when working in it and deleted my IG no doubt she’s sick of going on it all day and seeing all the mean messages lol. (also a lot of people really don’t get, especially younger users, that social media is more about advertising and selling and “influencing” which is the same. This and linked in are like the only socials I use) get outta the matrix and realise you’re just in a system. social media like IG and tik tok are so dumb but always loved by the younger gen which is who companies and brands make the most money off so they just gunnna follow them they always have people need to get a grip and remember the most obvious answer is normally the most simple. She’s not in a horror movie lol she’s a celeb in a difficult situation but she’s still happier than she was in 2007 or 2013. So. Calm down lol. (need to remember that the movement is attracting teens so I think we’re fighting with them so don’t stress)
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