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  1. I love that Sam spoils her with private jets because she used to do our lower income flights she used to post it. We commended her humility which she is but now we know she had limited funds isn’t it great to see her spoilt the way she should have spoilt him and you guys call him a gold digger I can’t he’s easily spent more on her in their relationship than she ever has and he deserves to be spoilt by her when her money is reclaimed and taken back from being illegally soent live your best life queen
  2. I see what you’re saying I have a “if Britney survived 2007 you can survive today” mug and an old phone case. I always had it in my hardest times during uni. but just because she’s still unhappy doesn’t mean she didn’t show the strength you needed. She showed us you can survive and still be successful. Okay it was under this thing but ****** woman can work hard under restraints and isn’t that still empowering? for me her survival is her truth and not a lie to her career and a defining part of her. 2007 was also dark and I think she needed to be steered on the right path. Idk if a c ship is the right way but it did save her and she survived 2007 this is a walk in a park. her career isn’t a lie. Her career is very real. She didn’t have to be so happy all the time she was shes strong and she loves us and her career. She didn’t in 2007.
  3. If a kid has one parent who is immensely wealthy and able to spoil them then the child could resent the other parent for not being able to spoil them in the same way. I’d like to think parents put their kids first and wouldn’t want to allow that sort of mindset for their child. it’s amazing looking at this that k fed only get 50k now and we still trash him for it when it was evident on that live stream her kid did he shares a room with his brother because fed is not capable to give them the same as Britney. also remember the kids need full security being famous kids a lot of that money is needed for the kids own protection. it’s all stupid money we don’t have but it’s for the kids it’s the same even in our lower incomes come on now I’m a woman and even I can see it’s s**ist to expect a man to pay and not a woman when she makes so much more you would want the support of your wife made more for your kids. My boyfriend makes more than me if we had to share custody I hope he’d support me and not let me be a mother struggling to compete that’s not parenthood and it’s not healthy for a child they don’t see the world maturely
  4. Daddy told her what to wear not to wear nothing! GO QUEEN PROTESTNEY.
  5. She’s used this song a million times now i think she’s trying to show us that she is the controller despite the fame listen guys also why can’t she post old vids and it still be her lol we all do it
  6. Watxh the film antiviral it’s about how fans can buy celeb illnesses obvs isn’t real but would totally have people doing it
  7. I dm’d you lovely I’m here to listen exhale has been here for me at my darkest points too and people reached out to me then. the new mass surge of people can make that daunting but we’re all still here
  8. I’m really sorry you’re feeling that way genuinely would want to suggest being more introspective is it something that is setting off your own personal anxieties? I can’t speak for tou but for me I’m endlessly excited each day is finally something good no more threads about hairney and how often she touches her hair in a Vegas show. britney is speaking for herself it’s uncertain what will happen but she’s free and able to talk and if that worries you I hope you’re okay and I am glad you found your voice to say it here and I hope you are able to have the same confidence in your own life. If not DM me I’m here but don’t stress Britney is finally doing good whatever happens we are there to support her but don’t let it ruin you you are more important remember that always care about you first Britney is only just doing that herself don’t feel scared for her or yourself I beg x
  9. If you believe her family would allow her to publicly trash them when she was more support and they already had none after the testimony then you really are mad We are lucky she even bothers with it with nee content to show us of her dancing no wonder it’s just captions you’ll vilify her if she filmed herself and say there was a gun behind the camera stop it the woman has a phone.
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