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  1. is that her iconic white mercedes from the 2007 era? love it - i recognize the g wagon too.
  2. Of course she can, she’s the Britney Spears - but she’d have to work for it, the same way primeney worked for it; because at the time she wanted it BAD. We all know she’s capable of many things but she’ll only get that if she works for it / wants it. She’ll definitely have the support of her many fans and the attention of the world once she’s free. But if she’ll ever want to be a trend setter she’ll have to bring it. Like maybe do a tell-all special for 2 hours followed by the Súper bowl halftime show where she debuts a song which is then followed by announcing an album and a world tour; she’d be #1 EVERYWHERE - all that with a great social media revamp and pushing the narrative all over the internet; cleaning up her image and presenting her as a Phoenix - maybe even aided by some Pepsi endorsements or other brands and working with the top of the top / looking perfect and dressing high fashion. it’d be 2001 all over again... but does she even want that anymore? I feel like she’d be like “been there done that”. short answer? yes she’s capable. 10000% capable.
  3. Moving up I see; good for him; he seem to try hard and work hard and to my opinion has not “milked” Britney for fame. Seems like a nice guy, still don’t trust him tho’ but it’s probably from the trauma of everyone around Britney being horrible to her.
  4. I like this, it’s fair - doesn’t harm anyone, was polite and to the point. If it’s all BS they could have Britney end the movement.
  5. i love it too - for it to be perfect it should've been less processed / vocals more clear. also i kinda feel terribly guilty listening to it as it was released at a time where she was refusing to work; but it is indeed a great song. i also stan mood ring (by demand) pride remix - its such a pumping song.
  6. This should’ve been red lol - love the hair and the body. I like this new set of pictures.
  7. It makes me wonder if she’s just doing these movements slowly and then they speed it up at specific parts for it to look a little off - like I feel like it’s constantly speed up and down at different times. June 23rd you can’t come fast enough.
  8. trust the process, your court appointed attorney has a bigger plan.
  9. I love Godney Spears so much, loved watching all of these clips for the 99876th time.
  10. You’re like Britney right now - so used to being abused that you’ve normalized it... EVERYTHING SHE HAS IN A CONSERVATORSHIP IS AVAILABLE WITHOUT ONE - lest we forget she doesn’t qualify for one and she’s in one only to have money stolen from her... how does any of the BS you wrote logical? After 13 years you’ve developed something similar to Stockholm syndrome if you’re supporting this mess or even suggesting to take it slow... If you’re somewhat “ok” with the conservatorship you’ve been gaslit too and are a victim just like Britney is... there is now slow way or let’s see what happens... she’s been stripped of her basic rights illegally. So you’re basically saying that if there was someone held captive in a basement being **** everyday by some psycho rap*** - by your logic we should focus on getting her clean of STDs first - cause you know, baby steps - and we should let her be **** a little bit longer because who knows how she’ll feel when shes not **** everyday... will she be able to live without being ****ed everyday? Let’s get her some pain killers but let’s keep her locked and **** daily. GREAT PLAN
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