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  1. I think he looks better now. The thing about these botox and fillers procedures is that you look pretty swollen a few days after, that's why most celebs just hide at home for a few days after doing it. I still think it's unnecessary though, especially for men. We are considered hot when we reach 30s and 40s, given that we still work out and take care of our looks. So I don't see the need for botox and fillers in men's faces.
  3. Anyone has any info bout the european dates and countries? I mean she definitely won't be coming to Serbia, but if she does come to hungary or croatia or romania, i'd travel to see her and fu*k some hot bois
  4. That goes exclusively for western europe (spain, portugal, uk, netherlands, france, belgium). The rest of europe (eastern, central and northern) never really colonized African countries in the first place. Or any country for that matter.
  5. i can already imagine the music video of ari and nicki being dressed in dominatrixx outfits, dominating pig cis str8 men omg, i would die
  6. it's sucha good song tbh, it's a legitimate bop that would have done great on the charts
  7. it comes out from the fact Lou is apparently friends with some Netflix executives, so people assume they will take her and jamie's side. But in all honesty, I don't even think Netflix is working on a Britney documentary in the first place lol
  8. Say pretty ple say pretty ple say pretty please, baby just say pretty please ;)
  9. Here's the thing, Europeans don't have problems with racism the way Americans do. That's why the story of us "appropriating" anything will never fly. We don't selectively make sure black youth has bad elementary education and therefore never get higher education. Our police doesn't shoot at black people the moment they see them, nor do they assume they're criminals the moment they pull them over for a speeding ticket. The European ladies don't randomly scream at black people in Lidl or TESCO or any huge supermarket chain accusing them of ridiculous things. HR's don't single out black candidates on interviews and give them less opportunities. European governments are simply not racist, or if they are, not as nearly as the USA one. This topic is unnecessary. Black community in Europe, is, was, and always will be seen as equal to anybody else.
  10. uhm....if she wants people to hype and dance she should produce music that fits that kinda mood, lol.
  11. He's irredeemable because he's a pathological liar and a sociopath with a narcissistic personality disorder who didn't change one bit but only tries to deceive people that he did. He is trash and will forever be remembered as such. He will go down in history as nothing but a talentless gossiper who had to humiliate weaker ones in order to achieve absolutely anything, and that's exactly how it should and will be. You can go to hell Perez.
  12. just sit your *** right next to me and he can punch it too bby
  13. omg thats kinda hot destroy my hole like you destroy those men Sam
  14. Its true, she was adorable. But I guess I'll forever be unsure if she was genuinely this happy or if she was literally dying on the inside throughout the whole time. It's so sad how we are unable to fully enjoy her smile because we never know if it's honest. Colon and Loucifer can rot in hell I swear
  15. Imma believe Nicki Minaj over hyenas from the white house any day. Actually, correct that. I would rather believe the biggest pathological liar this world has ever seen, than i would believe anyone from the White House. I don't think people are aware just how much and how far politicians from any country are ready to lie and manipulate in order to stay where they are and continue having any sort of power and money.
  16. there have been plenty of "spotify killers" in the last decade, ironically spotify murdered them all I think they should stop hoping and aiming for "killing" spotify and just focus on creating a good streaming service that can compete.
  17. not really, but im not sure if you wanna shade me or compliment me either way, good on you sis lol
  18. and its true nobody knows how to party like us Europeans. Americans are just little kids compared to how we do it, and, like he said, it's all about having fun with people. Their background is irrelevant.
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