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  1. This guy was never good looking I wouldn’t have expected him to age well. I wish the media would respect what an annulment is and stop calling him her first husband acting like he was anything more than spur of the moment rebellion.
  2. Amanda literally soaked her dog in gasoline and tried to set it on fire in someone’s driveway. She became a threat to no only herself but others as well. Her family got the conservatorship and pulled her OUT of the spotlight rather than forcing her back out to work. They allowed her to attend school to fill her time and teach her new skills. It seems whenever she is given more room to be on her own she downward spirals immediately. I don’t know that many details of her case of of late but her case is not comparable to Britney’s. However Amanda said her father ***ually abused her as a child, said her parents allowed others to do so as well. That was at the height of her breakdown, it’s possible it isn’t true, but also very likely it did happen. She was on Nickelodeon on shows with the known predator Dan S. So her family controlling her life seems like it’s a very bad idea. Who knows if she had third party help if she wouldn’t spiral whenever she’s given more freedoms.
  3. Marilyn Monroe was a made up stage name so it goes to say if Britney had an odd name she probably would have used a stage name much like Norma Jeane did
  4. that’s if it was true. I don’t know for sure of course.
  5. Didn’t she recently have a meeting with her label and Rosengart? Maybe she talked to them about releasing songs she had recorded as a way to fulfill her contract with them? She might owe them a release.
  6. I hope once it ends she hides away. That way they can be there sitting and waiting and wasting their time for their photos. I also really hope she’s not naive enough to let people back into her life that have caused her harm. She’s been through a lot. People should give her more credit that she knows who is against her. If she was to stay hidden for a month at least. Take advice from celebrities that have successfully avoided the paps. I know after being prisoner basically all these years she probably doesn’t want to become a prisoner not being able to leave her house but their interest will die down over time
  7. The black one. The nude looks nice too. I preferred when she wore costumes and not just nude suits and underwear basically. I wonder if wearing underwear on stage was her fathers idea **wearing underwear only, I know she wore them back during the onyx hotel too but she didn’t ONLY wear underwear
  8. 32. Been a fan since the beginning. I use to leave the tv on really loud so I could hear when BOMT would start and run to watch it. Spoiled kids now a days with the ability to watch whatever on command 😂 god I’m old.
  9. Considering LA traffic is always ******* awful I would be super pis$ed being stuck even longer because of this.
  10. Plus maybe his wife doesn’t like them having any type of communication. Doesn’t want to start any rumors of an affair when they seem to just sort of have some inside joke. I mean it could be a coincidence it just seems to happen a lot though haha
  11. I thought this was his way of saying he seen her post without directly saying it so he didn’t get in trouble 😂 it was posted a few days if that after her post.
  12. The picture isn’t ***ual but it’s still wrong simply for the fact that it’s public. Naked babies/children shouldn’t be out like that. The band could have censored the photo and it wouldn’t be as bad. Suing now after seemingly embracing it all these years does come off as a money grab though. Unless all of the attempts to embrace it were to try and make it feel ok like he approved of it in his own mind since he never had a choice?
  13. Lynn probably has regrets over pushing Britney into stardom and leaving her to fend for herself essentially. Britney gained a new mother role from Fe because Lynn wasn’t around. Being a parent is hard. Realizing you’ve made mistakes you can never take back is hard. Knowing your children don’t have to forgive for those mistakes is hard. I think that’s why she’s stepping up now. Even if Britney doesn’t forgive her it’s how she’s going to forgive herself for failing her. I believe Lynn thought the conservatorship would only be a few months maybe a year, and that this was the only way to help their struggling adult daughter that very clearly needed help and wasn’t getting it. I’m sure she was always a stage mom. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her daughter. Jamie’s lawyer claims Lynn hasn’t been around because Britney didn’t want her around. That may very well be true. They had a falling out very publicly. Britney may have never gotten over that especially after the conservatorship was in place, she likely resented her mom for allowing her dad to take over her life like that. and I believe Britney pays for Lynn’s house because it’s legally Britney’s house. Lynn obviously can’t afford it. But if it wasn’t Britney paying for it the bank would likely own it. Britney didn’t pay for the house outright she had it built. Once she’s free I’m sure everyone will have a clear understanding if Britney is ok paying for it, because she’ll either kick Lynn out, sell it, rent it, or continue to pay for it allowing Lynn to stay.
  14. Yesterday I had read about how this guy was “trash that was denied over his brother to care for his mother, clearly Britney and her attorney don’t know what they are doing” and I couldn’t find anything that would back that comment up (randomly gossip page comment). Now I see where they got it. Although I don’t understand how not getting a guardianship over his mom proves anything is wrong with him. The other brother clearly sounds like he caters to whatever the mom wants. She’s struggling with her mental health. Jason Rubin was likely trying to protect her interest even if in the end it’s to also protect his own bottom dollar on it. Siblings fight over their parents wills/money all the time even if they don’t need it. The “I’m entitled to it” mindset. It’s sad actually. But I’m sure he’s still quite competent at his job.
  15. She had a much better body than the average woman. She still had abs. This is especially considering how she just had two babies back to back.
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