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  1. I didn’t say it was her. It wouldn’t matter if it was her or her team I don’t think anyone promoted it? Her teams job would be to promote her music/brand. But I don’t recall ever hearing about it beyond this group. GP wouldn’t know the difference if it was her or her team
  2. Because Britney never promoted or even acknowledged it as far as my memory serves, although I have kids and forget **** that happened 5 minutes ago so maybe she did acknowledge it. But it was a scrapped track with no promotion, no video, and barely even her her vocals added
  3. He thought he missed his chance to have *** with her because she complimented his dancing? While she was dating JT still….dude sounds like an ******* and should have just kept all that to himself.
  4. I mean at the very least the fees should be capped. Like say foster parents, they all get paid the same statewide, a little more for special needs and such. But it’s like $1,000 a month. The pay rate should be the same if the person has $1,000 in their bank or 40million.
  5. He was screaming in her ear. And it wasn’t helping anything. She had been dealing with the over obsessive paparazzi on her own for a while at this point. This man was just there pushing her and yelling in her ear. He needed to stfu.
  6. #1 Taylor Swift. It’s the first album I heard from her. Teardrops on my guitar and Tim McGraw are beautiful songs. The ballads are very emotional. Cold as you. Come in with the rain. A perfectly good heart. Invisible. Should’ve said no. It’s a damn near flawless album. I’d highly suggest listening to it, don’t wait for the re-record gotta listen to her emotion of the songs from the time with they were fresh. #2 folklore. I didn’t like this album the first listen. Now I love it. #3 Reputation. Flawless album. #4 Fearless #5 Speak now #6 Red - we are never ever getting back together ruins this album for me #7 Lover - I’ll admit that I almost forgot to list this album 😂😂 it was added in after I finished. I do like most of the songs off this it’s just apparently forgettable. #8 1989 - shake it off ruins this for me #9 evermore. I don’t know why but the songs on this one just come across too much like folklores rejects. Other than No body no crime I usually skip the others. Might need to try and relisten to it without skipping again.
  7. I’m pretty sure the tiny furniture is for her dogs lol. I don’t think she just collects small furniture for fun. Also is the lazy boy actually tiny or is the tree really just super huge. I absolutely love she’s so festive too. I’d love to go all out like that but I’m poor haha
  8. So the argument against saying the media tour and fees weren’t in Britney’s best interest is to say well Lynn doesn’t know anything and all this was to Jamie’s benefit? Because they argued it being for his benefit and didn’t say a damn thing on how it’s helping Britney. Hell they even admit that they fought against her wishes to have Jamie removed and replaced…are they pretending the freebritney movement is what got Sam I. to request the removal based only off of rumors/speculation and not off of talking to his client and his own first hand knowledge
  9. I never post in stories myself. And I don’t find it strange that Britney’s account usually doesn’t. The few people that post in stories that I know often post memes, or they are on the younger side. Britney is older than me. So maybe she just doesn’t understand/care to have stories that are only posted for a short time.
  10. I mean most people in general are unhappy. I don’t have an onlyfans and I’ve suffered from depression forever. Be easier to handle if I had extra cash though so I didn’t have to stress about how bills get paid on top of my depression. Onlyfans doesn’t necessarily have to be full on p**n anyway. It can be simple *****, half *****. No ***** at all. How many people send ***** for free? Often those end up online too. So why not make a little cash from it if you want to. I don’t see the issue. I don’t follow any OF and I don’t know anyone with an OF but more power to those that are buying their houses and hopefully properly securing their financial future. Because regular work for a living is a ***** that often won’t lift you out of struggling.
  11. Technically she was ALWAYS legally allowed to pick her own attorney. It wasn’t illegal before either. The new law will hopefully benefit others in the future, but she was lied to and so was her chosen attorney so what’s to stop the corrupt courts from lying to others in the future too. Seems like they make their own rules.
  12. Britney had hired Adam Streisand, if the claims she was found incompetent aren’t true it meant she in fact was allowed to legally hire him, can he use that and say she is in fact his client and request access to speak with her? After all conservators are not allowed to deny access to her attorneys. Maybe he can file some claim about being thrown off her case unjustly since he was.
  13. Aaliyah was extremely popular when she passed. She was successfully crossing over into movies too. I don’t think her career would have been compared to Britney’s though, Beyoncé career would be. Beyoncé may not have been as popular if Aaliyah hadn’t passed.
  14. Christina. I can related to her music more and love a lot of her songs. She also has an amazing voice. I like a few Beyoncé songs too but I think she’s overrated. She does have a stronger career but I find her to be a boring actress and her music is just ok.
  15. Honestly she needs to stop wearing the extensions. Other than the damage it causes her real hair she obviously doesn’t care/know how to take care of them. If she had just her real hair, cut into a shoulder length at the longest it probably wouldn’t be so noticeable that it’s not brushed. And it’s absolutely not common for people to go out with their hair like that. Her outfit was fine, I figured she was holding the jacket closed because she looked like she was braless and maybe felt uncomfortable about it. But her messy hair is not how “normal” people go out as one poster said.
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