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  1. 1. I don't believe Britney wrote the caption. It would be insane if they would let her write whatever she wants without knowing/having a say in it. And that's what they're telling us. So that's a no from me. But even if she did write it... Why do people think it puts freebritney in a bad light??? She might be embarrassed how she's being portrayed.. as weak etc. That doesn't mean she wants to be in a cship.
  2. A couple months ago people said she gained weight and is chubby. Haters gonna hate. As long as she's healthy who cares???
  3. You sound like a f**king antisemite to me. The guy is jewish and he's all business. Nice. So jews are all the about the money and non jews aren't? Wtf is wrong with you. This isn't 1930. Get with the times.
  4. This. You guys say she's from Germany? Don't know her and know nobody who does. (I'm German).
  5. Britney is Britney. She can do whatever she wants. He's just Justin. That's not hypocrisy, it's just facts
  6. It's Jayden... There's a video on Twitter of him playing. He's f**king talented!!!!
  7. Christina and Beyonce tbh I never understood the hype around Beyonce. She isn't pretty, she can't sing, can't dance... She's like any arrogant basic *****. Oh well.
  8. Cos he's a lawyer and he knows the law enough to know when it gets too crazy I guess. I mean he didn't leave the paycheck behind for nothing. He saved his ***.
  9. I can't with this ****. I mean an third world country is less corrupt than everyone involved in Britney's story.
  10. That's ridiculous. Jl has enough money from when she was young plus her husband has a good job and it's not like she's making lots of money now. She's 90% a hillbilly stay at home mom and 7% Instagram wanna be influencer and the rest 3% if even that she works for money. So she's either living off her savings (probably not) or she's being kept nicely by her husband. You think she married him for his looks? She married for the money.
  11. They're not good at their job though... They never condoned any of the violence coming from Hamas towards Israel.. The UN has certain interests and they fight for them but they are neither fair nor do they care about peace. They're basically a f**king joke.
  12. Especially when Britney apparently isn't capable of raising her kids or being alone with them while jls daughter almost died because she drove an ATV which she shouldn't have at her age.
  13. What do you expect from a redneck trailer park white trash hoe who hasn't accomplished anything in life? Her only accomplishments she got for her last name. She didn't finish high school and she's most probably as dumb as they come. They onlything she apparently is good at is spreading her legs once in 10 years and having a baby.
  14. Britney's kids are teenagers now. I'm pretty sure they think it's a bit weird that their mothers boyfriend is 10 or 11 years older than they are. If my father would have brought a woman 10 years older than me home as a gf I wouldn't have given a **** about her. So Sam is probably not very involved with them. I still believe he's using her but I'm happy she feels happy with him.
  15. Agree. It should be like a regular job. Let's say 35 dollars per hour, no matter what the person in the conservatorship makes.
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