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  1. God forbid she be a multifaceted human being like everyone else on the planet and not a perfect Barbie doll beamed down for your specific enjoyment.
  2. Idk bro, sounds like you’re being sort of gatekeepy about intelligence. No one who feels secure in their own intelligence feels the need to downplay anyone else’s.
  3. If I looked that good, I’d be naked all the time! Im not sure why people are so pressed about these pictures. This is the first time in 13 YEARS that she’s been free of her father’s control and has had the opportunity to say “You know what, this is me without all the artifice, without all the bull****. This is who I am at my purest, rawest, and realist.” As someone who’s lived through long term abuse, I think there’s beauty in her reclaiming her image, body, and ***uality. When first getting out of a super controlling, abusive situation, especially one where you were heavily silenced, it’s completely natural to want to express yourself as widely and as loudly as possible. It’s such a release and expresses such a sense of liberation, and it doesn’t really matter if it makes sense to anybody else. I don’t think she’s doing this as a desperate bid for anyone else’s approval, I think she’s doing this for herself. I don’t think it’s vulgar or trashy, it’s artistic self expression.
  4. Not gonna lie until I saw Macarena I thought you were just making a play on Lana Del Ray
  5. He used to be kind of cute when he was young, but now he’s sorta crusty and gives me huge neck beard vibes.
  6. None of us know her well enough as a person to make any kind of accurate assessment of her psychology. All any of us can do is speculate, and many times we end up projecting our own experiences, traumas, and fears onto her. Since she finally has a voice after all this time, the best thing we can do, in my opinion, is to listen to her and accept what she says as her truth until she says otherwise.
  7. Honey I was a victim of abuse for the first 20 years of my life, so believe me when I say that I’m in no way suggesting that any victim is ever responsible for their abuse. My point is that Britney has finally been able to start voicing her truth and her experience under the conservatorship after not being able to do so for 13 years. She’s been very clear that Sam has been a huge support for her over the past few years, so until she says something to the contrary, I’m respecting her word as her truth. I think what you’re implying, that we should ignore what she’s saying now after she was silenced for so long, is insulting and keeps her firmly caged into a victim role while she’s clearly fighting to break free of that.
  8. Ew, honestly this is gross and this kind of speculation about Sam needs to stop. At this point, she’s spoken up very clearly about who supports her and who doesn’t. Speculating that she only loves Sam because of “Stockholm Syndrome” undermines her autonomy and, quite frankly, it’s ridiculously s**ist. At this point, some of you are blatantly infantilizing her to fit your own narratives.
  9. Oh HELL yes! Daddy Matthew is bringing the big dogs onto the case! Every time it looks like our girl is in danger, he whips out another high powered trick he had hiding up his sleeve. He’s a solid defender, a clear provider, honestly he’s the ideal man and I have no choice but to stan. Rosengart can liberate this ***** any day
  10. I swear they straight up went to a Spirit Halloween Store and bought whatever “blonde bombshell” wigs they were selling.
  11. Honestly it looks like they’re standing directly under some kind of really harsh ceiling light. Idk who thought it would be a good idea to take a picture in that particular spot, right under a flood light with another light right behind them.
  12. God forbid a grown *** woman has boundaries. He’s a ******* moron.
  13. I’m definitely concerned because of the overwhelming stigma that still exists around disability in this country. Britney may very well struggle with some level of executive dysfunction, millions of people do, including most of the ADD/ADHD population. If she has trouble keeping up with certain day to day responsibilities, even trouble keeping up with her dogs, there are housekeepers, dog sitters, and dozens of other services that can help her with that. There’s no way that any one can spin her situation that will ever justify her not being given back her basic human rights. There’s this really toxic idea in American society that people are only worthy of respect, dignity, and personal agency if they’re productive and hustling 100% of the time. It’s disgusting and damaging and has gone on for way too long. I want to eventually write a fully fleshed out post about this because I have a lot of thoughts and I need some time to sort them all out.
  14. The title of this thread had me thinking Juno Lynn was launching an insulin brand
  15. She just really needs to stop digging her hole any deeper because that’s all she’s doing by opening her mouth. I’m assuming she doesn’t have a PR person, but if she does, I’m praying for them because homegirl is a train wreck.
  16. I read this article this morning and got a weird vibe from it as well. It came off to me like the author had the idea to write an article about the parasocial relationship as a concept, but using #FreeBritney to illustrate their point was the wrong choice. #FreeBritney involves a very complicated set of circumstances and it can’t really be studied or critiqued as just another pop star fandom movement. Honestly, I had a lot of thoughts about Britney’s situation being the wrong example for that article, so if anyone wants to hear anymore of them just let me know and I’ll write them out.
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