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  1. Wasn’t there rumors wayyy back in the day that Brit’s team and family forced her to get an abortion back when she was with Jt? I remember reading that as a kid. It’s possible JL considered abortion over adoption at first and changed her mind completely. I truly hope she discussed with her daughter sharing this story before she put it in her book though. No child should have to read how everyone thought they were an awful life ruining mistake
  2. It’s likely in these “good” areas that anywhere that doesn’t already have a house on it is empty land owned by someone. Probably cost more just to buy the land to build. Having a nice house built doesn’t really cost more but that depends on where you are. California is so overpriced right now she’s going to over pay for anything she buys, that goes for everyone buying in California. The house the conservatorship sold that she was “upside down in her mortgage” that I’m pretty sure they sold at a loss to her is likely now triple what it was back then.
  3. She couldn’t have done much when it started but she always at any age could have been a decent person/sister and supported her sister. Taken her side. Defended her. Not gone off to vacation at Britney’s house while Britney was locked away in a facility and just shrugged her shoulders about it.
  4. That why I said maybe this was HIS decision. I have first hand experience adopting a child and changing their name. The parent could be involved but actively choose their addiction instead. At Maddie’s age she can decide if she wanted to change her last name. She’s not an infant. It’s also possible her last name isn’t legally changed and she is just using it for social media. Casey would have to have agreed for the adoption to have happened btw so if Maddie was adopted that means he knowingly signed over his rights.
  5. I just want to say Casey has been arrested over the years over drug related things, even recently. So I hate to defend JL but it’s very possible he made the choice by deciding drugs are more important.
  6. I hope Britney finds the peace and support she deserves. And good friendships from those that don’t need anything from her. I’d totally be her friend and she could hang out with my kids if she wanted lol. I could use friends too.
  7. It seems like it’s annual but If it’s a yearly expense report did they really only provide Britney with under $2,000 cash to spend the entire year? Like not counting her basic necessities, meals which if for the year is pretty low for her status, even her travel expenses are low for her status. Was that combined for her vacations and I wonder if they added their own personal travels to that bill too.
  8. It’s listed as the expense in Louisiana though 🤷🏻‍♀️ If this is in fact a monthly expense listing which seems likely that’s a LOT of phone lines. I have a plan with 7 likes and its with everything and I still pay less than $300. Britney definitely shouldn’t be paying the bill for her entire team. Might just be part of how team con was hiding how they stole money from her? *edit to add. Those expenses for Louisiana look to be yearly. So $250ish a month if she pays for all the phone lines isn’t bad.
  9. This about the phone. How many phone lines does she have? I don’t understand how 3k a month can be charged for phone service at all. Is she providing service for the entire city of kentwood?
  10. It’s probably to pay the pet sitter/walker that couldn’t even make sure the dogs had proper food and water out.
  11. It really is. It’s also why so many people say if Britney was a man this never would have happened to her. Because the likelihood is it wouldn’t have. Britney represented everything “frowned upon” in a young woman, ***ual and seemingly independent, confident, successful. I still believe the original judge went along with all this because of that, not because she was paid off. But because she wanted to punish the Britney Spears that had so many older women and conservatives up in arms over how she was “destroying” young girls.
  12. It was not hard to have a woman hospitalized/institutionalize/put on medication back in the day. It was damn common in fact. Women were more so property of their husbands. And what the husband said was the final word. Doctors listened to the husbands. It wasn’t illegal to beat or r*** your wife not that long ago either. https://www.rti.org/insights/myth-female-hysteria-and-health-disparities-among-women
  13. Her story is heartbreaking :( I wonder if she ever got to know Britney before. Maybe this is family she can now connect with.
  14. You’re right I don’t know. But I’m assuming without facts that it was in fact nothing more than a terrible accident which is why she wasn’t charged, and the boys mother said in 2019 how it was just an accident she just wishes that Lynn reached out with some type of an apology. I really can’t imagine Lynn seen this boy and ran him over on purpose. My sister wasn’t charged, ticketed or anything from her accident, because it was an accident and they found the kid to be at fault. Sometimes people still get charged yes but not always.
  15. When she was 20 she accidentally hit a 12 year old boy with her car killing him. Accidents like this happen. A lot. My sister hit a little boy on a bike, thankfully he wasn’t killed but his hand was seriously injured. We were turning and the kid just hopped the curb out of nowhere. Technically bikes are suppose to follow traffic signals too but often people just go if they want and expect cars should see them and be able to stop in time. In my sisters case it was night, and the kids really just came out of nowhere not one of the 3 adults in the car seen them until it was too late. It’s very likely that the accident Lynn had was similar. Its absolutely awful the little boy was killed, and it’s probably something that still haunts her to this day.
  16. Parenting is hard and even little things can screw up a kids “normal” childhood. I’d assume they were generally shielded from the fact she was in a conservatorship and were raised similar to any kid of a celebrity. Maybe with a little more “normal” compared to their peers because of the Financial restrictions. I’m sure they know their mom loves them. I’m sure they love their mom. I don’t think they think of her as a cash cow either despite how people bring up with a young teenager said on social media. Sounds more like he just has conversations with his parents as a peer over as a child and that could be both a good and bad thing depending on the types of conversations.
  17. I’d actually really like this to happen now. It could totally still be released 😂😂 I want to hear her voice on it now.
  18. This was crazy to me. They were giving her higher doses of stimulants to get through work. Stimulants are addictive and they’ve called her a drug addict yet it was fine to push drugs on her if it was to their benefit.
  19. She’s a chain smoker and has been for a long time. That’s why her voice sounds rough. With all the stuff the conservatorship took from her, helping her quit smoking should have been one of the things they did if they cared about her health but they didn’t.
  20. I completely understand the need for a fresh start. Doesn’t she just rent that house anyway? I thought team con sold all her properties that they didn’t use themselves personally, and had her renting.
  21. Yayy! I wasn’t able to follow the updates as they happened because I had too much going on today. I’m sooo glad to see it went in her favor!!
  22. As a mother myself, of course it did. I’m sure it was the most traumatic experience she’s ever had. It’s emotional torture.
  23. This guy was never good looking I wouldn’t have expected him to age well. I wish the media would respect what an annulment is and stop calling him her first husband acting like he was anything more than spur of the moment rebellion.
  24. Amanda literally soaked her dog in gasoline and tried to set it on fire in someone’s driveway. She became a threat to no only herself but others as well. Her family got the conservatorship and pulled her OUT of the spotlight rather than forcing her back out to work. They allowed her to attend school to fill her time and teach her new skills. It seems whenever she is given more room to be on her own she downward spirals immediately. I don’t know that many details of her case of of late but her case is not comparable to Britney’s. However Amanda said her father ***ually abused her as a child, said her parents allowed others to do so as well. That was at the height of her breakdown, it’s possible it isn’t true, but also very likely it did happen. She was on Nickelodeon on shows with the known predator Dan S. So her family controlling her life seems like it’s a very bad idea. Who knows if she had third party help if she wouldn’t spiral whenever she’s given more freedoms.
  25. Marilyn Monroe was a made up stage name so it goes to say if Britney had an odd name she probably would have used a stage name much like Norma Jeane did
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