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  1. Yeah he is disgusting. Lauren always threw in "read your contracts" shades whenever she could for a reason
  2. Both Albina and them are amazing. But Hurricane girls are everything like jfc.
  3. This is so sad. It was quite obvious their lable was sabotaging them from beginning. At one point they were overworking them whilst the girls saw no money at all. There is a audio recording where Lauren is crying and saying they are literal slaves. It was most obvious when Camilla left. They had no budget and they have pulled most promo performances based on their management connections.
  4. Are you going ? You better stan Ha Ha Hurricane
  5. I hope ur response isnt sarcastic. Because if it is then it's extremely disgusting.
  6. Ehats great about Shallow ? Its a generic ballad. Its as generic as they get
  7. Unlike you I have admitted both sides are at fault. But Israel's is a bigger evil who strikes first and then plays the victim. They ******* entered refugee camp last night with an army. They were bloody tweeting about it. When they kill 100a of civilians they will claim they were attacked. Many ppl myself have included evidence of Israel's torture. But ofc your genocide appologing *** ignored them.
  8. Calling out Zionistic party in Israel is not the same as being antisemitic. But ofc Israel's government apologists will call anyone that just because they darred to criticize Israel's government.
  9. There is more about it in her book. She also cited a moment where she was seeking help because the group was "going through a lot" and "breaking behind the scenes." "The person that I asked for advice, he tried to take advantage of me," Brooke said. "I show up to a meeting with him, and he gives me a freaking thong, which is very inappropriate, because … I know what he was trying to do there." Several times, Brooke said that looking back at her stint with Fifth Harmony is painful. "I'll look at a music video and all I'll remember is how I felt that day, how I felt so insecure or I felt let down or I felt like I wasn't good enough, and people around me told me that I wasn't good enough, I wasn't cool enough, I wasn't valued, nobody cared about me. It was awful."
  10. That user is obviously Zionistic apologist and has proved that with each and every post in this thread. Don't even bother with him.
  11. Hammas is product if Israel's constant violence and terror against Palestinians. If you condemn Hamas you better put 3 times more effort into condemning Israel's government. Anyhow
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