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  1. Omg the little pitter patters of her stepping on the paper is my new favorite sound. Then her re adjusting the camera this is my favorite post ever
  2. This low key makes me sad I know we want them to suffer but Britney now has to live with the fact that she doesn't have family and that makes this even worse.
  3. Well they have made genuine post in the past so are they legit jl fans lol its not obvious to me
  4. Yes which is why I giggle when people try to justify she was a child like we didn't know the difference at 16 to know that's wasnt acceptable and people are allowed to make mistakes once maybe twice but it's a pattern with this girl. I guess I'm petty then. Given her past mistakes she shouldve been hyper aware and even if her intent was not to be offensive she has to understand that the impact can be. All this tells me is that she didn't learn anything from her previous mistakes.
  5. It makes me wonder if the people who are most upset about this are Gen Z. I feel like the ones who have been around since the 90s aren't surprised by this. She is gorgeous! I'd be showing off my body if it look like that too
  6. I dont think anyone is ignoring it its impossible to. We are all here ultimately for the same thing but I read one comment who said they wouldn't be surprised if her dad took the pic like what... We all have two choices we can embrace this and celebrate her through what's being posted or condemn and criticize because we don't think its her. At this point neither one of us knows for sure so why not choose to be optimistic so that at the very least there will be positivity around a ugly situation. I just don't know why anyone would choose to go the route of darkness like the example above its just gross and irresponsible, not to mention misogynistic to think she can't express her ***uality.
  7. Some of yall are making this way more creepier than it has to be. It's ***** that's it. Most woman have them. Literally everyone praises Kim k for posting her semi ***** there's several examples on this thread of other celebrities doing it why is she always the exception? If it ever comes out that she isn't the one posting them then at that point we can riot and claim s** trafficking until then just accept its a powerful beautiful picture of a woman loving her body. If fact the only thing "off" with this picture is that it contradicts the previous hena post. They were obviously taken two differnt times. Its not 2000 anymore woman can embrace their body. And I don't know why yall are acting like Britney was never a ***ual person to begin with.
  8. Yea especially because she was like their little sister. I know at least for America Britney and Nsync went hand in hand even more so than BSB which is why I was so sad when Lance handled it the way he did.
  9. They started it when they performed at the vmas in 2013 and now I think they just use it for merch releases and what not.
  10. Finally! I'm just as much a Nsync fan as I am a Britney one and I was extremely disappointed none of them have said anything. Lance made it worse and surprisingly JT is the only one to use his voice. Glad they took this opportunity to do so.
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