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  1. Oh no it's absolutely true, these things actually do happen. The Elite really is utterly sick, and what the old man says in the end is absolutely accurate, once you have billions upon billions or even trillions, nothing is unreachable to you. So nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, gives you the thrill anymore. I actually have met (completely accidentally) 3 men from circles like these. They never told me straight forward such things are happening, but they sure as hell hinted it on multiple occasions. And I met them because I had awesome s** with them lol. But yeah, Squid Game overall is filled with symbolism the elite quite enjoys (checkerboards, animal masks on the rich people who come in the end, triangles, etc.). People have often mixed these symbols with satanism and the illuminati back in the day, however, these symbols represent the rich elite very much. Nothing related to Satan or religion, but very much related to the spiritual realm and "enlightenment" but the way they see it. I completely understand why it scared you, these things have been happening for centuries and are still happening today. Squid Game, to me, seems like an attempt to make the overall population less empathetic and resistant to feeling disgust when faced with these atrocious occurances. It's still a great TV show nevertheless. I enjoyed watching it, and the actors have done a remarkable job
  2. I think Miley is simply doing her own thing, she stopped giving af about charts. Selena, on the other hand, is simply not trying anymore. I love her music but it's evident she's not giving her 100%, merely 50%
  3. Nah Miley and Selena still doing great sales and chart wise the rest I agree with
  4. She's literally looking more like herself with each video. Her eyes are smiling and so is she, she just seems so happy. On the side note: it really shows how much she missed performing and crowd cheering her on. She definitely wants a fam with Sam, but not before she hits us with her best, that's for sure.
  5. I think Lotus was just a weak album, regardless of the year. Half of songs sound unfinished and it's just...it has no character whatsoever. MDNA is a genuinely cool album IMO, not something you would expect from Madonna in a traditional sense, but it's filled with bops I enjoy listening even nowadays
  6. I was revaccinated with Pfizer, but also, I would urge you to include Sinofarm(the Chinese one) and Sputnik, the Russian one. All of the non-western countries got those
  7. Good Lord, I bet the BeyHive are *******ing now, they were always jealous of Britney being more successful than Beyonce
  8. Yeah I miss those too :( she had a lot of views too so i imagine it was a decent income. I wonder why she stopped
  9. Jesus christ, how did we get such perfection as Britney from such a white trash family? Thank God she's nothing like them, definitely picks up after Lynn's folks
  10. she really did deliver bops the media loved her. She was definitely being prepped to be the next new and best thing, but she was smart enough to back off. We stan an intelligent queen
  11. i know it was sucha cool transition in style for her omg
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