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  1. I wish things in Europe were as you wish hun. The truth is, we are EXTREMELY ***ual – even obsessed with it. Europeans are probably the most shallow of all continents, we are obsessed with good body and good figure. It's true that we, in general, are much more progressive than Americans, and so men are much more free to express themselves, but the hyper-***uality still ruins it :( But yeah, I do agree that being gay is much better in Europe than anywhere else in the world (even the USA) we're still far from perfect though.
  2. Someone dig out her old tweets where she humiliated Britney constantly. It'll be the final nail in her coffin
  3. Ok I'm gonna need these tik tok idiots to stop devaluing pop music. As if it's not already ruined by some wannabe artists, all that was missing were tik tok gen z'ers with an attention span of a gold fish and their compulsive need for any possible source of attention. so effed up tbh
  4. THank you so much for this comment to be honest. I genuinely appreciate it, and I admit I didn't have any idea how things are in Israel. This does open my eyes to a lot of things and it will make me think about how the situation is much more. I hope you, your family, and your friends remain safe and healthy and that this insanity stops very soon. It's sickening what's happening
  5. Waiting for at least ONE CELEBRITY to implant some guts and actually speak out that it's NOT A WAR but a one-sided slaughter by Israel. Up until then, none of these freedom rights fighters wannabe can shut it
  6. ah right, lets NOT learn from our mistakes. "Hey Europeans murdered eachother for centuries, but instead of learning from it and stopping the unnecessary bloodshed, let's let Israel have its turn! Poor jews :( they never had a country before this, let them slaughter people as a country! they earned it! :(" Some of you guys disgust me.
  7. Instead of reading that BS article (correction, I read it and its pure BS), I'm just gonna post this video which puts the Israel ambassador and entire Israel politics on stand for their lies and their BS: this video shows exactly how European countries and European politicians feel about lies and genocide Israel is committing against Gaza. Also, Israel is not democratic. A democracy is a country that's democratic towards its own nation AND towards other countries and nations. A country that oppresses the ones who are 50 times weaker is VERY FAR from democracy. Whether or not Palestinians would "stone" gays is something we will obviously never know, because Israel is trying to do its best to wipe Palestinians off the face of Earth. They're shooting at children, they are shooting people WHILE PRAYING in a mosque, and they are choosing to this on one of the holiest muslim holidays, Ramadan – which plays an extremely important psychological role. EVERY SINGLE YEAR, Israel chooses Ramadan to attack Palestine and commit heinous crimes against humanity. All the while hiding behind the "anti-semitism" card, which is slowly but surely nearing its expiration date. Speaking against Israel is speaking against its policy, not against jews, and people have realized this. So instead of killing Palestinians because "they would stone gays" how about we actually give them peace and let them develop and see whether they would stone gays or support gays? For someone who belongs to a group of oppressed individuals (for centuries) you sure do enjoy supporting the oppressor.
  8. “My heart breaks. My country is at war,” This is where she is wrong. Israel is not at war, Israel is committing a one-sided and absolute genocide, ethnical cleaning, and crime against humanity. None of this is war, it's a complete butchery where one country has billions and 4th strongest army in the world, and the country on the other side barely has money to feed its nation. Israel is the biggest evil and threat to humankind and human rights in this century. It is pathetic that they are behaving exactly how the nation they hate the most has behaved, the **** Germany.
  9. I feel gay men can be at times they're own worst enemy, and everybody wonders why lesbians have life partners by 25 way before any other orientation and gays don't settle down mostly til they're 50, unless they still love being single. whoever told you this lied to you lol. Lesbians are not much better than gays, which is unfortunate, because I wish they had it better than us. Being a *******ual millennial means being fu*ked up completely because most of us have parents living according to religious traditions and values, while millennials couldn't be further away from religion. Our parents (for the most part) tried to force their homophobic values on us since were children, which in retrospect, completely messed up with out minds and psych while growing up. A lot of millennial gays have not accepted who they are, deep, deep inside. This is why they subconsciously either destroy or are completely incapable of having a relationship. The conditioning by our parents that most of us had since we were 5 years old (gays are bad being repeated over and over) left a deep and permanent mark. Indirectly, this is how the mind shows it still didn't heal the trauma. Most millennial gays dont have relationships because their subconsciousness is convinced they dont deserve love and care. And this is something not even them are aware of. That's why they have a lot of s**, they are seeking closeness but are still not allowing it. to themselves. s** with another person is the next closest thing. Before judging because (i dont mean to offend you by this) you seem very frustrated, my piece of advice is to try and understand first. Deep inside, we're all just kids who have trouble surviving.
  10. Well...I mean, they are her own albums. It's not really "the nerve" because it's really up to her to choose whether she ignores them or not lol she has the full right to do so, regardless if its smart or not
  11. Because she's not it's just how her fanbase likes to call her. But every fanbase does the same thing because every fanbase thinks the highest of their artist. That's all.
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