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  1. Es un poco pegadiza No es el estilo que más me gusta en Enrique, pero es escuchable. El disco que acaba de sacar es bastante regulero, pero todas las canciones nuevas >> los singles que había sacado antes
  2. Here for all the praise, but Rihanna could NEVER, EVER, replace Tinashe at anything. Not even this I prefer the solo version too, though.
  3. Isn’t it crazy in how many ways Britney and Christina crossed paths? Never in a million years would I expect this. Also, both Genie and Irresistible are perfect pop songs. She should write something for Britney someday. It’s so nice to see the face behind the music
  4. Like Enrique Iglesias said, you can run you can hide but you can’t escape the law Miss Lou how does it feel like being known for your sins? Is it God’s plan all your suffering?
  5. I was just thinking about this yesterday. So many new releases lately! I’ll work on it and I hope more people join.
  6. Unusual You and Quicksand are outstanding. Mood Ring, Mona Lisa and Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know deserved a spot too And if unreleased songs were included, Strangest Love and State of Grace should definitely be there. Overall it’s a great list but I don’t understand the appreciation for How I Roll either.
  7. The winners are so unworthy. Only Aly & AJ were rightfully awarded (and treated as nostalgia acts in return when they released awesome music all year). They keep pandering to young audiences that couldn’t care less about the awards. Can’t wait to see how much the ratings fell this year
  8. It really was good! I’m looking forward to rewatching it in a few days. I saw a few others before this one but they were too long and didn’t cover as much content as yours. I know right?! What is the point of adding a bunch of people Aaliyah didn’t get to know? There are lots of artists she admired and cited as influences like Janet and Sade which you mentioned, they could start there. Enough Said was good but after his R Kelly sample I think it would be a bit insensitive to bring him into the mix. It’s just what Barry would do though
  9. I appreciate your perspective, too. I guess this explains why adults were always so triggered at least in the US. I was an infant when it came out, and I wasn’t shocked by the way she dressed, it never crossed my mind. I don’t think anyone I knew had that reaction. Plus her audience was mostly kids and I doubt they were shocked either. It’s a music video, not reality. I think some people have very thin skin, especially Americans… For me, two videos that were uncomfortable to watch as a kid were DLMBTLTK and Toxic, because the intimacy was very explicit. On the other hand BOMT was just a lot of fun.
  10. It’s such a fun song. I added it to my Circus tracklist along with the other perfect bonus tracks. Love it
  11. Can’t believe showing a bit of belly made it one of the most scandalous videos of all time, according to New York Post at least. Why don’t we finally admit her incredible talent, the musical and visual excellence and her superstar charisma were the real reasons why every part of the world went nuts over it? Personally I couldn’t give two *** about Christian USA. We’re talking worldwide phenomenon!
  12. I cringe every time I see him... That man is pure evil but I hope he releases all her music asap. Some new Aaliyah music wouldn't hurt either but I can't with those awful features... Please no more of that thx Yup I watched the documentary like a week ago or two, don't remember. But it was so well put together, a great watch.
  13. I can't believe the Red album is out Now I'm waiting for Turn The Page, Journey to the Past and the singles with their respective remixes to be on streaming platforms. Barry has no right to be this lazy after all this time! The people want EVERYTHING
  14. Do new remixes of old songs count? I'm stuck with 10 right now I'm trying to put officially released singles and each entry being a different artist.
  15. Exactly, and honestly it sucks getting used to artists you love from the past because nothing will do for us now I wish I had this capacity to dig deep to find something I like but I don't have it in me Be different, people However I'll try to get started with this
  16. I like the idea but I hope most of y'all listen to more new music than I do I can barely name 3 albums that I liked.
  17. But, the thing is that Chloe is actually very talented I wish her well, I guess it’s just that this is not what I expected from her but it doesn’t have to mean other people don’t like it.
  18. MTE. I’m here for artists expressing themselves as they please but why is it always like this? Idk, it’s weird to me.
  19. He liked the pics of her a-s-s I also think he’s very americanized and he seems a very cool, open-minded guy. He’s always sharing positive/inspiring videos and idk, it looks like he would support whatever people decide to do with their lives unless that would hurt others. Just like Britney, he’s shared how much freedom means to him. If Britney decides to dump him in the future tho, I’m all for it. I agree the upcoming drastic changes will reshape her life in a lot of ways…
  20. She likened Jodi’s behavior to Jamie’s so I don’t buy this. Also this narrative would only be beneficial to Jodi, who’s been complicit in the abuse that happened in the past couple of years. Sorry I’ll take Britney’s and Rosengart’s words in court docs over TMZ.
  21. Is Panama your favourite holiday destination? What do you think about teenage pregnancy? How does it feel to be a powerful selfmade businesswoman? What do you think of pink hats? Will they be trendy this autumn?
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