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  1. Selfishly, I’d say this bodes well for B10. If Sam is echoing her distaste for being left out of business ventures based on her likeness (understandably imo), then that signals she’s keen on being an active participant in her career.
  2. If his little VMA's acceptance spech about the pandemic is any indication of how much thought he gives to important social issues, it's laughable to think that his message about racism comes from a meaningful place.
  3. As optimistic as I am for this, I feel like there's no getting around the amount of rehashing this will include. Hopefully it will at least inspire more people to go further down the rabbit hole.
  4. I love @JamesRodriguez, I really respect his smart approach to his podcast; it's probably the most high-brow Britney content you'll find anywhere. @Jordan Miller I remember you floating the idea of starting your own podcast, is that something you're still interested in?
  5. The bright side is we’re the only two dudes in this thread who admit they don’t sing like Britney. At least we’re not delusional
  6. Agreed. That's why it's best to keep our reactions to developments like these calm and measured. Do not be a pawn in their game yall.
  7. Nope. I often have to turn the music up to drown out my horrid vocals.
  8. I'm 30 and I have a newborn daughter, so I am officially ancient.
  9. I’m not saying Lou is a gay demon exorcist and I’m not trying to start any rumors: but I just want to point out that maybe she quit Tri-Star to become a full time gay demon exorcist. It’s possible 🤷‍♂️
  10. I would also like to announce that I am taking a 2 hour break from here to work on my mental health
  11. Some of you guys seriously underestimate Britney. After everything she's been through, you think she's fazed by the public's response to her engagement? If anyone understands that every step she takes sets off a tidal wave of backlash, it's her. She's not crazy or brain-dead, and she's well aware of how she's perceived publicly and how her relationship is perceived as well. Not only did she not need anyone to bring up the need for a pre-nup (because she's already considered it and made up her mind about what she wants), she's also not suprised that that was what people jumped to. Did yall not hear her testimony? She has a strong PR acumen and is a fierce and capable advocate for herself. She's going to do what she wants so if yall wanna be overbearing or "overprotective" about her situation just know 1) she's repulsed by anyone who thinks they know what's best for her without including her in the conversation, 2) your opinion does not matter, so knock yourself out and say whatever you want to say but don't presume it'll have any bearing on her decision, 3) you're basic, you don't have the info or experience she has and your opinion is not only irrelevant, it's been anticipated by her and is in no way upsetting.
  12. I think she's just following Rosengarts advice to keep a low profile for now so teamcon has nothing they can use against her. Deactivating also cuts off their ability to retroactively pull content that's already been posted in case they decide to go that route. Despite Viv's fat salary, she likely doesn't have the wherewithal to archive Brit's content in real time, so she's going to have to work harder to find old material if she's still planning on weaving her "Britney is crazy" narrative that way. Even if she does get ahold of any old content (which may not be too hard since it's constantly reposted by fans), Rosengart can argue that her old posts are irrelevant because they've effectively been pulled from her socials in an offical capacity. Instead of getting into the semantics of whether or not Brit's fans are left "confused and concerned" by her posts (as Viv alleges), it's much easier for Rosengart to say "suck my d she has no socials, so what's your point beach?"
  13. Nothing happened. She's free to make her choice to remain unvaccinated and the Met is free to uninvite anyone based on criteria they set.
  14. Some of yall claim to support her freedom but clearly don't want her (or trust her with) making her own decisions. If she gets engaged tomorrow, I'd be supportive, same if she dumps him. Let the girl lead her own life people!
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