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  1. lol maybe that’s why she hasn’t spoken out about Britney because she wants to make money off her side and once again prove that Britney is exploited and not cared for. if JL or LT lurk here you have a real nerve to think this will go well. Britney will bring you down for the most blantanr abuse against her when she’s about to be free. It’s sad how dumb they are it really hurts my brain lol
  2. What happened in the CNN one no one even is talking about that also maybe she doesn’t want to video herself she’s been deflecting and announcing rumours so much now on her captions just accept that’s where she feels most comfortable and she admits she has social anxiety yall ain’t helping wow
  3. Lol you tell a man off for doing his job. He didn’t even act like he wishes he spoke sooner he knew he was brainwashed and had a job to do. He kept the evidence that matters. I wish people grew up and saw how much harder it is to say something 9 years ago than now. Absolute idiocy. Mans got to make money to further his career and eat and it’s the industry he was into
  4. I literally felt like pointing it out too hahaha it’s so true tho! I mean I’m still gunna watch it but I don’t think Britney has any relationship to her anymore and people really are ignoring that
  5. This makes it more credible but if Britney doesn’t like these then that means she hasn’t given fe her blessings and thus Britney may not like her anymore for this…
  6. I bought a bra like bralette thing on the v first day and I still have it and wear it it’s gorgeous the strong pink colour hasn’t faded and it’s perfect I wanted more so bad
  7. I think all the unknown 1-2 million likes she gets on these I don’t think it’s nice to have that many people tell you to get a prenup it’s rude. there is no excuse this is horrible youd hate it if your friends only commented it on yours and fully meant it
  8. I think Amanda is a different kettle of fish. she has been allowed to get engaged and stuff so I don’t feel it’s the same as Britney but she can’t handle anything she keeps trying to come back but then freaks out. id like to look after Amanda but I don’t think we know what’s going on I don’t think she’s well enough yet
  9. Yeah no you can’t excuse the fact you guys are being out of order on a technicality like that. what you’re doing it hurting someone’s feelings and we have seen it time and time again when it actually destroys someone mentally and we say we won’t do it again but we do and you think you can be excused for it. im really sad that we feel we have that right free Britney was a voice for the voiceless far bigger than Britney it’s always been bigger than that. what you’re doing rn is not helping anyone???
  10. If yall think she can handle nasty comments so it’s not the prenup you’re delusional. eventually the horrible comments are gunna make her crack and this is defo it. YAL CAN NEVER BE HAPPY FOR HER NEVER but you expect her to handle it as if she owes it to you as her career genuinely hope she never comes back tbh a lot of you don’t deserve to know and is much rather she be happy than post anything for us
  11. Honestly again this place goes too far the media and all the comments were begging her for a prenup instead of congratulating her as if they expect her happy day to end and I’d delete my account to Some of you are horrible and expect so much when she has feelings
  12. Rumour is she was meant to feature again and didn’t because of that and people thinking she could have worn a snake fr
  13. Stop it was the choreography he made for that dance Britney was just a feature that night It was the same without her before and after no creative decisions allowed over his vision tbh end of
  14. If yall Google “lioness engagement ring” legit nothing like this photo comes up so it’s got to be legit and he’s pissed he posted it for 2 seconds and broke the c ship laws GO ON SAM MY SON slay them and put a ring on it
  15. I love all the people making decisions on whether they trust Jodi when it’s britneys own decision which is what we wanted. yall never happy with her boyfriend who is with her all the time and the team that she likes that clearly do more than we know because we don’t know her And to put in perspective wouldnt you want someone who knows all the stuff going on and she needs help personally for the last few years than someone brand new to extort her again i can’t with some of you
  16. I had a friend who got pregnant a few years ago at 23. She didn’t have a job she was using her mums credit card to buy drinks at our local like every night and in a really bad relationship with a 40 year old for the last few years. she aborted and a year later got very sad thinking about how she could have a baby. But she was still where she was then. she’s now a paralegal and back on her feet and dating a better man. I don’t think that baby would have been happy and I don’t think she could have had a baby at that time she had nothing and was not in a good relationship to bring up a baby. why do men want to negate that the women keep a baby when young kids do what they do you can judge where she was in her life for getting pregnant but the baby needs to be in a world worth living it wouldn’t have been. im so glad to be in the UK we don’t have this worry and it’s free I think it should be this way it’s a female right we know if we are capable of having a baby not a man.
  17. STOP THINKING THE COURT WILL KEEP HER LOCKED UP JUST BECAUSE OF HER INSTAGRAM OH MY GOD CHILDREN! unless she’s clearly drinking and doing coke on it then SHES ALLOWED TO POST WHAT SHE WANTS why on EARTYHHHH would the court go “you got your ladies out you have no more freedom but you must still perform in a stripper and ***ual manner” HONESTLY THE LOGIC OF PEOPLE SOEMTIMES GROW UPPPP (I’m sorry I’m angry but I can’t see anyone but younger fans having this viewpoint and it’s irritating that they believe that)
  18. When I say I ran here People aren’t going to mention her in the media for posting links and not actually donating anything lol
  19. None of this actually proves there was 600m moved out maybe something was but how much? We need to know. @Prachi britneys perfume is a 1 billion dollar industry under Elizabeth Arden therefore they get the mass percentage as they would have a huge margin for her name. Britney doesn’t get as much as that sadly she’s not 600m to just take out
  20. I’m very much on team britney we need facts that are right not things we wanna believe thank you @Jordan Miller pls bring back the dislike
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