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Jamie Watson (Jamie Lynn's husband): "If [Britney] didn't have her dad she would be broke and dead"

Message added by Jordan Miller,

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2 hours ago, gapeach704 said:

It's so clear that all of her trips were calculated so they could (allegedly) throw it back in her face.  "She's in Maui, on private jets, while we're living in RV's and eating beanie weenies." GTFOH weirdo. Wasn't Jimbo Limbo on instagram calling you a WEIRDO just a few months ago? 

For once I agree with something the twisted sister (allegedly) said :jl_jamie_lynn_awkward_cringe_eek:


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If this is real, part of wishes he would read the comments here because frankly, he deserves the negative criticism, especially for coming out after Jamie has been suspended. 


How dare you say you wish you were controlled; medical abuse, human rights breaches, attorney client confidentiality broken, privacy invaded, gaslight and abused,  restraining orders protecting her two children. You have no right to comment on her situation, yet alone be so publically abusive to someone you claim is family. 

Are you mildly inconvenienced that world is rightly criticising your partner, who built her career of Britney's name, for releasing an opportunitistic, surface level cash grab of a book? Get over it.

Why are you talking in group chats? Is it because you know your Partner is going to questioned over how she handled Britney's trust? Or are the alleged rumours about you supplying the electronics to monitor Britney a bit close to home?

Britney's holiday home was never yours to use, so if you don't like the criticism, sit down and stay out of the spotlight, you s**ist enabler.

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As bad as I feel for brit to have to read this stuff and see the things like what her uncle posted I'm glad it's helping just solidify how she can't get away from them quick enough! 

Everytime we see these things my admiration for her just grows stronger because we're getting little snippets of what her life has been like and what she has had to put up with. If they can gaslight us like this imagine what she has been told. Not to mention she had no one not one person to tell her otherwise so it's easy to see why she became complacent with her career because what was the alternative?  Death...and based off their actions its becoming clear that's what they always been led to believe and I been one to stay away from that narrative because it's too shocking to accept. But this same line "she would be dead if It weren't for jamie" keeps getting told to us over and over and it shows what they believe.

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You'll never see it my way because you're not me -Britney 

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3 hours ago, MajesticalBritney said:

He’s mad because the family is starting to be exposed (See Page Six, article) there is a DARK history. Britney’s dad did somethings to her as a kid and it will be exposed.

This breaks my heart.  Praying for our Queen to love herself and know she is a strong, beautiful, intelligent human who deserves all the love 💜

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The crux of the issue is that Britney’s family views Britney’s money as “family money” and therefore, if she is prone to “act out” then she needs to be kept in line to preserve the cash flow. They need a hard reminder that BRITNEY earned this money HERSELF and NO ONE else has any right to it!!’ 

The fact that JL’s husband would defend a man who abused Britney in her childhood and literally put a listening device under Britney’s bed illustrates how truly demented and sick this cesspool of a family really is 

I hope Britney becomes estranged from all of them and starts over 

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