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  1. Surprise witness knows how to drag a betch. I’m beyond ready.
  2. Isn’t there footage of Britney finding out from a reporter that JL was pregnant? And after that betrayal of finding out through the freaking media that her sister was pregnant Britney still offered to help her. This game of painting Britney as a bad or irresponsible person while the press gobbles it up is OVER. She’s such a damn liar. Just say you’re sorry at the very effing least instead of playing the victim all the time. Despicable.
  3. Why not ask her who wrote the ‘me-time’ caption when she was forced into a facility? I’d love to hear Cassie try and convince us Britney wrote that. She’d be a fool to put that in writing with potential investigations coming up.
  4. What weird game is she playing? Everyone knows he is guilty. The jig is up. What on earth is their strategy?!
  5. I’m sure once the cockroaches are out of her life she’ll feel better and start looking at herself in a healthier way as well. It was always going to take time for her to heal.
  6. Oh yeah it’s fully the dirty patriarchy at work. God forbid that a beautiful kind-hearted young woman became the most successful artist of her generation. Men needed to get their dirty claws on her money and autonomy. Independent women are a threat to the status quo. We can’t have the public wake up to the reality that women are equally accomplished now can we? And yeah Larry is trash.
  7. How the media was able to trick the entire world into believing she was a dumb blonde still baffles me. She sounds mature, articulate and emotionally intelligent. I guess her naivety was her Achilles heel? Counting the seconds til her freedom.
  8. This looks like a kitsch place where Persians would be right at home so I guess good for them?
  9. He can be a wacko but also make interesting points and he’s quite articulate. He’s very skeptical about the way the media has framed her which is good.
  10. The media still struggles to properly cover Britney. Thing is, I don’t think Britney was stuttering when she said her entire family and the people that did this to her should be in jail. Again… entire. family. She was very articulate on this… No. Exceptions.
  11. Karma truly is a beotch. May she experience even a fraction of the pain she inflicted upon her sister in the name of money.
  12. The worst part is that instead of acknowledging that she should have done something she just decided to die on the hill of ‘I’m the real victim here’. Gurl gtfo. You’re done.
  13. I just asked google and it went all “I’m not a good judge, how do you feel about her?” Google’s like not touching that with a 70 foot pole.
  14. These tabloids clinging on for dear life. Britney’s very existence is their lifeblood. They deserve to all go out of business.
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