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  1. He looks sick honestly. My father wore socks lost weight like him .. He was freezing all the time from his extreme body mass loss . Jamie looks very unwell. I would like to see him behind bars for some time .. yet I do not wish death on him . I actually want him to pay for the harm he’s done to his daughter. Yet I dunno .. Jamie looks like he’s on borrowed time. I do not get why he’s continuing his twisted bull**** abuse with his daughter.
  2. I just think shes human and is having fun ..why do we diagnose everything. Can she just be having fun . 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔😳
  3. Can it just be a fun voice ? I speak for fun in an Australian , British accent .. gibberish .. sound like Gizmo sometimes etc .. I like to laugh and be weird ..maybe she is just having fun . I love it !! Yes indeed!! Love Britney .. shes back !!! She’s hysterical.. actually !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  4. I dunno but I do hope Justice is served. Just want her happy and its awesome to see such remarkable fans and how much a fanbase can actually contribute and achieve. JusticeforBritney works for me .
  5. Both are handsome .. and so are you Henry ..have a great day to all .
  6. Hmm 🤔 Why is this a discussion.. 2007 and custody battle and its now 2021 and a freedom battle.. some of these topics are daunting. She stayed, was set up , lost her rights , has been abused and used . One of thee saddest Hollywood stories ever . Its her journey unfortunately shes had to endure. What if’s are fun to think about . Then reality sets in .. will she stay after this???.. Her decision and its finally going to hopefully soon be her choice. I am excited shes getting to choose with her new freedom. I bet there will be a few locations for her to go once shes free. She loves NY and many other places . She will be getting her wings back and its about time for her to fly again where ever her heart desires. Have a wonderful day people !
  7. Mel and Britney have helped each other out over the years .. He actually reached out to her and they connected when others turned a blind eye on her in the beginning of her meltdown. Shes friends with Mr. Gibson and has been for many years . Yes he has been anti-Semitic , racist , homophobic . The guys s**ist tirades and drunken garbage has cancelled him twice . Yet Look at Kevin Spacey.. back acting.. Laurie Loughlin is back acting as well ..Bill Cosby is out of Jail and Britney is still in a conservatorship. Its Hollywood.. ehhh 🤷🏼‍♂️😳.. one big WTF!
  8. What is wrong with her mentioning Camila Cabello? Is she cancelled still, she apologized ? Britney is allowed to mention her. I know she said some inappropriate stuff in the past but apologized. I think its time people accept apologies and let stuff go.. None of us are perfect . We all say and do stuff that are out of line . When will we learn to talk again and forgive. Britneys post is fine.
  9. You go to a concert to watch the artist. Enjoy the show .. yet jumping on a stage and invading someones privacy is not acceptable. I do not get overly obsessed fans . Britney has been startled in the past as well by fans. There are many like her unfortunately that think its ok to jump on the stage .
  10. I am glad shes not promoting music or making it . Let her get freedom, heal and live. Yet sorry I love plenty of those songs . Just do not like knowing she was abused for the sake of leeches steeling from her .. I want justice for Britney and those who abused her … to pay !
  11. I dunno 🤷🏼‍♂️.. lets get her free.. I hope she just goes after her Dad mostly ,Lou and her minions . TMZ.. I doubt it.. even if they took money to make her look bad.. thats news unfortunately ( most news is biased these days ) . How on earth can you go after them. They may have took money maybe on leads by team con. Team con is more criminal. TMZ is just sensationalized slimy 🗑 garbage junk news .
  12. I kinda think the world is fighting lately a bit too much. I noticed I to am getting a bit over it but also take blame. People use to be able to talk and not attack . I actually left the gay community because of the drama. I realized I was still a misfit and did not find it healthy in my local community . Much happier and appreciative with the few good friendships I do have . The world lives to fight and be heard currently. Its draining . Society seems to lost respectful communication skills. Even if we disagree.. I hope society gets a better grip with civilized communication. None of us think or believe the same way. Yet many lost respect . I too over step and insert foot into mouth . Here in America I feel its been political hate and racism on the rise. I call it make America hate again not great again. Jordan is right . Negative is more apparent. This site and its cause has been showing a toxic narrative. In will anger out with love .. a close friend of mine always says . Have a great day everyone!
  13. Its all good ! I do not get others concerns with others choices . Its a dress .. she looks good . People should try and stop talking about her choice of black eye make up or what shes wearing . She likes it . Good for her. She looks beautiful. We all like to be individuals and do our own things. People want to make her look perfect to suit themselves or make her that 20 year old girl. Honestly shes a breath of fresh air . She does not care if her hairs a mess . She likes what she likes . Fans seem to like to find things to knit pick about her even if they think they have the women’s best interest . Laugh all you want . Just saying .We all have opinions.. we all do not have to agree and your entitled to what you think.. I think she honestly looks great . I think the length is great .. if it was long it would still look great . She has killer legs!
  14. Its a dress .. who cares. She likes it better .. they are hers to do as she wishes. Its only a dress or clothing .. its nothing to really care about. .. so many articles of clothing are uncomfortable. Do what you have to do . Snip . Crop.. donate.. burn 🔥.. who cares . I think people need to realize .. we all have different tastes and views. Maybe stop finding faults in someone else’s choices. I know you mean well. Also look at how sheer it is.. she could have ripped it and salvaged it by cutting it .. plus she can walk better without tripping.
  15. Madonnas was Vogue era .. yet Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul were the dancers of the generation. Back then .. videos were better than todays garbage. Britney brought back great videos . Britney is a dancer .. looking at her dance moves as a child .. they are complicated routines and killer . Shes always had moves . I do hope she dances up a storm and does some sort of tribute to old school movies .. ( Pepsi commercials gave the old vibe) Janet always made so many fun videos .. yet sometimes dancing was not needed to make a good video ( love will never do ) . Paula Abdul was amazing .. she choreographed many stars and movies and deserves so much more credit… she still has moves at almost 60.. Britney is a natural born choreographer who deserves more credit as well. This women is a killer dancer . Her memory is sick . I would love to see her mix her moves again with fresh choreography as a combo. I would love to see Britney do a video like Cold Hearted Snake or Rhythm Nation . Ehh I would take anything Britney dancing .. will have to wait and see if she decides to ever return.
  16. When I curse it gets blocked out and I get reprimanded with points on here .. or suspended 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️😂… do not say the C-word . Nor say you want to kick Edans rear .. thats hate . so much cursing on here..oh wait I have been called Jamie Lynn by some tools on this site also . Oh well . What can you do . Be kind and rewind ! Oh Fork it ! I forking give up trying with this sheet. Freebritney .. remember .. No C word !!! Also only *****cat .. meow .
  17. I hope she does an original. Remake .. if I had to pick . The Witches of Eastwick
  18. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Calling me Jamie Lynn 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😄😄🤣
  19. Her playing the piano .. Everytime . Unusual you I do love as well.
  20. Its called just not supporting them on this site. Why fuel the fire? Why embrace her torture. We have Instagram and sam. She hates it. But you do you. Do you really need to see her in her car ? No your not stopping it from happening . Yet supporting her rights to privacy . It was just a thought . Her seeing a new house could have been a story without photos of her in her car .
  21. Yeah but its an invasion of her privacy. Shes in her car, looking at homes, just trying to live.. I dunno . Even her at the beach . She deserves her space. You can tell when the paparazzi are hunting her down for a photo.
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